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How is this being handled with taxi squads and such?

In the short 2020 MLB season each MLB team is allowed 30-player roster and 30-player taxi squad. The league will not enforce the ruling of players with no MLB experience as many minor league players will be playing MLB in 2020.

The Bush League / Re: 2020 EXTRACTED TEAM PLAYERS
« on: Yesterday at 04:49:52 PM »
If it's not too late Dodgers are still in for this year and regardless if I have to sit out this year still committed long term.

Great to hear from you Vik.....wish that Greg would reply or login otherwise his Pittsburgh Pirates could replace the Dodgers as extraction in 2020.

I notified fanrax support on July 2 that emails were not being sent out from site. Emails not working here at PROfsl. What I had to do is copy all emails from fantrax and send out from my personal G-Mail account (for all 6 baseball leagues at fantrax I commish).

The Bush League / Re: 2020 EXTRACTED TEAM PLAYERS
« on: Yesterday at 09:25:33 AM »
For the short 2020 MLB season St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies are on bubble to be extracted teams to not play in 2020 all from National League to join Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins all from American League. The league will be down to 24 teams for 2020 and the 6 extracted team rosters will be frozen to resume play in 2021. This league will play at fantrax non-premium for the 2020 short season as prescribed earlier.

The 6 extracted teams and rosters will remain listed here at PROfsl Bush League headquarters. All players of extracted teams are unavailable as FA acquisitions for 2020 season. The player contracts will extend for another season. The final decisions will be announced by Friday, July 10.

The Bush League / Re: 2020 EXTRACTED TEAM PLAYERS
« on: Yesterday at 08:30:00 AM »
David Perio (Canto) Boston Red Sox email:

As already discussed some time ago, I confirm I will be out of the the league, I'm taking a step back from Fantasy.
Thanks for all work done, and good luck for the coming season (hopefully we will still have one).

Boston Red Sox has become OPEN team

The Bush League / Re: 2020 EXTRACTED TEAM PLAYERS
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:31:30 PM »
If the plan is to drop 6 teams permanently the players should be put into a supplemental draft. Whatever their contract situation is comes attached to the player and teams can draft accordingly

If that the case then in 2021. But for 2020 those players will be frozen for the short season.

Wild Card Baseball 2: Transactions / Re: Padres Roster Moves
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:54:01 AM »
 :judge: fantrax

The Bush League / Re: 2020 EXTRACTED TEAM PLAYERS
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:46:04 AM »
Thanks Chris, you are not alone.

Received from Brent (Oakland) that he is in for 2020: My reply to Brent Thanks Brent.......I like that you mention excluded for 2020. I believe the league will accept that thought and will reinstate the extracted teams with rosters in 2021. With only a potential 9 weeks of baseball in 2020, we operate a non-premium 24 team season and then reinstate the 6 GM, extracted teams and rosters back in 2021. The 24 teams have again a full roster with minors and there are FA available for 2020. The teams extracted with rosters will be frozen for 2020. REMEMBER: There is a 2nd copy of the league at fantrax plus the rosters of all teams here at PROfsl.

I am keeping tabs on responses and have extended the potential extraction to the upcoming Friday, July 10.

The Bush League / Re: BUSH LEAGUE 2020
« on: July 04, 2020, 10:51:58 PM »
If more than 24 teams login, how will it be determined what teams will not play?

I would guess that it will be less than 24 teams. But what 6 teams to extract? Texas (NO GM), St Louis (invalid email), league activity both here and at fantrax.

The Bush League / Re: 2020 EXTRACTED TEAM PLAYERS
« on: July 04, 2020, 07:39:01 PM »
What is the plan for MLB players who opt out for 2020

Opt out players for 2020 can be placed on DL having increased the DL slots from 3 to 15 players.

The Bush League / Re: BUSH LEAGUE 2020
« on: July 04, 2020, 07:36:52 PM »
Plans for extraction is for 2020 only so this league can play out the season without it being premium.

The extracted teams can be reinstated back in 2021 or whatever the league decides.

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