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Rule changed to allow trade.


Oakland releases the following players:

CI Forsythe, Logan   2020    $4.0m
$3.0m Cap Hit

P Harvey, Matt      2020    $8.8m
$6.6m Cap Hit

P Rea, Colin      2020    $0.5m
$0.4m Cap Hit

P Cotton, Jharel   P-2020    $0.5m
No Cap Hit

$3.8m Cap Savings

So y'all keep removing my posts, lol.

Looks like the rule was ninja modified to allow this trade to go through.  I recommend ninja removing the section under trades that disallows this to make it more clear.  It looks like we have to deal with people changes rules to allow some stuff, but disallow other things depending on who the GM is.


Not a valid trade no matter how many times y'all move my post.

The value of the trade is fine and will get approved if it were valid, however it is not valid. 

please stop finding reasons real or imagined to vomit on my trades.

JoJo corrected his mistake. That's all it ever was.

PM him if you like.
The next person that does anything but vote, we are going to have words. For years.


The trade deadline will be Tuesday Morning 12:01 EST that completes week 10.

-   All players can be traded.
Added 9 Jan 2020:
30 Day Trade Rule:  Players acquired through the OFFSEASON Free Agency period may not be traded for 30 days.  Players sign via free agency all the time, but they do not sign with one team to be insta-traded.  In an effort to reign in this unrealistic practice, players signed through offseason free agency will be subject to this rule.  Players acquired via trade, through the draft or through INSEASON Free Agency are NOT subject to the 30 Day Trade Rule.

-   Cash can be exchanged on a contract as long as the cash is equal to or less than the contract of the player/players being traded.
Added 9 Jan 2020:
The limit a GM may pay on a contract is no more than 25% of the contract.  Example: $10M 2022 ($30M Total Contract) may have $7.5M paid on contract.  A team may not exceed 5% (rounded to the nearest $1M) of the current yearís salary cap in cash paid on contracts.  Example: 2020 Salary Cap $198.2M, the most a team may have in paid contracts is $10M for 2020.  This will allow some flexibility as NFL teams do pay on contracts, but they do not do it to the extent of some leagues on site.  Teams who already have contracts paid are grandfathered in.

-   Draft picks can be traded, but only in the upcoming draft and the one that follows after the new league starts.  For example this seasonís upcoming draft is 2020, so 2020 and 2021 draft picks can be traded once the 2020 league year starts.  If a team is deemed to be depleted and abandoned, league management reserves the right to award compensation picks to the depleted team in the new owner process.

A trade committee of 8 members will vote on trades. THERE MUST BE 5 APPROVAL VOTES TO APPROVE A TRADE.

The bolded part was his ninja update last night.

Had he kept the original rule, the trade would be legal.

The only person you need to have words with is your dad.

Still an invalid trade.  Etling was signed 09/17/2020.

Promote to Active Roster:
DE Gustin, Porter, $0.4m (P-n/a)


NFL Countdown / New Ownership in New York
« on: Yesterday at 12:40:14 PM »
I'd like to welcome back long time ProFSL member and former NFL Countdown GM @Orange Country back to NFL Countdown.

He is going to take over the New York Giants who have a great foundation to build on with Justin Herbert and Barkley.

Welcome back!



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  • Brent: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Chargers' team doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor’s lung while trying to administer a pain-killing injection during pregame warmups in Week 2.  It means Taylor is dealing with a collapsed lung. That's a serious injury, and Taylor has been advised not to play "indefinitely." Taylor is expected to fully recover, but that's unlikely to happen this week. Justin Herbert is in line to make another start against the Panthers.
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  • Yeagg: I also have a few top scoring LBs to beef up someone's defense
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  • Yeagg: plenty of talent I'm still looking t
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  • PsychoticPondGoons: NSH already dealt their 4th in a trade with MIN
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  • PsychoticPondGoons: Shoot me a PM once you gents work it out
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  • AntMan: Isn’t that a cap trade? Beefy cannot take the buyout hit and get compensated for a player he doesn’t own?
    Today at 07:58:50 PM
  • AntMan: I’m all for cap trades being allowed but that’s going to make paper trails difficult
    Today at 07:59:46 PM
  • AntMan: Also Keane is rated above Rathbone on dobber rankings... he went first overall
    Today at 08:58:32 PM
  • Burkes Boys: Is that your soapbox Antman
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  • Burkes Boys: Dobie-man is a waste of server space
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  • Burkes Boys: Can I send over a pick for C.Primeau? :rofl:
    Today at 09:54:25 PM
  • Burkes Boys: no seriously, will give you a 1st rounder
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  • AntMan: Still mad about that and stalling out the supplemental draft rounds... you remember he traded a 1st for a supplemental beforehand
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