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  • Yeagg: I'll shoot Greg a message with my pick to speed things up
    Today at 05:19:32 PM
  • Yeagg: I too Damon Gladney
    Today at 05:20:05 PM
  • Yeagg: I'd love to see the Minors in Bush expand to 70
    Today at 05:36:19 PM
  • Yeagg: If anyone wants a free MI in Bush hit me up. I've got MI Erik Gonzalez OTB and basically looking for nothing
    Today at 05:41:35 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: PM blkhwkfn
    Today at 05:53:31 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: Yeagg what are you going to do with 20 more spots?
    Today at 06:19:35 PM
  • Yeagg: Sign 20 more MiLB players
    Today at 06:25:45 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: You know how many of them will make the makes, right?
    Today at 06:36:44 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Gotta shoot your shot
    Today at 06:37:07 PM
  • Yeagg: Out of the 20 extra I sign? Idk 15-16 of them
    Today at 06:38:42 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: Wow.  Quite sure if you're abilities, eh?  Lol
    Today at 06:50:13 PM
  • Yeagg: Well I am the defending Champ
    Today at 06:53:23 PM
  • indiansnation: Ldsjayhawks give yeagg some smack lol
    Today at 06:56:22 PM
  • indiansnation: Wow mlb and milb is getting very ugly. Milb is know getting government involved. Know mlb is saying that after 2020 they will look else where at any and all leagues out their. Including independence leagues as affiliates to mlb.
    Today at 06:58:46 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Bernie Sanders will settle it lol
    Today at 06:59:55 PM
  • indiansnation: Mlb wants milb to help pay milb players salary and fix up their own teams stadiums.
    Today at 07:00:18 PM
  • indiansnation: Mlb wants less affiliates
    Today at 07:00:31 PM
  • indiansnation: Badicky only want single and up affiluates and get rid of the rest of them
    Today at 07:01:13 PM
  • indiansnation: Mlb
    Today at 07:01:33 PM
  • indiansnation: Get rid of 40 milb baseball leagues
    Today at 07:02:06 PM
  • indiansnation: Teams
    Today at 07:02:17 PM
  • Yeagg: I support what the MLB is trying to do but I'm a nerdy fan. For the casual fan it will give the MLB a bad look
    Today at 07:02:39 PM
  • Yeagg: They need to tread carefully
    Today at 07:02:49 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: I think theyre ready to dump it all and create they're own Milb system
    Today at 07:06:15 PM
  • Yeagg: That is what they want but it will be a huge PR hit
    Today at 07:07:17 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: I'm not sure they care.  It seems they only care about the $
    Today at 07:11:31 PM
  • indiansnation: Milb has said that if mlb wants to do this then it will affect not just low minors it will affect all minor league teams from 3a down and mlb wont have any where to place their minir league players.
    Today at 07:13:08 PM
  • indiansnation: Milb will lock out all drafted players from useing any minor league affiliate
    Today at 07:14:01 PM
  • indiansnation: Mlb also wants to cut draft down to 20 rounds.
    Today at 07:14:33 PM
  • Yeagg: The MLB does not NEED the MiLB or their facility's. The MiLB really has no negotiating leverage aside from the PR hit
    Today at 07:14:40 PM
  • indiansnation: Im rooting for minor league. Mlb getting to BooYah! greaty
    Today at 07:15:34 PM
  • indiansnation: Where will minir league players go?
    Today at 07:16:07 PM
  • Vik: PM if you in Armchair
    Today at 07:18:38 PM
  • indiansnation: Ok if mlb break up and go 20 round draft where are the 600+ drafted players go?
    Today at 07:18:58 PM
  • indiansnation: Not enough independent leagues to cover all those players
    Today at 07:19:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Plus their isnt enough stadiums to hold all mlb rookie players
    Today at 07:20:23 PM
  • indiansnation: So mlb has to watch how far they go it could hurt them really bad.
    Today at 07:21:08 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: If they are not contracted with Milb, how fast will those towns defect to whatever MLB Pres together?  The first 60 become the new minor leagues and the rest are out in the cold
    Today at 07:27:04 PM
  • indiansnation: Vik pm
    Today at 07:28:19 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: I agree though.  Manfred thinks it's pace of play that hurts the game, it's the fact that you can't go to the ball park and watch your favorite player, because he just signed with NY or LA.  eventually that is going to translate into tv $
    Today at 07:29:41 PM
  • indiansnation: Actually i believe all the minors are affected from 3a down. If milb are united that can be trouble for mlb.
    Today at 07:29:50 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: It all really won't matter when MLB a ten team league fed by the AAAA teams in locations like Cleveland and KC
    Today at 07:31:05 PM
  • indiansnation: If i was comish of milb i would get a hold of all idependent leagues and make their own league and screw over mlb. If u look at it its cheaper to go see a minor league team then mlb team.
    Today at 07:37:14 PM
  • indiansnation: They raise their prices a little bit milb could make it on their own.
    Today at 07:38:04 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: I don't think they could
    Today at 08:23:47 PM
  • Yeagg: That would never be possible Brain. The MLB holds all the rights to the players.
    Today at 09:23:13 PM
  • Yeagg: The MiLB teams have zero controll over the players
    Today at 09:23:28 PM
  • Yeagg: and without the players, there is no product for the MiLB to put on the field
    Today at 09:23:49 PM
  • indiansnation: U can put a league together easy. If mlb is cutting back minor affiluates it can only have so many players in mimors
    Today at 09:46:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Ok if mlb is struggeling to pay their minor league players and u cut draft down to 20 rd draft. Their will be a crap liad of players that milb can sign. Look at mlb last yr with vet players how many didnt get offers. U dont think those players wont go for milb if they get a good enough contract. Mlb can totaly screw them selves easy.
    Today at 09:55:14 PM