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I am in support of just an innings pitched limit.  I'd also be in favor of raising that limit to 70 IP.  We all know that pitching isn't as valuable as hitters in this league so I think that maybe bumping it up a few innings might make pitchers a little more valuable.

I agree with Papps on both counts.  Remove to starts limit and raise the IP limit to 70.

Franchise GM / Re: FGM Official Trade Block Thread
« on: July 17, 2019, 10:44:04 AM »
Astros Trade Block:

SP Cole, Garrett, $13m (2021)         
SP Cotton, Jharel, $0.5m (P-2020)            
SP Gausman, Kevin, $12m (2021)
OF Braun, Ryan, $3m (2020)
- Looking to move to a contender. 


WR DeVante Parker   
2017: 56
2018: 110
41 or higher - $1.0m

Extend at $1.1M(2021)

WR Seth Roberts   

2017: 80
2018: 70
41 or higher - $1.0m

Extend at $1.0M(2020)

DL Robert Quinn   

2017: 39
2018: 43
30-40 $2.0m

Extend at $2.0M(2021)

DL Markus Golden   

2017: 225
2018: 103
41 or higher - $1.0m

Extend at $1.0M(2020)

K Justin Tucker   

2017: 5
2018: 2
2 - $4.5m

Extend at $5.0M(2022)   

Not Resigned:

Buster Skrine - Not Resigned            
PJ Williams`- Not Resigned
Josh Bellamy - Not Resigned            
Bryce Butler - Not Resigned
Kevin Hogan - Not Resigned      
Danny Shelton - Not Resigned

The Bush League: To Update on Rosters / Oakland Releases 7-16-19
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:56:42 PM »
OF Williamson, Mac   2019   $0.6m

Buckets of Dimes: Completed Trades / Re: Mavs/Warriors Trade
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:38:52 PM »

Somewhat skews the value of draft picks, but everyone has their own plan and values assets differently.

Buckets of Dimes / Re: Trade Block
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:15:18 PM »
Pelicans Trade Block:

C Andre Drummond   $24.0 (2021)

Buckets of Dimes: Completed Trades / Re: Rockets and Pelicans trade
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:05:08 PM »
Pelicans receive:
Ingram $6,5 (2020)
Prince $3 (2020)
2nd round pick Houston 2019

Houston receive:
Randle $8,9 (2020)

Houston agrees. We lost 2 young players who will be RFA next year and especially Ingram who seems to start making interesting numbers at his 21 years old. Also a 2nd round pick of this year that Brent ask me to include.
For them I take Randle who had a very nice season and I hope that he keeps it going in New York. I take only one year of Randle but the only reason is to fight this year.

Thanks Brent!

Pelicans agree.  In an effort to get more control over the roster, the I decided to move on from Randle.  I'm really high on guys getting away from bad situations and that is what BI is going by leaving the toxicity of Lebron and moving down to NOLA.  I believe he will realize his potential and I won't take a dropoff from Randle to BI.  The other pieces are Lagniape.  Thanks for the negotiations.

Buckets of Dimes: Completed Trades / Re: pelicans and hawks trade
« on: July 15, 2019, 06:48:28 PM »
hawks get
Blake Griffin    PF   $8.0   $8.0   $8.0   $8.0   
8m pad this yr only

pelicans get
1.18 2019
1.20 2019
2020 1st rd pick

Pelicans agree.  I hadn't planned on moving Blake as his contract is awesome, but anytime I tried to include him in a deal there was always a "he's only controlled for for 3 years". I decided that the picks can get me players that are controlled for much longer and will also be affordable.  Thanks for the negotiations Brian.

The idea of even cap across the board was to eliminate teams having an advantage. When you're paying salary on a player that is still using your cap.

Some players salaries are unmovable without paying on them. Deals already can't be sweetened by including draft picks.

I'm open to all ideas, I'm very partial to allowing cash paid for just one season. The season of the trade only.

