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The Bush League: To Update on Rosters / Braves Call up
« on: August 14, 2020, 07:07:40 PM »
Braves call up to the MLB roster

Seth Romero
Drew Rasmussen

The Bush League: To Update on Rosters / More Braves Moves
« on: August 10, 2020, 11:26:04 AM »
Braves release minor leaguers

Kyler Murray
Wennington Romero

The Bush League: To Update on Rosters / Braves moves
« on: August 10, 2020, 11:19:38 AM »
Braves release

Ryan Carpenter    P-2022   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m
Shane Carle P-2021   $0.5m   $0.5m
Michael Reed P-n/a   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m
Charlie Tilson P-2022   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m

Braves promote

Zack Burdi P-n/a   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m   $0.5m

The Bush League: Invalid Transactions / Brandon Crawford MI
« on: January 06, 2020, 04:23:51 AM »

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Austin Romine C
« on: January 05, 2020, 11:42:14 AM »
1 million

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Kwang Hyun Kim SP/RP STL
« on: January 03, 2020, 06:41:06 AM »
6 mil

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Shogo Akiyama OF
« on: January 02, 2020, 03:30:43 PM »
15 mil

Braves acquire

MI/OF Josh Rojas P n/a $0.5 mil
OF Bradley Zimmer P-2020   $0.5m
MI Luis Garcia P n/a $0.5 mil

D-backs acquire

CI Triston Casas P n/a $0.5 mil
MI Kyren Paris P n/a $0.5 mil
P James Kaprielian P n/a $0.5 mil

Braves finally acquire an MI in Rojas not really sure of my opinion on him really maybe just a reserve infielder has a strong pedigree in the minors well see what he can do in the majors...Zimmer is a dart hopefully he can get back to his prospect sparkle and become a strong major leaguer...Garcia is again a shot at a prospect who has lost his sparkle a little...I like the games Ive traded but wanted to get some depth in the major league team...thanks for the negotiations and good luck to the D-Backs...


The Atlanta Braves have today acquire...

CI Jose Abreu (2023) $21 mil (Padres pay $10 mil per year till the end of the contract)
SP Seth Romero (P-) $0.5 mil

(2020) 1 - 3
(2020) 2 - 33
Mickey Moniak (P-) $0.5 mil

The Braves finally get the CI that they have been looking for...its taken over a year to get the right guy having been in on Abreu in free agency last winter and narrowly missing out, whilst saving $10 million per year on salary for the rest of his contract...Braves also get Seth Romero as a throw in who is a high risk upside arm...Romero has the armour to be a success at the MLB but it is dependent on 1) his recovery for TJ surgery and 2) whether he can get his attitude right...if he does both I see potential for a number 2/3 arm...thanks for the deal San Diego and good luck for next year...


The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Braves release
« on: November 27, 2019, 01:27:04 AM »
DJ Peterson to clear space for 3.74

