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NBA Front Office: Transactions / Steve Blake
« on: Yesterday at 03:58:44 PM »
3y, 3M each yr, TO, Bird Rights :judge:

NBA Front Office: Media / Re: NBA FO GM ot the Month
« on: Yesterday at 03:47:53 PM »
July 2014 - :NY: Jmeads

NBA Front Office: Media / NBA FO GM ot the Month
« on: Yesterday at 03:38:08 PM »
It is subjective.
It is unfair.
It is unnecessary.

If in doubt:

NBA Front Office: Transactions / Re: Evan Turner
« on: Yesterday at 03:06:41 PM »
Dear all, :NY: Justin has just informed me that - although clearly he has no blame in this mess - he will be the bigger man here and release Turner. This way :LAL: Chris gets the player he deserves, :agent: Zach gets the extra cash, and :NY: will sign Jason Smith instead to the exact same contract. Chapeau :toth:

This is exactly what I always dreamt the FO community would become: nerdy but classy :win:

Both Turner & Smith ready to be processed :judge:

:LAL: Evan Turner: 4y 3m 1st year 4.5% PO, MLE.
:NY: Jason Smith YR 1: $2.732,000, YR 2: $2,854,940 (PO), Room MLE.

UCI WorldTour / Re: Tour de Wallonie
« on: Yesterday at 01:17:46 PM »
Another reminder that it's the riders making the race, not the route. Super cool hills today, but a bunch of sprinters dominated the Final GC:

NBA Front Office: Transactions / Re: Evan Turner
« on: Yesterday at 01:15:11 PM »
NY'S offer was for four years with max raises as well. However, since he was using the MLE just as you are, we were informed that the max length was only 2 years. You can see that on page 1 of this transaction page.

Minor remark: you're confusing the Room MLE with the regular MLE. Coon Q25 :P

NBA Front Office: Transactions / Re: Evan Turner
« on: Yesterday at 01:01:55 PM »
:LAL:'s money is indeed by far better.
So the question is purely about the timing.

NBA Front Office: Transactions / Re: Evan Turner
« on: Yesterday at 12:49:10 PM »
Been there, done that ;)

NBA Front Office: Transactions / Re: Ariza, Booker, Aminu, J. Hill
« on: Yesterday at 11:37:22 AM »
@Ace: an exact number is wishful thinking. Also, we don't need one, because I do hope it's the last time I'm doing it.

@Ted: changing years is too invasive. By keeping original length, it is blatantly clear I'm helping the GM.

16.6M 15.9M 15.2M 14.5M :judge:

NBA Front Office: Transactions / Re: Evan Turner
« on: Yesterday at 11:31:47 AM »
Good question. Mister Agent, what did the calculator say?

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  • mike0542: I am too tired for this rn. Fitzy took my guy I was gunna take if Gordon was in eligible
    Today at 01:27:07 AM
  • mike0542: That's my bad on Gordon. I misread bbref
    Today at 01:27:41 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Sorry Mike...I wanted Donaldson
    Today at 01:28:54 AM
  • mike0542: It's all good. Don't hate the player hate the game
    Today at 01:30:10 AM
  • kylerap: This draft is going to be impossible in later rounds
    Today at 01:30:33 AM
  • jblum: lol kyle
    Today at 01:30:45 AM
  • mike0542: Now tanner Roark. Good or naw?
    Today at 01:31:19 AM
  • jblum: mike message me guys you like and i will message you their contracts so it can be esier
    Today at 01:32:00 AM
  • mike0542: I just need an okay for tanner Roark. Exceeded in 2013 so he's a .6 right?
    Today at 01:33:12 AM
  • Ace: yep
    Today at 01:34:13 AM
  • jblum: 506k (2017)
    Today at 01:34:19 AM
  • Fitzy1962: He should be fine, ///mike.
    Today at 01:34:48 AM
  • Ace: 600k is our spec
    Today at 01:34:59 AM
  • mike0542: Woohoo!!!!
    Today at 01:35:02 AM
  • Ace: he's p-2016
    Today at 01:35:14 AM
  • mike0542: Can't wait till round 20
    Today at 01:35:19 AM
  • mike0542: Now time for my two uf picks
    Today at 01:35:33 AM
  • jblum: annnnndddd.... roark's gone
    Today at 01:35:34 AM
  • jblum: thats one guy of my list
    Today at 01:35:40 AM
  • ajm5551: mike you gonna ne making your pick tongiht?
    Today at 01:36:29 AM
  • mike0542: Sorry bout that jblum
    Today at 01:36:47 AM
  • mike0542: I certainly hope so. Unless I fall asle...zzzzzzzz
    Today at 01:37:16 AM
  • jblum: mike take roark
    Today at 01:38:01 AM
  • Fitzy1962: He did! LOL
    Today at 01:39:25 AM
  • jblum: My Smoking Gun
    Today at 01:40:28 AM
  • jblum: corey, sandman up?
    Today at 01:40:40 AM
  • jblum: 11 guys are on the league page... make as much picks as we can!
    Today at 01:41:48 AM
  • Corey: JMAC on the clock
    Today at 01:42:02 AM
  • jblum: good JMAC is on
    Today at 01:43:12 AM
  • kylerap: Wasn't cespedes taken?
    Today at 01:43:35 AM
  • mike0542: Made picks in uf too. Two risky ones but gotta risk it to get the biscuit
    Today at 01:43:37 AM
  • Corey: oops missed it. will go the next guy on his list lol
    Today at 01:44:44 AM
  • jblum: jmac is on but hasnt moved in 10 minutes... i am guessing he is researching
    Today at 01:46:23 AM
  • jblum: kylerap messages
    Today at 01:50:26 AM
  • ajm5551: knicks in LOR are looking to package deron williams and harrison barbes together..m williams already has a lot paod on him this year and the knicks are willing to pay some next year and the year after
    Today at 01:56:23 AM
  • ajm5551: barnes*
    Today at 01:56:38 AM
  • jblum: alex, what would you be asking for gasol
    Today at 02:05:14 AM
  • jblum: pau gasol
    Today at 02:05:19 AM
  • jblum: anelson message for you
    Today at 02:06:06 AM
  • JMAC: oudan is otc in btl
    Today at 02:11:54 AM
  • Ace: sneak peak at profsl's first $ cfb league [link]
    Today at 02:14:23 AM
  • jblum: ace, i am in right?
    Today at 02:15:25 AM
  • jblum: and btw i Smoking Guning hate that front cover lol
    Today at 02:15:39 AM
  • jblum: [link]
    Today at 02:16:33 AM
  • jblum: that should be the cover
    Today at 02:16:38 AM
  • Ace: haha you're in, cover is a bit of fun
    Today at 02:17:31 AM
  • jblum: i really only liked johnny football was when he beat alabama but that probably the only time
    Today at 02:19:17 AM
  • jerry9313: jblum in fnfl you have Anthony hutchens drafted 2x in the nfc
    Today at 04:19:02 AM
  • jerry9313: 5th round
    Today at 04:19:20 AM
  • 9inches: Deadline Deals!!!
    Today at 05:22:13 AM

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