Doing this won't eliminate a team from having say 70m paid in one season but then the following season(s) they are on the hook for those contracts likely needing to pay on them themselves in order to move them.  Advantage nullified by the disadvantage of planning beyond the trade year.

The real MLB allows cash exchanges. Eliminating it altogether may not be the way to go but not allowing anything beyond the trade year is easier to keep track of and still keeps in play the strategy of same cap.

I like this option, current year (trade year) only.

I played in a sim basketball league years ago that followed the NBA CBA so salaries had to match, it was interesting.

I'm in an offsite league that doesn't allow money paid.  There are still a lot of trades.  The buyout rules before the trade deadline are more favorable which helps to deal with bad contracts.

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  • Yeagg: The rule needs to change. We should either be allowed to trade bonus money, or any non J2 guy is first come first serve during the season, or if you post any non J2 guy with a $1m bonus, for example, he should automatically be yours
    July 17, 2019, 05:35:12 PM
  • Yeagg: J2's are the exception because they just hit the open market. The rest have been there
    July 17, 2019, 05:36:03 PM
  • Daddy: Fresh meat :rofl: good luck with your crusade on J2.
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  • Yeagg: I kept J2's out because I knew it wouldn't pass. I'd be fine with including them but I know must would not
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  • Mets Donations Accepted: Draymond and Gasol available in BOD
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  • jblum: Arms race in FGM here we go
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  • WestCoastExpress: Brian you just moved 2 lottery picks to get rid of cap. Now you want to take on cap? Given your spending I would save all your cap for FA! There are a ton of good players for you to snag. Don’t take on more bad salary man, you’ll just end up having to dump it again lol
    Yesterday at 01:10:09 AM
  • indiansnation: lol im looking to taking on pd contracts westcoast
    Yesterday at 01:11:36 AM
  • Brent: Sup guys
    Yesterday at 01:21:59 AM
  • jblum: I have so many MIs in FGM, someone take one or two off me lol
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  • Daddy: Brian stick to your plans
    Yesterday at 02:03:26 AM
  • Daddy: Stick to your strategies
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  • Daddy: WAR youve got the best organization imo. You can win right away with a few shrewed trades or FA signings
    Yesterday at 02:04:41 AM
  • Brent: I did, I drove from Tucson to Van Horn, TX
    Yesterday at 02:05:10 AM
  • indiansnation: i got plans kick everybodys ass
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  • Brent: Cole is available in FGM.
    Yesterday at 02:06:16 AM
  • indiansnation: @ brent i couldnt afford him and dont think i even have enough to get him from u
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  • indiansnation: looking for a couple of outfielders in fgm
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  • Yeagg: I have interest
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  • Yeagg: Pm brian
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  • indiansnation: game162 pm
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  • Thecliff: :agent: NASCAR TCRL Race 19 highlights [link] s posted. Enjoy  :toth:
    Yesterday at 09:03:10 AM
  • Daddy: @Phillies in WAR needs to make moves. The sooner the better.
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  • Daddy: Whenever we share personal data or photos with an app, there's always the question of how much privacy we're sacrificing by sharing information with third parties in exchange for compelling services or features. Such concerns peaked this week as interest around FaceApp, the viral app that uses artificial intelligence to apply realistic filters and effects to photos, once again flared up following its 2017 debut.
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  • papps: Good. I love the competition.
    Yesterday at 08:51:06 PM
  • Brent: Stopped for the night, another leg of the drive in the books.
    Yesterday at 09:36:46 PM
  • papps: Lots of activity in FGM. Love it!
    Yesterday at 09:43:29 PM
  • janesvilleaces: West Texas New Mexico drive is God from Pensacola to San Diego and turn that part at night..nothing from Rossi to tucumcari
    Yesterday at 09:44:24 PM
  • janesvilleaces: El paso
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  • Brent: This drive is Tucson to middle of SC.
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  • indiansnation: good evening all
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