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Franchise GM: Transactions / SP Ian Kennedy
« on: Today at 08:54:51 PM »

Franchise GM: Transactions / P Brett Cecil
« on: Today at 08:51:20 PM »

Franchise GM: Transactions / RP Felipe Rivero
« on: Today at 08:48:58 PM »

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Flyers moves
« on: Today at 04:02:58 PM »
Please activate Ben Bishop and put Stamkos on IR.

Please move Williams, Stobbe, and Gowdy to the minors. Thanks!

Phillies get
MI Kendrick, Howie, $7m (2019)
SP Gowdy, Kevin, $0.5m (P-n/a)

Tigers get
OF Cabrera, Melky, $12m (2017)
PHI pays $10m

Philly does this deal for an upgrade at MI with Kendrick.  He will keep the seat warm until Crawford has time to develop.  I have depth at OF which made Melky expendable.  Hopefully Gowdy develops into a future SP2 or SP3. 

Philly understands the trade cannot be processed until Jan 15 due to Gowdy being drafted this year.

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Flyers - Blues Trade
« on: January 05, 2017, 10:31:18 AM »
Flyers get
G Ben Bishop, $4.9m (2019-2020)

Blues get
C Aleksander Barkov, $4.2m (2020-2021)
C Tyson Jost, $m (P-n/a)

Flyers do this to get another stud goalie to pair with Holtby.  Bishop and Barkov are both hurt right now but they should be back at roughly the same time.  I had a big need at G since Halak was demoted.  Losing young guys like Barkov and Jost hurts but the Blues were not offering any discounts and thats the price I had to pay.  Bishop has a good contract and the Flyers are very happy to acquire him.

Thanks Shooter for the deal!   :toast:

Philly and new Rays GM kidd5jersey have come to a trade agreement.

Philly gets:
C Martin, Russell, $4m (2017)

Rays get:
RP Giles, Ken, $0.5m (P-2017)
RP Bedrosian, Cam, $0.5m (2019)
SP Wentz, Joey, $0.5m (P-n/a)

I needed another catcher after trading Ramos to pair with Norris.  I'm in win now mode and Martin fits the bill.  I weaken my bullpen and trade my first round pick in Wentz but thats the price I had to pay to try to win now. 

Thanks kidd5jersey for the easy negotiations!   :thumbsup: :toast:

:PHI: extensions
2B Gyorko, Jed, $8.8m (2016)
New contract 2B Gyorko, Jed, $4.5m (2019)

3B Prado, Martin, $10m (2016)
New contract 3B Prado, Martin, $5m (2019)

OF Smith, Seth, $2.3m (2016)
New contract OF Smith, Seth, $1.5m (2019)

OF Kemp, Matt, $18m (2016)   
New contract OF Kemp, Matt, $9m (2020)

SP Nova, Ivan, $0.3m (2016)
New contract SP Nova, Ivan, $3m (2019)

Franchise GM: Completed Transactions / Phillies resign
« on: December 19, 2016, 05:23:10 PM »
CI-MI-OF Prado, Martin, $9m (2017)
Highest Rank #29 CI
New contract - CI-MI-OF Prado, Martin, $7m (2019)

OF Martinez, JD, $12m (2017)
Highest Rank #9 OF
New contract - OF Martinez, JD, $12m (2020)

RP Bedrosian, Cam, $0.5m (2017)
Highest Rank #75 RP
New contract - RP Bedrosian, Cam, $0.5m (2019)   
RP Betances, Dellin, $0.5m (P-2017)
Highest Rank #7 RP
New contract - RP Betances, Dellin, $4m (2022) - spec minimum

SP DeSclafani, Anthony, $6m (2017)
Highest Rank #51 SP
New contract - SP DeSclafani, Anthony, $5.5m (2019)

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