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League Openings / Posting New League Classifieds
« on: August 07, 2016, 04:41:36 PM »
A great way to make sure you have exposure, and you're classified isn't buried, is to organize classifieds by sport.  This way when members are looking for a particular sport, for example baseball, they don't have to search through every other sport classified to find what they want.

To help with this please post your new classifieds into the Classified Child Board for the league you're doing the recruiting for.  Thanks!

The Big Leagues / Received Payment and Confirmation Thread
« on: January 07, 2016, 01:28:45 PM »
Teams below have paid there entry fees:

:MIA-MLB: Papps $50
:NYM: Colibear1 $80
:PHI: Daddy $75
:WAS: Jdwalter $35
:ATL: divdevil $60

:PIT: Kirby_Puckett $65
:CIN: moneymaker $50
:STL: dhardy123 $70
:CHC: ringb39 $100
:MIL: BrewersKeith $70

:ARZ: Sandman $40
:COL: Babo $50
:SD: Alex23 $60
:SF: yours-turly $49
:LAD: jdowdall $50

:OAK: Corey $85
:HOU: dawoodshed $75
:LAA: Austinply $50
:SEA: Orange Country $101.93
:TEX: Zwat $65

:TB: Andyscott23 $35
:BAL: Troy $70
:NYY: Raza $124
:BOS: Goldie $75
:TOR: jselley $70

:CLE: sayates24 $70
:KC: YankeesGM $50
:MIN: graham $80
:CHW: rpterrell $60
:DET: buddah $50

Please feel free to post your paypal confirmation number here when you pay to help us out. In the note when sending VIA paypal, also put your team name and The Big Leagues in there. Paypal address is

Thank you

Moneyball / 2015 Moneyball Payouts
« on: September 28, 2015, 05:41:38 PM »
Congratulations to everyone on another great season. Below is the payouts for those of you fortunate enough to bring in some cash! Respond to this post on  what you want done. If you wish to roll money over to Moneyball 2016 or any other league just post that. If you want to make a donation for the mobile app post that as well. If you want a payout, please post your paypal ID and we will process that as well.

Total Pot: $2,551.81
Performance Payout Total:$2041.44
Market Value Payout Total:$510.37

Performance Payout

1) :SD: $408.28 Completed
2) :BAL: $306.21 Completed
3) :MIA-MLB: $204.14 Completed
4) :KC: $204.14 Completed
5) :ARZ: $142.90
6) :MIL: $142.90 Completed
7) :TB: $142.90
8) :BOS: $142.90
9) :NYM: $61.24 Completed
10) :LAA: $61.24 Completed
11) :ATL: $61.24 Completed
12) :OAK: $61.24

Market Value Payout

108 Stitches / 108 Stitches Payouts
« on: September 28, 2015, 03:20:35 PM »
Congratulations to everyone on another great season. Below is the payouts for those of you fortunate enough to bring in some cash! Respond to this post on  what you want done. If you wish to roll money over to 108 stitches 2016 or any other league just post that. If you want to make a donation for the mobile app post that as well. If you want a payout, please post your paypal ID and we will process that as well.

:PIT: $192 Completed
Rollover $25
Payout $167.00

:TB: $152 - $35 to be paid for Luxury Tax for the next 2 seasons $117 is the allowable payout Completed
Payout $117.00
:SD: $82- Completed
Payout $82.00
:CLE: $82 Completed
Rollover $25
Payout $57.00

:OAK: $57 Completed
Rollover $25
Transfer $32.00 to 3ITK

:NYM: $57 Completed
Rollover $25
Payout $32.00

:KC: $32 Completed
Donate $7
Payout $25

:ARZ:  $32 Completed

** Added $5 to each teams winnings and $15 to Pittsburgh. This is because the payout structure was created with idea of 2 Wild Card teams in play.

Luxury Tax of $16 was paid. $2 per team has been added.

Bases Loaded Baseball / Bases Loaded Baseball 2015 Payouts
« on: September 23, 2015, 02:41:44 PM »
Congratulations to everyone on another great season. Below is the payouts for those of you fortunate enough to bring in some cash! Respond to this post on  what you want done. If you wish to roll money over to BLB 2016 or any other league just post that. If you want to make a donation for the mobile app post that as well. If you want a payout, please post your paypal ID and we will process that as well.

1. :STL: - $417.48  Completed
2. :TB: - $283.89
3. :MIN: - $217.09
4. :WAS: - $217.09 Completed
Donate $17
Payout $200

5. :CIN: - $133.59 Completed
Roll $77.57 to BLB 2016
Payout $56.02

6. :LAD: - $133.59 Completed
Send $28 to Jdwalter for BOB payment
Send $45 to NBAF
Send $45 to LOR
Send the remaining $15.59 to my paypal
7. :CHW: - $133.59  Completed
Roll $77.57 to BLB 2016
Roll $50 to 3ITK
Roll $2.06 to LOR

8. :OAK: - $133.59 Completed
Roll $77.57 to BLB 2016
Donate $56.02 Added to Mobile App account

MMA Casino / Winnings/Payments
« on: January 09, 2015, 04:32:46 PM »
Fan of fanboys payment = $50 made on 1/9/15
   * Remaining balance is $40.75

Lord of the Rings / 2014-2015 Payments
« on: September 05, 2014, 11:07:15 AM »
Teams Paid


The Ladder / New Theme
« on: May 13, 2014, 12:03:10 AM »
A new theme has been installed which should be visible for everyone including guests.  It should give the community a more modern and clean look.  There is the chance for display issues, so please reply giving details of any issues you do come across, and they will be addressed as soon as possible.

