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The separate posts here are out dated and some confusion. It is best to refer to below spreadsheet as it is most up to date:

Current Rule

Unclear how player rankings are decided

Rule explained

To determine a players ranking for extensions the owner must go into the previous years League, click “Players”, select “All”, select the position of the player in question and use the ranking of that player provided. This must be done for both of the previous years, and when posting the extension for the player the GM must include both years rankings. If a GM does not have access to both of the previous years rankings then they should message the commissioner for the ranking information.

For Example: Finding the Ranking of SP Justin Verlander for a 2020 extension.  In 2019 he ranked 2 among SP and in 2018 he ranked 14 among SP.

Use ranking 2 as the basis for the extension on the SP extension table.

Note: starting next year we may change this above spreadsheet as lot of stuff is irrelevant and the tab will be changed to reflect actual year even if numbers don't change (this way avoids further confusion).

Total of up to 3 players may be extended in any given offseason.

Armchair Fantasy Baseball / Draft Discussion
« on: Today at 04:49:17 PM »
This post is all draft related issues in 1 post so it will be a little lengthy but broken down into parts in blue.

For now I do not want to revote on anything because nothing will change here until next offseason (except maybe draft pick trading).

However, either way, I think this a good season long discussion now that we have several new owners and hopefully more to come. We will certainly have official revotes at some point on trading pick and number of rounds.

Draft player list

Current Rule

Currently Armchair uses the BA top 500 as the draftable players list

Rule Change (to take into effect next offseason)

Armchair will use BA MLB Draft Database to create the list of draftable players. This list will be created in the order players were drafted and only include players that signed with their team.

Draft Timing

Current Rule

Currently the draft timing is set at 24 hours per owner per pick.

Rule Change (to take into effect next offseason)

The draft timing will be set at different increments by rounds. The first 3 rounds, owners will have 24 hours per pick, rounds 3-15 owners will have 12 hours per pick, any rounds after 15 owners will have 6 hours per pick.

Any owner who misses a pick will be skipped, a pick will not be auto selected for that owner until the next time it is their turn to pick.

Example: If an owner misses their pick Round 5 pick 15, that pick will either be made up by that owner before Round 6 pick 15 or if the owner misses that pick as well R15 P15 will be autoselected with the highest available player being selected.

Any owner who misses two picks in a row will be placed on autopick, everytime their pick comes up the highest available player will be selected for them and cannot be undrafted.

Any owner may place themselves on auto pick at any time.

Every owner will be placed on Auto pick at the beginning of the off-season and will only be removed once they have answered the “Check-in” poll announcing their intention to return for the upcoming season.

Draft Pick trading

Current Rule

Draft picks are not currently allowed to be traded

Vote was done here and revote to be done at a later date:

Proposed Rule Change

Allow all draft picks to be traded, but they cannot be traded for cash, they must be part of a larger deal.

Draft Expansion

Current Rule

Currently the draft is set at 15 rounds

Vote was done here and revote to be done at a later date:

Proposed Rule Change

Expand the draft from 15 rounds to 20 or 25 rounds

Armchair Fantasy Baseball / Anti Tanking Rule
« on: Today at 04:30:20 PM »
Current rule is unclear and does not make much sense, plus has not really been enforced. This is not a poll because the new structure is much better and is a comish decision to change in order to improve league competitiveness, however, if there is objection or other suggestions please feel free to comment and open to considering a modification. Otherwise below will be taking into effect

Current Rule

Beginning in the 2017 season, any team scoring...

Less than 2,000 points lose their 1st round pick for that season.
More than 2,000 but less than 3,000 points loses a 2nd round pick for that season.

Unowned teams will not be subject to this provision

New Rule Change

Beginning in the 2020 season, any team scoring…

Less than 40,000 Total Season Fantasy Points will lose their 1st round pick for that season and $2,000,000 in International Free Agency funds the following season.

Between 40,001 and 50,000 Total Season Fantasy Points will lose their 2nd round pick for that season and $1,000,000 in International Free Agency funds the following season.

Unowned teams will not be subject to this provision

Current Rule

Once a new player is posted with a bid, the second bid for that player must double the previous bid.

Proposed Rule Change

The second bid must only be an increase of $50k or more.

Current Rule

Currently the rule uses real life team funds, which doesn’t really make sense for our league

Proposed Rule Change (more inline with MLB)

The international funds bonus pool will be determined by reverse order of the previous years standings. The base bonus pool for each team of the 30 teams will be $4.75m. Teams finishing 11 - 20 in the standings will receive $5.25m. Teams finishing 21-30 will receive $5.75m. (Numbers taken from CBA).

International funds may be traded in increments of $250,000, up to $1,000,000 per trade.

Current Rule

You can structure your bids however you like but the contract amount per year must be constant.  You cannot offer $20 million in the first season and $3 million in the second season or vice versa.  There is no restructuring of deals at this point.

Proposed Rule Change

You can structure your bids however you like; the contract amount per year does not have to be consistent. However, each subsequent year of the structured contract must be more than the previous years.

For example:

3 years for 10m a year

Current rule:
Year 1: 10m
Year 2: 10m
Year 3: 10m

Proposed Rule Change (example):
Year 1: 6m
Year 2: 10m
Year 3: 14m

Note: If this passes, we would only put into effect on opening day all offseason FA bidding will remain at current rule.

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Transactions / 2B Jed Lowrie
« on: Today at 03:21:21 PM »

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Transactions / 2B Dustin Pedroia
« on: Today at 03:20:45 PM »

Buckets of Dimes: Transactions / 2019-2020 Franchise Tag Values
« on: February 14, 2020, 04:06:50 PM »
Top 5 for each position was taken based on our salaries and to prevent double counting of players I used spotrac to determine their main position. Come off season expiring players, on non rookie deal, are eligible to be franchise tagged at the value for their position at the GM's discretion- between 1-4 years (with years 3-4 team options).

PG Value: 32.6m

Stephen Curry 41.6m (2021)
Kyle Lowry  32.1m (2018)
Kyrie Irving 30m (2022)
Damian Lillard  29.8m (2020)
Kemba Walker  29.6m (2022)

SG Value: 29.1m

James Harden  38.2m (2021)
Bradley Beal   28m (2022)
DeMar DeRozan  27.7 (2019)
C.J. McCollum  27.6m (2020)
Devin Booker   24m (2018)

SF Value: 25.2m

Gordon Hayward  32.m (2019)
Andrew Wiggins  29.3m (2022)
Kevin Durant   26.1m (2022)
Lebron James  20m (2021)
Kawhi Leonard 18.5m (2021)

PF Value: 23.7m

Anthony Davis  27.1m (2020)
Giannis Antetokounmpo  25.8m (2020)
Kristaps Porzingis  25m (2022)
Serge Ibaka  22.5m (2019)
Draymond Green  18m (2019)

C Value: 27m

Karl-Anthony Towns 31.6m (2023)
Joel Embiid  29.3m (2022)
Rudy Gobert  25m (2020)
Nikola Jokic 25m (2022)
Andre Drummond  24m (2021)

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