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Franchise NHL / Re: FNHL COVID-19 Discussion
« on: April 03, 2020, 12:36:36 AM »
There's some nice signs of humanity and plenty of A-holes running around out there thinking they're above the rules set out to protect all of us.

What's troubling is the standstill the economy has been hit with. How the hell will most people recover from this type of work stoppage? Rent/mortgage, car payments, basic groceries on a weekly basis. Credit card bills, utility bills, what else?

I think this pandemic will make us all rethink how we live and spend money.

When you think about the plan I outlined above, that will lead to a condenses 2020-21 NHL season and you will see teams going with a true 2 goalie system the way some teams have already been using this year.

:NAS: Preds release an official statement on this plan: Anywhere. Anytime. Bring it boys! :rofl:

Seriously, it works for me. I think Crow brought up good points. JD's comments seem to address those and I agree. As for this year's Presidents' Trophy winner's comment about Fighting stat, I think Jonathan's point merits tracking of proper carryover of all scoring categories to ensure the integrety if our FNHL playoffs.

Ultimately, I still think the NHL will push for the full completion of the regular season unless COVID-crisis lasts beyond early-July.

They'll need:
2wks of training-camp
rebuild the schedule during that time in conjunction with arena availabilities
update legal framework of contracts and work VISA's for all the players in those situations
rehire all personnel to staff arenas
sell or update existing tickets

That will take us from July-early Sept to crown and NHL champ. Lots of $$$ on the line in the NHL and other professional sports leagues. As a hockey fan, I sincerely hope the NHL can save the regular season in it's entirety which will allow us FNHLers to play for bragging rights. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

At 17th overall, Nashville prefers Andreas Athanasiou (re-draft) over Zemgus Girgensons (original draft pick).

Franchise NHL / Re: 2019-20 FNHL Overpaid Players (Playoff Edition)
« on: March 18, 2020, 06:31:57 PM »
I'm wondering if there's a reason there's a smaller list of MOST OVERPAID PLAYERS in FNHL.

But here's my attempt at bringing it back for the 2019-20 season. Being the owner of the most OVERPAID player, I think that honour belongs to me. :rofl:

I've cut and paste this from the 2015-16 post started by Pigsrule and will use it as a evolving post. After the Sharks players, the list is in no particular order.

2011-12 List of overpaid FNHL players
2012-13 List
2013-14 List
2014-15 List
2015-16 List
Who belongs on the 2019-20 List?

  • :SJ: RW - Josh Anderson, $10.3m (2019-2024) - product of a FA bidding war
  • :SJ: LW - Milan Lucic, $5.7m (2019-2023) - there are way cheaper options for the same output on the wing
  • :SJ: LW/RW - Thomas Vanek, $1.6m (2019-2022) - a slow footed FA who refuses to retire at age 36
  • :ANA: D - Damon Severson, $6.0m (2018-2022) - plays like a bottom pairing D
  • :ANA: G - Alex Lyon, $3.6m (2018-2021) - does this guy even have a real shot at the NHL?
  • :CLG: D - Ryan McDonagh, $5.3m (2017-2020) - plays like a 7th or 8th D
  • :CLG: G - Ryan Miller, $7.1m (2017-2021) - retirement material?
  • :LAK: D - Derek Forbort, $3.5m (2018-2021) - not producing even when he's not on on the IR
  • :LV: LW - Patrick Marleau, $4.7m (2018-2021) - 40yo has seen better days
  • :COL-NHL: G - Timur Bilyalov, $5.1m (2019-2022) - until he reaches the NHL, this KHLer is an expensive prospect
  • :COL-NHL: G - Henrik Lundqvist, $13.5m (2017-2022) - on a bad team and past his prime too
  • :STL-NHL: C/LW - Joe Pavelski, $8.3m (2018-2023) - has not been elite this year with the Stars
  • :STL-NHL: D - Nick Holden, $5.2m (2018-2021) - maybe a little more expensive that he should be
  • :WIN: D - Oliwer Kaski, $3.7m (2019-2022) - the result of FA bidding war?
  • :WIN: G - Michael Hutchinson, $5.1m (2017-2020) - blew his chance to remain an NHLer with Leafs
  • :BUF-NHL: C - Martin Hanzal, $2.2m (2018-2021) - played total of 45 games in 3 yrs!!!!
  • :DET-NHL: G - Cory Schneider, $5.8m (2019-2023) - lots of term left on this contract for an AHL goalie
  • :FLO: RW - Corey Perry, $6.6m (2017-2021) - well past expiry date for that contract
  • :FLO: D - Johnny Boychuk, $8.0m (2016-2021) - just an ordinary blueliner nowadays
  • :OTT: LW - Zack Smith, $5.5m (2017-2021) - reminds me of Lucic's contract and scoring output
  • :OTT: G - Calvin Pickard, $4.6m (2018-2021) - stuck in the AHL on a bad team like DET!?!?!
  • :OTT: G - Keith Kinkaid, $5.1m (2017-2021) - stuck in the AHL on a bad team like MTL!?!?!
  • :CLS: C - Ryan Spooner, $3.2m (2018-2021) - someone file a missing persons report on Spooner!
  • :CLS: RW - Cam Atkinson, $7.5m (2018-2023-FP-9.9 ) - he's good but this was a FA bidding war contract
  • :NJD: LW - Matt Martin, $5.1m (2018-2021) - just like Lucic and Zack Smith
  • :NJD: LW - Patrick Maroon, $6.0m (2018-2022) - just like Lucic, Zack Smith and Martin
  • :NJD: RW - Marko Dano, $4.4m (2018-2021) - got paid and left town
  • :NYR: RW - Phil Kessel, $4.5m (2019-2022) - how the mighty have fallen!
  • :NYR: G - Cam Talbot, $8.9m (2019-2024) - too expensive for a backup
  • :PIT-NHL: RW - Tyler Pitlick, $2.7m (2019-2022) - overpaid for a depth guy

:thumbsup::thumbsup::iatp: Great post RockOn.

Kessel has been bad this year but that contract isn't all that bad imo. Talbot has improved by stealing starts in Calgary and might be creeping into the 1B role with his play since the new year. As for Josh Anderson, without a doubt #1 and way ahead of anyone in FNHL for consideration of that distinction.

Franchise NHL / Re: FNHL COVID-19 Discussion
« on: March 18, 2020, 06:28:42 PM »
People have been acting a little nuts imo. I've seen the grocery store hoarding. Really sad. I've also been ordering my groceries and some meals online. Food delivery has been great with all the different Apps like UberEats, Skip and Foodora. Overall, I think the gov has been slow to take a hardline on the spread but I have to applaud the Trump administration's banning of flights from Europe well ahead of his counterparts globally relative to the advancing spread of the virus in respective regions of the world. To everyone here, stay safe and respect social distancing and stay in for now to help slow down this nasty virus.

Franchise NHL / Re: PLAYOFFS ROUND 2: 2019-20
« on: March 12, 2020, 06:27:08 PM »

:DAL-NHL: (CEN 3) @ :NAS: (Div Winner 2)

At the "PAUSE"
:DAL-NHL: 36.0 sv 58.85 :NAS:

It's a good plan guys. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I'm just sad to see hockey grind to a halt but it's understandable and expected.

:thumbsup::thumbsup::iatp: Hope Radulov returns from his injury or this will be a playoff rental bust.

« on: February 08, 2020, 02:15:24 AM »
Preds agree. We need to replace Weber who's out for who knows how long. Alex is long in the tooth but having a good yr. Goodluck with your retooling in Vegas, ALL4! :thumbsup::thumbsup::toast:

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