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2017-18 & 2018-19 Ranks after player contract

C Casey Cizikas, $2.1m (2017-2020) C 128, 65  2.7m (2019-2022)
C Brayden Point, $0.5m (2016-2019-EL) C 19, 9  Traded to ANH 7.4m (2019-2023)
C/RW Elias Lindholm, $2.8m (2016-2019) C 63, 16  RW 69, 12  6.6m (2019-2023)
C/LW Jacob De La Rose, $0.2m (2017-2019) C 151, 175  LW 182, 221  0.6m (2019-2021)
LW/RW Artturi Lehkonen, $0.7m (2016-2019-EL)  LW 129, 66   RW 122, 64  1.6m (2019-2022)
LW/RW Austin Watson, $1.5m (2017-2020)  LW 89, 143   RW 90, 140  0.9m (2019-2021)

Alexander Edler, $2.3m (2016-2019)  43, 41  Traded to ANH 4.5m (2019-2022)
Jared Spurgeon, $3.0m (2016-2019)  78, 29  5.2m (2019-2022)
Radko Gudas, $5.5m (2015-2019)  62, 24  5.5m (2019-2023)

MiLR Promotions
LW - Warren Foegele (2014: 3/67 - 79 Games)
LW Warren Foegele, $0.6m (2019-2022-EL)

MiLR Games Played Updates
LW - Michael Bunting (SDP 2018: 2014 4/117 - 4 Games)  Now at 5 games.
G - Jordan Binnington (2011: 3/88 - 20 Games)  Now at 33 games.
LW - Brendan Lemieux (2014: 2/31 - 49 Games)  Now at 72 games.

2017-18 & 2018-19 Ranks after player contract

C/LW Sean Kuraly, $2.0m (2017-2020) C 102, 89  LW 125, 100   1.8m (2019-2022)
LW/RW Tage Thompson, $1.0m (2018-2020-EL)  LW 223, 192   RW 214, 181  0.6m (2019-2021)
LW Matthew Nieto, $0.6m (2018-2020)  Please correct to "Matt"  151, 173  0.6m (2019-2021)
LW/RW Patrik Laine, $3.0m (2016-2019-EL)  LW 6, 35  RW 6, 34  5.7m (2019-2023-FP-7.5 :NYR:)  ** Franchise Player for NYR in 2019-20  (we drafted him) **

Connor Carrick, $1.5m (2016-2019)  177, 219  0.9m (2019-2021)
Kevin Shattenkirk, $4.2m (2016-2020-FP-5.5 :NYR:)  157, 99  2.2m (2019-2022)

Cam Talbot, $5.9m (2015-2019)  10, 49  8.9m (2019-2024)

Franchise NHL: Completed Transactions / Disneyland - Big Apple Trade
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:10:14 PM »
Alex Lyon, $3.6m (2018-2021)
Anders Nilsson, $5.2m (2018-2021)

Alex Galchenyuk, $5.8m (2016-2020) Already extended by ANH.
D - Urho Vaakanainen (2017: 1/18 - 0 Games)
Round 1 - 2019 ANH

This one net our trade partner a potential starting goalie in Nilsson while we retool some area we feel need some attention and give us some flexibility into the season. EG to confirm.

Brayden Point, $0.5m (2016-2019-EL) Will be getting a big fat raise and deserves it too!
Alexander Edler, $2.3m (2016-2019) Needs to be extended
RW - Matheson Iacopelli (2014: 3/83 - 0 Games)
D - Niklas Hansson (2013: 3/68 - 0 Games)

Shea Theodore, $2.4m (2018-2021)
C - Robert Thomas (2017: 1/20 - 0 Games)

Going to miss Point but he was asking for too much and we need to keep the rest of our pending UFAs happy during contract negotiations this season. Been watching Theodore develop and he looks like he can step it up some more this coming season while Thomas will help keep our

Given his limited ability to contribute and advanced age, we feel it's time to let Kesler pursue other opportunities.

Ryan Kesler, $1.5m (2018-2021) gets a 1yr BO for 2.9m (2018-2019)

Franchise NHL / Seattle to name Francis GM!?
« on: July 18, 2019, 03:17:11 AM »
He's the same guy who signed Scott Darling to that 4yr $16.6 million deal right?!? :doh:
His version of the Canes never made the postseason.
Not sure why Seattle wants to start off wallowing in the league gutter. They have every chance to start their franchise on a winning path the way Vegas did. Hope Francis has a better run as GM in the West.

Anders Nilsson, $5.2m (2018-2021)
Round 3 - 2019  (from SJ)

Mike Smith, $5.4m (2016-2019)
Erik Gudbranson, $2.6m (2016-2019)
D - Gabriel Carlsson (2015: 1/29 - 17 Games)

G - Déreck Baribeau  (SDP 2018: UNDRAFTED - 0 Games)

James Neal, $2.9m (2017-2020)

Wanted to move veteran winger Neal to clear cap for future moves. Getting  possible handcuff to Devan Dub seems like a good idea. VGK ALL4 to confirm.

G Devan Dubnyk, $8.9m (2015-2020)
D Brenden Dillon, $2.9m (2017-2020)
SDP Round 1 - 2019 (originally :LAK:)

G Andrey Vasilevskiy, $6.4m (2017-2021)

After the Rangers team meeting following our elimination from the 1st rd of the playoffs, we decide to go in a different direction with our starter while adding more veteran leadership on the blueline. And we're not done with moves. More to come.