ELITE Football: Archives / Activity Points
« on: February 16, 2014, 08:30:24 PM »
If you're a ProFSL veteran then you know about points for the Invitationals are based on running the league (Commissioner), performance (top three), and activity (three most active).  This is a notice to the league that activity points will be solely based on posting activity at this league's boards.  We have discussion threads for each of the leagues that encourage you to participate in discussion about drafts and eventually team performance.

ELITE Football: Archives / DNG Premium $$$ League Sign-up Sheet
« on: February 16, 2014, 08:27:57 PM »
This is special sign-up sheet for those who wish to participate in the DNG premium money league.  It coincides with the Fantasy Baseball Premium Package at ProFSL.  The entry fee is $50 with $150 going to the winner of the 10-team league.  Part of the entry fee goes to the premium package as each member receives a six-month premium membership packages that includes your own copy of Money Ball for Fantasy Baseball 2014.  The book gives you over 100 pages of fantasy baseball strategies with examples on analyzing various player statistics.  The premium membership gives you the freedom to view ProFSL without advertisements and earn twice as much payouts in ProFSL prizes, contests, and Invitationals.

To signup, respond to this thread indicating the draft clock you want.  It must be no less than 4 hours and no more than 48 hours.  The league's clock will be based on the results (median, average, mode, or some blend).  The league will start drafting within a week or so after the sign-ups have completed.  There are 12 spots in this league.  League page:

2014 GMs (6/6) and draft clock wanted (X hours)
scottnva - 12 hours (paid)
TimWatsonSC - 12 hours
Orange Country

About Draft’n’Go
Draft’n’Go (DNG) is a simple fantasy league format.  It tests only your draft skills by preventing any moves or lineup changes after the initial draft.  DNG utilizes optimal lineups which scores the best players on your roster each week.  For instance, if there was one starting 2B spot, and you had three 2Bs play games in a week, then the 2B with the highest score would be used for your fantasy team’s score.  With optimal lineups, deeper rosters allow for GMs to draft backups in case injuries occur, so the DNG format becomes a true test of a GM’s draft skills.

Draft Types
There are three types of drafts.
  • Slow Standard Draft at League Page (S) – When people sign up for the league, they vote (within a range at what the draft clock should be).  This format allows for the use of ProFSL’s scoring service which has automated slow draft features including email notifications when you are on the clock.
  • Live Standard Draft at League Page (L) – People who sign-up get to vote from a selection of dates and times for the live standard draft which is handled at the league page.
  • Slow Auction Draft at League Board (A) – The preferred way to handle slow auction drafts is through player bid threads within a league’s transactions board here at the ProFSL forum.

This fantasy league has a draft type of Slow Standard Draft at League Page.

League Types
There are four types of leagues:
  • Redraft (R) – Most DNG leagues will test GM’s draft skills for just one season where no players are kept for the next season.
  • Keeper (K) – Some DNG leagues will allow for year-to-year continuation by keeping a minimum or maximum number of players.  Keeper rules will be specified at league board.  It is up to the league if off-season trades are allowed.
  • Salary (S) – DNG leagues can be salary-based where players have salaries set by the draft that may change each year.  These leagues are a variation of keeper leagues.
  • Contracts (C) – Contract leagues are popular at ProFSL, and it is a neat league type for the DNG format.  Contract-style DNG leagues will have specific rules regarding extensions, off-season trades, contract terms, and keepers.

There are no dynasty DNG leagues.  Since the only activity is within the draft, keeping all players prevents GMs from seeking to add new players.  For that reason, the closest to a dynasty DNG experience is a deep keeper league or contract league.

This fantasy league has a league type of REDRAFT.

Entry Fee
Leagues can be free or for money.  Free leagues are fun and competitive during the draft that allow for GMs to accrue points that help earn their way into the Invitationals.  Money leagues do just the same, but there is more on the line!

This fantasy league is money ($50).

Roster Rules
Starting spots and number of roster spots (max per position).

Total roster spots = 40
Starters = C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP

Scoring System
The league utilizes H2H-scoring at the league page, but total fantasy points are the only thing that count at the end of the season.

At-Bat, AB: -10
Hit, H: 10
Single, 1B: 24
Double, 2B: 36
Triple, 3B: 48
Homerun, HR: 60
Walk, BB: 20.4
Runs, R: 5
Grounded-into-Double Play, GIDP: -18
Hit-by-pitch, HBP: 20.4
Sacrifice Fly, SF: 6
Sacrifice Hit, SH: 6
Stolen Base, SB: 6
Caught Stealing, CS: -12

Completed Inning: 3
Home Runs Allowed, HR: -12
Walks Issued, BB: -5
H: -.5
Strikeouts, K: 9
Quality Start, QS: 15
Saves + Holds, S+H: 10

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