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UCI WorldTour / Re: 2015 Thoughts
« on: Today at 02:32:06 PM »
Spreadsheet ready, league header updated, drop thread and draft thread ready. We'll start on Nov 14. Please help me recruit, this is the official situation:

Probably in:
:Lotto: Ace
:SaxoBank: LostViking
:BMC: Ghedebrav
:Movistar: al_pacino
:Europcar: TERatcliffe26
:RadioShack: Garfield
:QuickStep: GTF
:Orica: alexlnumber1
:Cannondale: cranky
Joelsim - feel free to pick!

Probably out:
:Lampre: Jux1893
:Katusha: everseeker
:Belkin: Kazistuta
:FDJ: PPDB fignon
:Garmin: onyourwheel
:AG2R: empty
:Argos: empty

UCI WorldTour: Transactions / 2015 neo-pro draft
« on: Today at 02:20:18 PM »
1. Both the free agency and the draft begin on November 14.

2. Neo-pro is a rider born in 1992 or later who wasn't on a real-life professional team (WT/ProConti) in spring 2014, usually meaning he was still riding u23 races. His past in our game is insignificant, unless of course he's already under contract for 2015. That being said, I hereby propose to exclude Ewan. He signed his contract in October 2013 but wanted to slaughter the other kids first before moving on after the WC. It's also fairly clear he will wipe the floor with all neo-pros, and the purpose of the draft is to show off your instinct and u23 knowledge, and not to score a tonne of easy points during 2 seasons. Thoughts?

3. Only neo-pros are eligible for draft, and no neo-pros can be bought in an auction until the draft is complete.

4. The draft consists of 2 rounds. In both rounds, the team who finished last in the 2014 standings has the first pick, then the second last etc. Returning managers pick first, then new managers, then empty teams. :Lotto: Ace won the first pick via the prediction game.

5. 1st round picks are signed to 2-year contracts, 2nd round picks - to 1-year contracts.

6. All salaries are €30k.

7. You have 48 hours to make your pick by replying in this thread. Your clock starts ticking after the preceding pick, a post forfeiting said pick (which is allowable in order to save money and roster space), or right after the previous clock expires (which equals automatically forfeiting that pick).

1.1   :Lotto: Ace
1.2   :Orica: alexlnumber1
1.3   :Cannondale: cranky
1.4   :BMC: Ghedebrav
1.5   :SaxoBank: LostViking
1.6   :QuickStep: GTF
1.7   :Europcar: TERatcliffe26
1.8   :Movistar: al_pacino
1.9   :RadioShack: Garfield
1.10  :Garmin:
1.11  :Katusha:
1.12  :Belkin:
1.13  :Argos:
1.14  :Lampre:
1.15  :FDJ: 
1.16  :AG2R:   

2.1   :Lotto: Ace
2.2   :Orica: alexlnumber1
2.3   :Cannondale: cranky
2.4   :BMC: Ghedebrav
2.5   :SaxoBank: LostViking
2.6   :QuickStep: GTF
2.7   :Europcar: TERatcliffe26
2.8   :Movistar: al_pacino
2.9   :RadioShack: Garfield
2.10  :Garmin:
2.11  :Katusha:
2.12  :Belkin:
2.13  :Argos:
2.14  :Lampre:
2.15  :FDJ: 
2.16  :AG2R: 

UCI WorldTour / Re: 2015 Thoughts
« on: Today at 01:19:55 PM »
With Neo's maybe award 2 year contracts as defaults and allow free drops (in addition to one veteran rider).

Still not a fan. It's a simple lottery between riders 90% of us have never heard of, and let's keep it that way. Btw options would slaughter the following year's market.

Also i think we should have unlimited riders for the WCITT and WCRR; trade teams have no restrictions in real life.


UCI WorldTour / Re: 2015 calendar brainstorming
« on: Today at 12:09:35 PM »
Thanks! But most of the job must be done by me first.

Question: do we want to include Japan Cup? The field is decent, but the timing takes out all the excitement: WCRR (27.09) is quickly followed by Tre Valli, Milan-Turin, Piemonte, Münsterland, GdL, Emilia, Beghelli, and finally Paris-Tours (11.10), then 8 long days of nothingness. We could go both ways: either just scratch it from the calendar, or market it as "the real world championships" for the purposes of the league. What do you think?

UCI WorldTour / Re: 2015 calendar brainstorming
« on: Yesterday at 07:25:27 PM »
Fair points, thanks! I'll ignore the Chinese and introduce everything else then. No merging at all. Will need some days to prepare it.

UCI WorldTour / Re: 2015 calendar brainstorming
« on: Yesterday at 12:21:16 PM »
All spreadsheet limits mentioned above have been removed in the new version of Google Sheets.

Indeed, just created one and it doesn't complain :taco:
Nothing stopping us from implementing all HC races, even Hainan and Qinghai.

UCI WorldTour: Transactions / Free drops before the 2015 season
« on: Yesterday at 03:38:33 AM »
Remember the rule?

You cannot get rid of any contract during the season.
After each season, you may scratch 1 contract from your team.

Please post you designated rider here. Don't be afraid to post early: November 14 is the deadline, but you can always post again (before the deadline) to change your pick. If you're not dropping anybody, feel free to state so too.

Myself, gonna see if Brajkovic can get a contract before I release the somewhat overpaid Intxausti.

Results so far:
:FDJ: none
:Argos: none
:AG2R: none
:Movistar: al_pacino none
:Lotto: Ace none
:GreenEdge: alexlnumber1 none
:RadioShack: Garfield undecided
:BMC: Ghedebrav none
:Cannondale: cranky none
:Garmin: none
:Katusha: none
:Belkin: none
:Europcar: TERatcliffe26 none
:QuickStep: GTF none
:Lampre: Jux1893 none
:SaxoBank: LostViking none

UCI WorldTour / Re: 2015 calendar brainstorming
« on: Yesterday at 03:31:20 AM »
Piemonte is on the 2015 Calendar but can be merged anyway.

My bad. Corrected the OP.

Possible merges (looking at results + our team selections):

Wow, big list! But it IS an interesting approach. Hell, RvV & Roubaix could even be merged...

With merged races i'd be fine with teams posting subs where they add a rider yet to score points for one who's not racing (as in add Cav for GW in place of someone not riding).

Either this (requires lightning quick scoring, thus prolly requires more people helping, which is doable given how simple it is), or be strict (since both startlists should be known before the first race), or loosen/remove the max squad size. All three have pros and cons.

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