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The Bush League: To Update on Rosters / Miami - Cleveland Trade
« on: June 17, 2018, 03:22:29 PM »
Miami gets
CI Gonzalez, Marwin   2022   $3.0m   
MI Gamboa, Arquimedes P-n/a   $0.5m

Cleveland gets
CI Healy, Ryon   P-2019   $0.5m
CI Villanueva, Christian   P-n/a   $0.5m   
OF Taylor, Michael A      P-2018   $0.5
OF Tocci, Carlos         P-n/a   $0.5m
OF Zagunis, Mark      P-n/a   $0.5m   

Miami moves a lot of talent to get an upgrade in Gonzalez. His contract is big after this year but we have the cap. We love Gamboa as well. He is two to three years away but love the potential.

Thanks Brian for the talks!  :toast:

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Marlins promote
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:33:59 PM »
CI-OF Bauers, Jake   P-n/a   $0.5m

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Marlins - Padres Trade
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:37:03 PM »
Marlins get
MI Gregorius, Didi   2021   $4.0m

Pads get
MIA pick 1-11
MIA pick 3-75

Miami does this to add another quality MI. I didnít want to wait four years to see if the pick pans out as Iím trying to compete for a division title now.

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Flyers - Canucks Trade
« on: May 18, 2018, 01:05:14 AM »
Canucks get
X-C Logan Couture, $6m (2021-2022)
X- 2019 1st Round Draft Pick, Vegas, $m this year
X- 2019 1st Round Draft Pick, Philadelphia, $m this year
X- 2019 3rd Round Draft Pick, Philadelphia, $m this year

Flyers get
C Sam Bennett, $1m (2019-2020)
D Nikita Zaitsev, $2m (2022-2023)
D Esa Lindell, $0.5m (P-18/19)
RW Ryan Strome, $2m (2021-2022)
X- 2018 2nd Round Draft Pick, Vancouver, $m this year

Flyers do this as we really like Lindell. We also feel Bennett and Strome have time to live up to expectations. Couture is good but I really need more depth. Trying to better diversify my lineup.

Thanks Cally for the great negotiations.  :toth:

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Flyers resign
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:21:47 AM »
X-C Logan Couture, RFA, $0m this year
Highest Rank #31 C in 2017-2018
New Contract
C Logan Couture, $6m (2021-2022)

X-C Scott Laughton, Discount Eligible, $0m this year
Highest Rank #145 C in 2017-2018
New Contract
C Scott Laughton, $0.9m (2019-2020)

X-LW Max Pacioretty, RFA, $0m this year
Highest Rank #3 LW in 2016-2017
New Contract
LW Max Pacioretty, $7.8m (2022-2023)

X-LW/RW Thomas Vanek, RFA, $0m this year
Highest Rank #44 LW in 2017-2018
New Contract
LW/RW Thomas Vanek, $3.8m (2020-2021)

X-RW Joe Pavelski, RFA, $0m this year
Highest Rank #5 C in 2016-2017
New Contract
RW Joe Pavelski, $8.5m (2022-2023)



The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Marlins promote
« on: April 22, 2018, 10:47:08 PM »
C/CI Nottingham, Jacob         P-n/a

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Flyers - Avalanche Trade
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:45:51 PM »
Flyers get
G Petr Mrazek, $3.7m (2021-2022)

Avs get
X- 2018 2nd Round Draft Pick, Philadelphia, $m this year
X- 2018 3rd Round Draft Pick, Philadelphia, $m this year

Philly does this to get more goalie depth.  Between Mrazek and Subban I'm hoping they get enough starts to equal one starting goalie.  I don't see Mrazek in Philly in the future with Carter Hart waiting in the wings but I think he signs somewhere with the chance of being the starter.  I didn't have much use for the picks as I have limited room on my roster.

Thanks snuggy for the easy talks.  :toast: :toth:

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Marlins - Phillies Trade
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:35:23 AM »
Marlins get
SP Fulmer, Carson p-na $0.5m

Phillies get
OF Adolfo, Micker p-na
SP Green, Hunter p-na

Marlins do this deal as we are really short on arms. Tough giving up Adolfo but I feel I have enough OF depth. This deal fills a need for me and gives more young talent to Philly.

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    Today at 10:27:21 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: Looking for some help in Bush.  Anyone looking to trade
    Today at 11:20:44 AM
  • Thecliff: Hey, JP was on site yesterday (Houston)
    Today at 11:30:28 AM
  • Thecliff: Oh, ok, reviewed the big picture.
    Today at 11:44:29 AM
  • janesvilleaces: Padres are lds
    Today at 11:46:26 AM
  • janesvilleaces: Kovalchuk signs with kings
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