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  • Daddy: If we don't honor our trade agreements we can make every excuse in the world but wtf we doing here.
    Today at 04:17:32 AM
  • indiansnation: If u are talking about me no one has offered me a trade at all for ingram matter of fact i just resigned him w a 2 yr contract.
    Today at 04:17:58 AM
  • indiansnation: and im nit tradeing him anymore.
    Today at 04:18:45 AM
  • Daddy: No...not any one time. My point is i guarantee it has happened.
    Today at 04:18:58 AM
  • Daddy: And I said 4
    Today at 04:19:25 AM
  • Daddy: You will be lucky to win 2 games in 2020.
    Today at 04:19:42 AM
  • indiansnation: I have been screwed in a teade earluer that was agree on but didnt hsppen u move on
    Today at 04:20:01 AM
  • indiansnation: What ever daddy your oppinnion doedt matter to me.
    Today at 04:20:37 AM
  • Daddy: Ingram is 30. May have 2 years left in the NFL. He is already in a split with JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards.
    Today at 04:20:46 AM
  • indiansnation: And i just wont talk trade anymore with u.
    Today at 04:21:02 AM
  • Daddy: I'm not giving you an opinion.
    Today at 04:21:13 AM
  • Daddy: My opinion was it was weak sauce.
    Today at 04:21:37 AM
  • Daddy: You aren't winning more than 2 games in 2020. That's not a knock on you. That's what's going to happen.
    Today at 04:22:21 AM
  • indiansnation: Ooh well its on me. Wow u are that pussed because u tried to scre me over at first then i did my reaserch and realized i got screwed over by u.
    Today at 04:22:22 AM
  • Daddy: How? It was your idea to post it. Twice.
    Today at 04:23:08 AM
  • indiansnation: from know on im going to watch because i lost trust in people makeing trades.
    Today at 04:23:18 AM
  • Daddy: Now I'm the bad guy? I was trying to screw you over? Nah man. Nobody fallen for that.
    Today at 04:23:57 AM
  • indiansnation: No it wasnt u sent me pm saying 2nd trade was posted i was at work and u knew it. U took the picks off and pisted it hopeing it would still go thru.
    Today at 04:24:33 AM
  • Daddy: There isn't a single gm on this site that once you make a deal and say post it. Would be ok with that.
    Today at 04:25:41 AM
  • Daddy: I'm ok with it though. It's not you I got a problem with.
    Today at 04:26:24 AM
  • indiansnation: So from know on i wont redpond to any trades till i look it over and do my research thursday night changed the way i trust people makeing trades.
    Today at 04:26:27 AM
  • Daddy: You probably think your going to the playoffs still. The process is flawed and a man is only as good as his word in the world.
    Today at 04:28:26 AM
  • indiansnation: I know im not going to playoffs this yr. My team isnt ready yet but ill tell u what come 2021 ill have money to add on to my team and you know what yea i traded my draft picks away in 2021 but from know on i wont even do that unless i get a better offer.nflc changed me in what i do in any league from know on if trade diesnt benefit me i wont make it.
    Today at 04:34:24 AM
  • indiansnation: Good luck with your team daddy i hope u do good this yr but come 2021 u are going to have to work hard to fill a 53 man roster
    Today at 04:35:45 AM
  • Daddy: Extending Ingram until he is 32 and running 2 strip clubs and a liquor store full time is a stroke of genius. Should get you that extra fire power needed to win 2 games.
    Today at 04:37:20 AM
  • Daddy: Asking me for $2.45 league fees when I've got well over 12 work hours on fantrax inputting players and schedules is pretty insulting.
    Today at 04:38:31 AM
  • indiansnation: like i said what ever daddy. Your comment does matter to me
    Today at 04:38:54 AM
  • Daddy: teams fees will get taken care of.
    Today at 04:39:01 AM
  • Daddy: Everything I've done "for free" not withstanding.
    Today at 04:39:40 AM
  • indiansnation: Every one pays their fees im tired of covering fees. So come next yr u will cover all fees in war then.
    Today at 04:40:18 AM
  • indiansnation: Then dont pay it and u wont be in nflc after oct 1st.
    Today at 04:41:22 AM
  • indiansnation: Its all up to u. Your a grown adult u pay it u stay u dont u dont play thats all
    Today at 04:41:59 AM
  • indiansnation: I dont know what your problem is tonight but u need to chill out. We do this for fun and u are pussed off at the world for some reason.
    Today at 04:43:54 AM
  • Daddy: Really
    Today at 05:15:35 AM
  • Daddy: There has been one vetoed trade in Countdown. I started to pull them all and put them on the board and change my votes on those I thought was unequal.
    Today at 05:16:45 AM
  • Daddy: Then I realized the moral compass started with someone who in plain daylight is cheating the league himself. Purposely not setting his lineup or maximizing it in an attempt to gain better draft assets. Stealing higher picks than he warrants. Yeah. That guy vetoes.
    Today at 05:21:51 AM
  • Daddy: If you had made that same trade with Billy's Redskins it doesnt get vetoed.
    Today at 05:22:51 AM
  • Daddy: Want proof? There is 2 years worth of it. I'm tired. I'm done. I will say that maybe look at teams that do not make the playoffs going into a lottery to determine draft order. Nobody should be incentivized to lose on purpose. Every team should be putting its best foot forward.
    Today at 05:25:07 AM
  • Daddy: It sucks when I'm right. Because I got a gift of making you feel dumb for being so wrong. The evidence is all saved right here on profsl. 7 years of it.
    Today at 05:28:50 AM
  • Daddy: Our deal shouldn't have gotten vetoed. If it deserves to be, then all but 2 of your trades also deserved to be. And....nobody should ever make a deal and back out of it because of what people think or intimidation. You make a deal. You honor it.
    Today at 05:31:47 AM
  • Daddy: That's how it should be. When it's flakey or inconsistent. That's what takes the "fun" out of it. Be real.
    Today at 05:33:22 AM
  • Harman230: Damn didnt know i was signing up for real husbands of hollywood
    Today at 07:18:28 AM
  • Harman230: wheres the love guys
    Today at 07:18:36 AM
  • Harman230: Just trade everyone to me and i will give all ya a great deal lol
    Today at 07:19:09 AM
  • Harman230: [link]
    Today at 07:20:45 AM
  • Harman230: heres a website that fairly evaluates trades
    Today at 07:21:03 AM
  • Harman230: maybe it could be of use for people trying to get the worth of their player
    Today at 07:21:29 AM
  • RyanJames5: Chargers paid
    Today at 08:53:52 AM
  • Jwalkerjr88: Rams paid
    Today at 10:09:14 AM
  • Jwalkerjr88: @Harman i didnt know either lol
    Today at 10:09:31 AM