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Franchise NHL: Transactions / Detroit Amnesty Buy-Out
« on: April 19, 2019, 11:15:58 AM »
Detroit will ABO Jan Kovar, $3.4m (2018-2021)

Jan Kovar, $1.3m (2018-2021-ABO-'18-19)

Franchise NHL: Transactions / Detroit release Q.Hughes
« on: April 19, 2019, 12:32:53 AM »
Detroit will release D - Quintin Hughes (2018: 1/7 - 5 Games)

Franchise NHL: Transactions / St. Louis and Detroit trade
« on: April 19, 2019, 12:28:07 AM »
To St. Louis  :STL-NHL:
Round 3 - 2019
Round 4 - 2019

To Detroit  :DET-NHL:
SDP pick #63 - 2019
Jan Kovar, $3.4m (2018-2021)

I take on a terrible contract and deal a couple of entry picks to gain another supp pick this year. PPG or PR to confirm.

Franchise NHL: Completed Transactions / Detroit Extensions
« on: April 10, 2019, 12:18:27 PM »
:DET-NHL: Detroit's off-season extensions

William Karlsson, $0.8m (2017-2019)
17-18 ranked #9 C, #6 LW
18-19 ranked #54 C, #49 LW
Signed to a 4 year deal worth $7.5m
William Karlsson, $7.5m (2019-2023)

Rudolfs Balcers, $0.3m (2017-2019)
17-18 ranked #unranked LW
18-19 ranked #246 LW
Signed to a 2 year deal worth $0.6m
Rudolfs Balcers, $0.6m (2019-2021)

Rickard Rakell, $4.1m (2016-2019)
17-18 ranked #15 C, #9 LW, #8 RW
18-19 ranked #72 C, #66 LW, #66 RW
Signed to a 3 year deal worth $7.1m
Rickard Rakell, $7.1m (2019-2023)

Anthony Mantha, $2.0m (2016-2019-EL)
17-18 ranked #40 LW, #40 RW
18-19 ranked #46 LW, #46 RW
Signed to a 3 year deal worth $3.1m
Anthony Mantha, $3.1m (2019-2022-EL)

Jacob Trouba, $4.0m (2016-2019)
16-17 ranked #79 D
17-18 ranked #21 D
Signed to a 4 year deal worth $5.7m
Jacob Trouba, $4.0m (2019-2023)

Dynasty NHL: Completed Transactions / Detroit Extensions
« on: April 10, 2019, 11:10:07 AM »
:DET-NHL: Detroit is proud to announce the following contract extensions :DET-NHL:

X-D Brady Skjei, RFA - Discount Eligible, $m this year
#102 D in 17-18
#57 D in 18-19

Owed $3.2m, Detroit signs Skjei to a discounted 5 year prospect deal worth $2.3m
D Brady Skjei, $2.3m (2024-2025)

X-D Adam Larsson, RFA, $m this year
#63 D in 17-18
#89 D in 18-19

Owed $3.1m, Detroit signs Larsson to a two year deal
D Adam Larsson, $3.1m (2020-2021)

X-F Pavel Buchnevich, RFA - Discount Eligible, $m this year
#90 RW in 17-18
#88 RW in 18-19

owed $0.9m, Detroit signs Buchnevich to a 5 prospect minimum deal
RW Pavel Buchnevich, $2.0m (2024-2025)

LW Sven Baertschi, $1m (2019-2020)
#141 LW in 17-18
#228 LW in 18-19

owed $0.9m, Detroit extends Baertschi for an extra year at his current value of $1m
LW Sven Baertschi, $1.0m (2020-2021)

Franchise NHL: Transactions / Trade - Carolina and Detroit
« on: April 09, 2019, 01:33:20 PM »
To Carolina
TJ Oshie, $2.1m (2018-2021)
John Moore, $2.3m (2017-2020)

To Detroit
Max Pacioretty, $8.1m (2018-2023)
LW - Artur Kayumov (2016: 2/50 - 0 Games)
SDP Round 1 - 2019

We swap veteran wingers and welcome back Patches to Detroit. Max was upset that he missed out on Detroit's championship run. Because we are taking on some cap, we're happy to add an exciting prospect and the #4 overall supplemental draft selection. Moore is a decent depth d-man but we'd rather have the cap space after taking on Max's big contract.

Carolina to confirm.

Thanks for the deal, halo!!  :toast:

Detroit is buying out the following players, to be paid all this year, 2018-19

Brandon Manning, $2.0m (2017-2020), owed $2.6m
Brandon Manning, $2.6m (2018-2019)

Taylor Leier, $0.9m (2018-2020), owed $1.2m
Taylor Leier, $1.2m (2018-2019)

I went through and did an audit of :DET-NHL: prospects' games played

Players who passed 40 games this season
C Luke Kunin, $0.5m (P-n/a) - 68 games
D Rasmus Andersson, $0.5m (P-n/a) - 90 games
D Filip Hronek, $0.5m (P-n/a) - 46 games
G Alexandar Georgiev, $0.5m (P-n/a) - 43 games
D Dennis Cholowski, $m (P-n/a) - 52 games
LW Andreas Johnsson, $m (P-n/a) - 82 games

Players who played this year, but are still under 40 games
D Sami Niku, $m (P-n/a) - only 31 games
G Collin Delia, $m (P-n/a) - only 18 games
G Alex Lyon, $m (P-n/a) - only 13 games

Backyard NHL / Congratulations to the Blues!!
« on: April 07, 2019, 09:11:02 PM »
Congratulations Slack on another Backyard NHL title!

It never easy to be a repeat champion, but you made the adjusts to come out on top once again.


I'm not sure the exact date that trading reopens, but this deal is for when that happens.

To Philadelphia
C Anze Kopitar, $8.3m (2020-2021)
C Mikael Granlund, $2.5m (2020-2021)
D Marcus Pettersson, $0.9m (2019-2020)
$8.3m in 2019-2020
$2.5m in 2019-2020
$0.9m in 2019-2020
$8.3m in 2020-2021
$2.5m in 2020-2021

To Detroit
G Petr Mrazek, $3.7m (2021-2022)
D Dustin Byfuglien, $5.3m (2019-2020)
LW/RW Thomas Vanek, $3.8m (2020-2021)
X- 2019 3rd Round Draft Pick, New York Islanders, $m this year
X- 2020 3rd Round Draft Pick, New York Islanders, $m this year

The Flyers get nearly $13m in cap space plus 2 top forwards who can score and are free for the next 2 years (both had down seasons but should bounce back). Plus Petterson is a good young d-man with the potential to get better.

Detroit makes this deal in honor of Snug, he kept trying to trade me Mrazek for years before finally pawning him off on Philadelphia. Mrazek is a 1b goalie when he is on, has he finally figured it to be a true #1? We'll see. Big Buff was hurt for half the season and is getting up there in age, hopefully, he'll still have gas in the tank next season. Vanek is a 3rd liner on a bad Detroit team and I take on his contract to help Philly out of a cap bind. I love draft picks and can hopefully strike gold even with some late 3rd rounders.

Thanks for the deal papps!

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