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Backyard NHL: Waivers / Alex Iaffalo, $0.5m (2018-19)
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:40:08 AM »
Detroit places on waivers

Backyard NHL: Transactions / Detroit IR
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:01:13 AM »
Detroit places Sami Vatanen, $3.6m (2018-19) on IR

Backyard NHL: Transactions / Jared McCann
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:56:10 AM »

Backyard NHL: Transactions / William Carrier
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:55:36 AM »

Backyard NHL: Waivers / Mattias Janmark, $1.0m (2018-19)
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:50:56 AM »
Detroit waives to send to minors

Backyard NHL: Waivers / Brad Hunt, $0.4m (2018-19)
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:35:57 AM »
waived by St. Louis to be sent to minors

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Detroit and Ottawa make a deal
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:07:12 PM »
To Ottawa
F Michael Rasmussen, $0.5m (P-n/a)
X- 2019 1st Round Draft Pick, Montreal, $m this year
X- 2020 1st Round Draft Pick, Detroit, $m this year

To Detroit
C Vincent Trocheck, $4.6m (2021-2022)
X- 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick, Ottawa, $m this year

I'm still rebuilding, but I've liked what I've seen from Trocheck over the past few years and I think it'll be about 3 or 4 years before Ras is on that level. I've giving up some futures in the hopes to accelerate my rebuild. This year has been a little hard for me when I have to look at my record.

Ottawa to confirm. Thanks for the deal Jim!

Backyard NHL / NHL All-Star Weekend Backyard Updates
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:24:47 PM »
Hey Everyone,

It's NHL All-Star weekend!

Quick things to note, FA is currently closed until Feb 4 at 12pm ET. I have updated projected cap space for next year (this assumes all expiring contracts expire and aren't extended). The last few trades may be adjusted it slightly if you were a team involved, so please be mindful.

Use this information to plan extensions for Backyard first extension period of the season, you may start posting extensions now and if you wish to make any during this period, they must be posted by Feb 4th at 12pm ET.

(note that extensions take effect after the season ends, please refer to the Contracts and Extensions sections in the Rules Handbook)

One last thing, I will be on vacation until Feb 4, and will not be around Profsl or Fantrax until then. If there are any moves that need to be processed on Fantrax, Cho has graciously agreed to help out while I'm gone.

One last last thing, if you didn't see the post yet, we're happy to welcome back Tony to Backyard NHL. The former champ is trying his hand at turning Vegas around.

Franchise NHL / Detroit GM away
« on: January 23, 2019, 12:38:37 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'll be on vacation from Jan 26-Feb 4 and won't be checking Profsl very much, if at all. It's getting close to the trade deadline, so I hope that I come back to some trade inquiries.

Be sure to check out Detroit's trade block, it's pretty juicy. If we're in the middle of talks now, hopefully we can reach something by Jan 25, otherwise it'll have to wait until I'm back.


Dynasty NHL / Detroit GM away
« on: January 23, 2019, 12:36:00 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'll be on vacation from Jan 26-Feb 4 and won't be checking Profsl very much, if at all. It's getting close to the trade deadline, so I hope that I come back to some trade inquiries.

Everyone on Detroit is available.

