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The Bush League: Transactions / Nationals/Yankees deal
« on: Yesterday at 04:49:00 PM »
:WAS: receives:
Manny Machado 10.8(2020)

:NYY: receives:
Mike Foltynewicz 6.9(2023)
Josh Hader .5(P-2021)
Christian Arroyo 5(P-2021)
Shervyen Newton .5(p-n/a)

:WAS: makes this trade to acquire a big time bat. Adding Machado gives me an All-Star quality bar that I can plug in at MI or CI with no issues. I do deal away a pair of quality arms with Folty showing the trip down last year is behind him and Hader being the elite bull pen arm, I take a hit there. Arroyo is being mentioned as the potential starter at 2B in Cleveland this year and Newton has a ton of upside, so he doesnít come cheap, but Manny is worth it for my team at this point.  Thanks :NYY: and good luck!

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Padres/Nationals deal
« on: December 05, 2019, 09:28:32 AM »
:SD: receives:
1.25 in 2020
Ian Desmond 4(2020)
Drew Steckenrider .5(P-2021)
Richie Martin .5(P-2022)

:WAS: receives:
Wilson Ramos 11.2(2022)
3M pd in 2021
3M pd in 2022
Addison Russel 1(2020)

:WAS: makes this deal to sure myself up at Catcher.  Ramos is expensive, but with Jansen and Sisco being young and inconsistent all year last year, I felt like I needed to make a move to solidify my lineup.  Getting some salary coverage in the future years of the deal helps and picking up a wild card in Addison Russel to hopefully give me some MI production make the 1st Rd pick worth giving up.  Thanks and good luck to :SD:

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Completed Transactions / Yankees ARB continued
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:39:48 PM »
Just an update for the guys that I have recently acquired and are missing salaries on my spreadsheet.

Reynaldo Lopez - appears to have had the wrong salary for last year.  in 2018 his real life salary was $555,000, so that should have been his 2019 Armchair salary.  I'm not sure where $1,400,000 came from.  But his 2019 real life salary was $580,000, so that should be his 2020 Armchair salary for his ARB 6 year.

Tyler Glasnow - ARB 4 should be $566,700

Jordan Hicks - ARB 3, so his salary is $600,000

Josh James - ARB 2, so his salary is $550,000

I also noticed that Rob Zastrzny was another ARB player from my minors that I missed, and I would like to Non-Tender him for release as well.

Also Tyler Thornburg was on a VC and was never called up last year, but he is a free agent and can be let go.

Please resign the following Arbitration eligible players

C Austin Romine - Arb 4 - $1,800,000
C/3B Isiah Kiner-Falefa - Arb 3 $600,000
SS Trevor Story - Arb 5 - $5,000,000
SS Marcus Semien - Arb 6 - $5,900,000
OF Juan Soto - Arb 2 - $550,000
OF Mookie Betts - Arb 6 - $20,000,000
OF Ben Gamel - Arb 4 - $567,700
OF Randal Grichuk - Arb 5 - $7,000,000
OF George Springer - Arb 6 - $12,000,000
P Corbin Burnes - Arb 2 - $550,000
P Tyler Mahle - Arb 3 - $600,000
P Mike Soroka - Arb 3 - $600,000
P Jordan Montgomery - Arb 4 - $596,600
P Marco Gonzales - Arb 4 - $900,000
P Joe Musgrove - Arb 4 - $582,500
P Luke Weaver - Arb 4 - $581,300
P Robert Stephenson - Arb 4 - $565,000
P Trey Wingenter - Arb 2 - $550,000
P Tyler Kinley - Arb 4 - $555,000
P Jimmie Sherfy - Arb 4 - $555,000

Please Non-Tender the following Arbitration eligible players
C John Ryan Murphy - Arb 5 - No Penalty
1B Justin Bour - Arb 5 - No Penalty
3B Tim Beckham - Arb 6 - No Penalty
P Bryan Mitchell - Arb 4 - No Penalty

The following players are free agents and will have decisions made once the number of free agents allowed to be signed is determined
C Gary Sanchez
C Robinson Chirinos
1B Paul Goldschmidt
1B Miguel Cabrera
OF Billy Hamilton
P Shelby Miller
P Will Harris

Wild Card Baseball 2: Transactions / Angels move
« on: December 01, 2019, 01:37:31 PM »
Please promote Gavin Lux to MLB roster to make room for my first round pick.

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Completed Transactions / Reds/Yankees deal
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:07:44 PM »
:CIN: Receives:
Brock Burke P-n/a
Meibrys Viloria P-n/a
James Karinchak P-n/a
Ty France P-n/a
Jefry Rodriguez 550K Arb 2
Pedro Strop 2.5(2020)
Sergio Romo 1.25(2020)

:NYY: receives:
Tyler Glasnow Arb 4
Jordan Hicks 600K Arb 3

My effort to win it all continues to progress with this deal. I honestly think Karinchak May be just as valuable as Hicks in a year, and Iím pretty high on France and Burke, but taking a chance that Glasnow can stay healthy and produce like he did for a portion of last year. Heís risky, but worth the prospects for a win now team. Thanks :CIN: and good luck on the rebuild.

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Completed Transactions / Yankees/Braves trade
« on: November 27, 2019, 11:24:18 PM »
:ATL: receives:
Madison Bumgarner 17(2021)
Anthony Santander 550K Arb 2
Matt Davidson 3(2020)
Brandon Bielak P-n/a
Ben Rortvedt P-n/a
Laz Armenteros P-n/a
Connor Menez P-n/a

:NYY: receives:
Jose Ramirez 25,504,000(2020)
10M pd in 2020
Josh James 500K Arb 1
Reynaldo Lopez 1.4M Arb 5

:NYY: makes this deal to sure up my 3B situation and my lineup. I have a bit of rotation depth, but Lopez helps to fill the gap left by Madbum and James has a big arm out of the pen. The piece I hate to move here is Santander. I think heís going to have a huge year in Baltimore, but my OF and prospect situation is very good, so I can afford it for the upgrade. Thanks Yeagg for continuing to work it out.

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Cleveland/Washington deal
« on: November 27, 2019, 04:25:15 PM »
:CLE: receives:
Orlando Arcia 4(2024)

:WAS: receives:
Ian Desmond 4(2020)

Simple swap of similarly average players.  Arcia is younger and was slightly more valuable last year, but I struggled to have enough OF all year, so Desmond gives me some additional depth there at no additional cost.  Thanks Brian and good luck!

:CLE: receives:
Drew Smyly 1.5(2020)
Jesse Hahn .5(2020)
Edwin Rios .5(p-n/a)
Jon Duplantier .5(p-n/a)
Corbin Martin .5(p-n/a)

:STL: receives
Scott Kingery .5(p-2021)

:STL: makes this deal to acquire Kingery for his versatility and upside. While heís probably a super utility in philly this year, Kingery hit well and qualifies at multiple positions and solidified my lineup. I hate to give up the upside of Duplantier, Martin and Rios as I think theyíre all potentially big contributors, but Iím pushing to win now and Kingery can help me more than they can.

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Washington/San Francisco deal
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:09:45 PM »
:SF: receives
Pick 3.70

:WAS: receives
Jorge Mateo .5(p-n/a)

:WAS: makes this deal in a further effort to win now. Mateo is out of options, so Iím assuming he will make the MLB roster and possibly get a shot to start at 2B. I have 3, 3rd round picks, so dealing one is a fair price. Good luck to :SF:

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