Franchise NHL: Completed Transactions / Preds extend Muzzin
« on: February 27, 2019, 01:09:29 AM »
Jake Muzzin, $6.2m (2015-2019)
Highest rank in
2017-18 18th
2018-19 18th currently
Jake Muzzin, $5.9m (2018-2022)

This guy deserves an extension Radko Gudas, $5.5m (2015-2019).
However, Radko is currently ranked 14th but was 62nd last year so we'll wait and see which Radko shows up during the playoffs before we sign any paperwork.

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  • Thecliff: Vik made post on NFL countdown... :toth:
    Today at 01:30:42 AM
  • Vik: Replied Cliff. SF will likely be skipped with 2nd overall pick and 3rd pick is probably going to be autopicked by me tomorrow. Chargers are shwoing Andy Scott on Fantrax but no longer aound here
    Today at 01:47:56 AM
  • Brent: We know there are a few open teams.  Maybe Ryan wants one of these open teams that we know for sure are open.  Yeah, Andyscott isn't around here anymore.
    Today at 01:49:03 AM
  • Vik: With that said anyone who wants to join NFLC As Chargers PM and/or sign up and you can make 3rd overall pick immediately
    Today at 01:49:07 AM
  • Vik: I PM'd Ryan gave him the trntative open list to choose from
    Today at 01:50:45 AM
  • Daddy: BooYah! the Chargers are open? Thats a Championship contender with the 3rd overall pick.
    Today at 04:07:49 AM
  • Vik: RyanJamea took Chargers
    Today at 09:53:26 AM
  • Daddy: A fine choice
    Today at 10:15:37 AM
  • Daddy: What other teams need owners? Ive got a new member joining the site.
    Today at 10:16:12 AM
  • Vik: Houston, Tennessee, Dallas most likey and 1 or both of Denver/Cincinnati (waiting on firemanx to confirm what his team is)
    Today at 10:48:59 AM
  • Vik: Pretty sure a few others will open up too
    Today at 10:49:24 AM
  • papps: Vik, pm
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  • Vik: Got it papps will get back to you in a bit. Just getting to work after 2 weeks off so should be a fun day  :rofl:
    Today at 10:57:41 AM
  • papps: Two weeks off?  Thats awesome!  I'd do anything for two weeks off!
    Today at 10:59:15 AM
  • papps: First day back to work after vacation is the worst.
    Today at 10:59:55 AM
  • Vik: Technically 12 days and 4 were weekends. Took a shorter vacation earlier so looking forward to 2020 already lol
    Today at 11:03:06 AM
  • indiansnation: Daddy pm
    Today at 11:05:37 AM
  • Daddy: Back Brian, im good with that.
    Today at 11:18:03 AM
  • Daddy: X2
    Today at 11:26:25 AM
  • Daddy: When updating your trade block in WAR find your team logo and post away :toast:
    Today at 11:45:15 AM
  • indiansnation: pm daddy
    Today at 12:12:01 PM
  • Daddy: Posted :toast:
    Today at 12:28:10 PM
  • Yeagg: You know Pedro Avila just went down with TMJ, right
    Today at 01:25:54 PM
  • AntMan: Oliwer Kaski, STUD
    Today at 02:31:29 PM
  • Daddy: @Yeagg yes
    Today at 05:09:24 PM
  • indiansnation: Tampa in war takeing offers on kluber
    Today at 07:00:46 PM
  • indiansnation: Wont be home till around 730 pm so send me pm
    Today at 07:01:22 PM
  • Daddy: Pm Brian
    Today at 07:04:18 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: Brian PM
    Today at 07:08:06 PM
  • indiansnation: Jojo pm
    Today at 07:18:39 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: Posted Brian
    Today at 07:43:27 PM
  • Daddy: @yeagg you are aware this is dynasty baseball and not daily fantasy?
    Today at 07:52:00 PM
  • Thecliff: Yeagg...enjoy your ambition, but now I wait to off season on baseball, sorry.
    Today at 08:47:09 PM
  • Brent: Talk about hit the ground running.  Arrived 0700 on Sunday, started 12s at 0600 on Monday and working till next Wednesday for my first day off.
    Today at 08:51:52 PM
  • indiansnation: all u gotta say its dang hot outside brent
    Today at 09:20:54 PM
  • indiansnation: arriettaand kluber on the trade block in war
    Today at 09:24:30 PM
  • indiansnation: tampa
    Today at 09:24:41 PM
  • indiansnation: yeagg pm
    Today at 09:31:19 PM
  • Vik: NFL Countdown has 5 confirmed open team. Picks your favourite before someone else does!
    Today at 09:32:48 PM
  • Vik: [link]
    Today at 09:32:52 PM
  • Vik: Sign up or PM me if interested. We got a game plan to get the season rolling on time
    Today at 09:33:37 PM
  • indiansnation: vik going to sendu a offer sppn
    Today at 09:50:58 PM
  • indiansnation: soon
    Today at 09:51:04 PM
  • Vik: sounds good
    Today at 09:57:05 PM
  • indiansnation: vik pm
    Today at 10:07:21 PM
  • Vik: back
    Today at 10:14:04 PM
  • indiansnation: vik back
    Today at 10:23:36 PM
  • Vik: Back again
    Today at 10:26:07 PM
  • indiansnation: vik pm
    Today at 10:31:09 PM
  • Vik: Castillo could work, send me what full deal looks like
    Today at 10:32:44 PM