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:MIL-NBA: and :ORL2: up for grabs :judge:

All-Europe Football / Re: Sign-up sheet
« on: July 28, 2015, 03:14:07 PM »
Welcome David :toast:

It's the internet after all. Maybe a bit optimistic of us to expect people to announce retirement rather than just disappearing. But hey, never say never :)

NBA Front Office: Completed Transactions / Re: Alec Burks RFA
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:33:46 AM »

NBA Front Office: Completed Transactions / Re: Alec Burks RFA
« on: July 27, 2015, 09:43:33 AM »
however, we're very concerned that you weren't;

a)log in once in the past 5 days
b)aware that you had 3 days to match
c)able to anticipate that you wouldn't log in for 5 days and therefore reach out to the agent and let him know that

These are three excellent points. It's extremely nice of you that you'd let it slide.

So yeah, in that case, it's Alley's decision now whether he wants to match, and whether he'd like to finally start treating the league a bit more seriously. Because till now? Houston, we have a problem.

NBA Front Office: Completed Transactions / Alan Anderson
« on: July 27, 2015, 04:38:56 AM »
Only 11 players, huge hole on the wing, definite orphan, and Full MLE to spend.

League Office proposes 1y, 3M :judge:

NBA Front Office: Transactions / RFA Quincy Acy
« on: July 27, 2015, 04:31:05 AM »
:NOP: will sign Quincy to a QO
yr1- 2M
yr2 - 2M

Potentially to be delayed until their cap is spent otherwise during the next hours, and then this comes from Room MLE.

:SAC: have 3 days to match :judge:

NBA Front Office: Completed Transactions / Dante Cunningham
« on: July 27, 2015, 04:29:22 AM »
:BOS-NBA: signs using full Room MLE
2 yrs with a PO on yr 2

NBA Front Office: Completed Transactions / Scottie Wilbekin
« on: July 25, 2015, 10:50:26 AM »
:BRK-NBA: sign him for 4yrs
1st yr--$1,750,000
Increasing 4.5% pa
4th yr--PO

UCI WorldTour / Re: Trash talking
« on: July 24, 2015, 06:17:49 PM »
Thought it might be a pain in the arse. Your suggestion seems the right thing to do.

As silly as it sounds, I'm thinking:
a) Note down points scored
b) Change name
c) Manually add a) in the overall table :thumbsup:

UCI WorldTour: Races / Re: La Grande Boucle
« on: July 24, 2015, 05:49:50 PM »
Buffoon of the week - Sepulveda. He was doing well too.

Oh dear.

What happened?

Btw, very peculiar GC after today:

15   Geraint Thomas (GBr) Team Sky   0:27:24   
16   Thibaut Pinot (Fra)   0:40:40   
17   Roman Kreuziger (Cze) Tinkoff-Saxo   0:57:49

And Geschke bursting into tears in front of the camera saying he's been waiting for this day for 15 years? My favourite moment on TV in 2015.

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  • Corey: Uh yea!!!!!! You got that right. I make calls all the time and ask the same questions to the same people. Better safe then sorry
    Today at 11:46:23 AM
  • Rob: exactly
    Today at 12:02:41 PM
  • Rob: "yea, me again, just want to double check with you about the same thing i always double check with you about and it's easier for me to call than search through your website for the manual..."
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  • OUDAN: lol
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  • Corey: Rob your stealing my line ha
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  • Rob: Do you use PL Rater Corey?
    Today at 12:05:34 PM
  • Corey: We do yes
    Today at 12:06:34 PM
  • Corey: I still go in and manually do quotes for our big 3 companies, but the rater helps me if I am struggling to find a good premium
    Today at 12:07:09 PM
  • Rob: Also what management software do you use?  AMS? Applied?
    Today at 12:07:24 PM
  • Corey: Vertifore
    Today at 12:07:41 PM
  • Rob: Yea I never give a quote from PL Rater, but it's a nice start.
    Today at 12:07:41 PM
  • Corey: Use to have AMS but switched to Vertifore
    Today at 12:07:54 PM
  • Rob: We switched to this in 2013... It's a great system and costs about 1/4 of AMS - [link]
    Today at 12:08:11 PM
  • Corey: Agree, put the info in. so the basics save and then go in and do the qutoe.
    Today at 12:08:17 PM
  • Rob: Before 2013 we had no comparitive rater for about 5 years... it really sucked
    Today at 12:09:00 PM
  • Corey: AMS was outrageous for costs. Thats why we switched.
    Today at 12:09:23 PM
  • Corey: Web based would be much better.
    Today at 12:09:41 PM
  • Rob: yea we got AMS Prime in 2005
    Today at 12:09:53 PM
  • Rob: The monthly costs were so high, and we though we were tech savvy enough to ditch the montly support fee
    Today at 12:10:11 PM
  • Rob: but then we had a critical system error and needed help, before they would talk to us they wanted 3 years of back-support paid in full
    Today at 12:10:31 PM
  • Corey: Agree 100%
    Today at 12:10:44 PM
  • Rob: that's when we switched to Hawksoft
    Today at 12:10:56 PM
  • Corey: Wow, thats absolutely crazy!
    Today at 12:11:02 PM
  • Rob: yea... F them!
    Today at 12:11:34 PM
  • Rob: i don't care if they're the industry leader, never going back
    Today at 12:11:47 PM
  • Corey: Same here!
    Today at 12:12:02 PM
  • Catch22: Corey sent you a pm when you get a chance to read it
    Today at 12:14:50 PM
  • Catch22: Oh ok thanks Corey
    Today at 12:17:16 PM
  • sandman: What up clowns
    Today at 12:47:25 PM
  • Brent: Morning guys.
    Today at 12:58:43 PM
  • Brent: Some things don't change:  Jameis Winston was intercepted three times on his first five passes during a team blitz period Monday.
    Today at 12:59:54 PM
  • sandman: HAHA sounds like his FA days
    Today at 01:03:55 PM
  • sandman: FSU
    Today at 01:04:02 PM
  • Flash: Corey - pM if you have a moment
    Today at 01:31:35 PM
  • Eric: Flash pm
    Today at 01:49:21 PM
  • Corey: Is TT Full?
    Today at 02:39:06 PM
  • Orange Country: it is
    Today at 02:40:29 PM
  • Orange Country: at the moment anyway Vol wants in
    Today at 02:40:38 PM
  • Iam$$$: Hi all
    Today at 02:41:44 PM
  • Orange Country: $$$ you looking to join anymore leagues
    Today at 02:42:29 PM
  • Iam$$$: Depends.  What do you have available
    Today at 02:43:55 PM
  • Orange Country: name a sport, h2h or h2h cats or pure cats
    Today at 02:44:17 PM
  • Orange Country: free or $$$
    Today at 02:44:22 PM
  • Orange Country: pro or college
    Today at 02:44:25 PM
  • Iam$$$: Okay, let me take a look at what I have going now.  I have PC problems as of late so want to see if I was removed from any leagues
    Today at 02:46:14 PM
  • Orange Country: let me know if you were and I'll make sure you stay in
    Today at 02:46:31 PM
  • Iam$$$: I look to be fine here, everyone understood
    Today at 02:48:06 PM
  • Iam$$$: Thank you
    Today at 02:48:49 PM
  • Iam$$$: I will send you a message thing here, whatever you guys call it.  It will contain what Im looking for so we don't boggle down this chat room!
    Today at 02:49:55 PM
  • Orange Country: sure
    Today at 02:50:18 PM