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  • ldsjayhawk: Kevin. PM
    Today at 11:09:08 AM
  • kidd5jersey: HARPER TO THE INDIANS HOLY BooYah!
    Today at 11:20:37 AM
  • indiansnation: Kidd what the he'll u talking about?
    Today at 11:25:28 AM
  • indiansnation: Kidd pm
    Today at 11:29:05 AM
  • kidd5jersey: Harper signed 12y $340M with Indians
    Today at 11:33:34 AM
  • indiansnation: Yea right
    Today at 11:34:04 AM
  • indiansnation: First off Cleveland wouldn't never spend that kind of money. They are cheap owners
    Today at 11:34:39 AM
  • kidd5jersey: ok... so he didn't HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Today at 11:34:41 AM
  • indiansnation: Such a dish bag
    Today at 11:35:11 AM
  • indiansnation: Dish
    Today at 11:35:17 AM
  • kidd5jersey: What's a dish bag LOL?
    Today at 11:35:55 AM
  • indiansnation: Dush bag
    Today at 11:38:18 AM
  • indiansnation: First off Kidd no one is willing to go 10 yrs . u can see that know lol
    Today at 11:39:30 AM
  • kidd5jersey: It's stupid.  The players should go on strike.  It's fairly obvious collusion is occuring.
    Today at 11:45:29 AM
  • indiansnation: Owners have the right to spend their money how they want
    Today at 11:47:04 AM
  • kidd5jersey: Well, it's stupid that everyone defends the owners
    Today at 11:48:16 AM
  • indiansnation: Owners are tired of giving in to players demands. No player is worth 30m
    Today at 11:48:17 AM
  • indiansnation: Just saying.
    Today at 11:48:37 AM
  • indiansnation: Way its going how high is to high for a player 40m yr 50myr thatscrazy
    Today at 11:49:36 AM
  • indiansnation: Come on its going to crippel baseball
    Today at 11:50:05 AM
  • kidd5jersey: The Ricketts bought the Cubs for $900M in 09'.  Now, the Cubs are valued at $2.7B
    Today at 11:50:28 AM
  • kidd5jersey: It will not cripple baseball.
    Today at 11:50:44 AM
  • indiansnation: I see in 2022 baseball going to stop this overpaying of players
    Today at 11:51:00 AM
  • indiansnation: Yankees ,Boston,lad going to get a cap where they can't keep on trying to buy a championship
    Today at 11:51:51 AM
  • kidd5jersey: These owners are nothing like us.  The Cubs made a ton of money last year
    Today at 11:52:34 AM
  • indiansnation: Like hockey have it set example 200m. Once u reach that u are cut off from spending
    Today at 11:52:50 AM
  • kidd5jersey: It's not the Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, BoSox fault that teams like the Orioles are too cheap to pay their talent
    Today at 11:53:16 AM
  • indiansnation: Really cubs cut off spending this yr.
    Today at 11:53:31 AM
  • kidd5jersey: A hard cap is bad for the players. The owners don't have to spend a dime.  Look what the Astros did five, ten years ago
    Today at 11:54:02 AM
  • indiansnation: No its not that its that those teams can't just go spend 30 to 40m on one player
    Today at 11:54:35 AM
  • kidd5jersey: The Astros were the most profitable franchise in sports despite being the worst by W-L
    Today at 11:54:35 AM
  • kidd5jersey: Yes they absolutely can spend $30M on one guy.
    Today at 11:55:18 AM
  • kidd5jersey: Take your place of employment.... Is it right to pay a manager $50K while WM understaffs, cheaps out on raises, and typically does not offer benefits while the shareholders make cash hand over fist?
    Today at 12:01:02 PM
  • kidd5jersey: If Harper and Machado don't have huge deals by opening day, I think the players should go on strike
    Today at 12:03:01 PM
  • indiansnation: Ok here u go cubs say owner said he would spend 200m this yr he is already has spent 160m. U could use another so,of and a back up catcher. Would u risk that 40m on one player or go after your 3 needs? U go after Harper he tears his knee. Can't play baseball for 2 yrs. U are know stuck paying 40m on a player u don't even have forv2 yrs. Its the money
    Today at 12:06:56 PM
  • indiansnation: Sp
    Today at 12:07:18 PM
  • kidd5jersey: Are the Cubs better with Harper? Yes.  Does signing him limit what they can do?  No.
    Today at 12:09:33 PM
  • kidd5jersey: Look at Tampa Bay... do you think attendance would rise with Harper?  How about Machado in Miami?
    Today at 12:10:27 PM
  • kidd5jersey: Teams like the Yankees etc. have built a brand.  Those lower teams have to do the same.
    Today at 12:11:25 PM
  • indiansnation: There is a hard cap thresh hold where teams foot pay a penalty for going over that would take cubs past second one which would cost cubs 50m in. Fees they pay for signing him to a 30m yr contract. Look at Boston they are already past that 2nd thresh hold and have to pay 1 1/2 times what they over spent I believe its 36m on top of what the payroll is
    Today at 12:13:26 PM
  • indiansnation: U can only do that for so long
    Today at 12:14:04 PM
  • indiansnation: Yankees are already paying loans out already to cover this yr.
    Today at 12:14:45 PM
  • kidd5jersey: Cubs have not been in the tax.  There are plenty of teams with money
    Today at 12:15:26 PM
  • kidd5jersey: You do realize Hamels, Zobrist, Kintzler come off the books after this year?  That's $40M dude.
    Today at 12:16:03 PM
  • indiansnation: Are u going to spend 100+ on one ticket to go see cubs play? Spend another 20 to go park your your car in a lot. Spend 30 easy for food? Sorry I like baseball but I can't afford that
    Today at 12:16:45 PM
  • indiansnation: Still they pay that penalty because they are over
    Today at 12:17:27 PM
  • kidd5jersey: I had season tix come in this year
    Today at 12:20:39 PM
  • kidd5jersey: We're splitting tix probably four ways
    Today at 12:20:49 PM
  • kidd5jersey: The overage is like $2M penalty or something
    Today at 12:22:00 PM
  • kidd5jersey: Point is.... let's say all players make $1M.  Do you think owners will drop prices?  Hell no.
    Today at 12:23:44 PM