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The Gridiron Franchise / Re: Gridiron Franchise Trade Discussions
« on: Yesterday at 05:56:47 PM »
:PIT-NFL: Pittsburgh open for business, most guys available. Open to all ideas but most interested in RB/WR and picks.


DeShone Kizer 1m 2020            
QChad Kelly      1.1m 2019            
Danny Etling    1.1m 2020            
Geno Smith   300k 2019               
Robert Griffin   300k 2019         
Brock Osweiler    300k 2019   

Chris Ivory  3.3m, 5.3m 2020         
Marcus Murphy   300k 2019               
Jamaal Charles   2.2m 2019   
Kapri Bibs 1.2m 2019
Rod Smith 1m 2020

Rishard Matthews (will cost you 2m to resign)
Pierre Garcon 1m 2020
Terrell Pryor 1m 2020
Isaiah McKenzie   300k 2019                        
Jaleel Scott   500k 2020       
Cody Latimer   300k 2019               
Kendrick Bourne    300k 2019               
David Moore   500k 2019            
Jakeem Grant   2.5m 2019            
Robert Foster 400k 2019

Rhett Ellison 300k 2019               
Mo Alie-Cox  500k 2019
Charles Clay 2.5m 2019
Antonio Gates (will cost 2m to resign)


Bud Dupree 1m 2020
Jon Bostic 1m 2020


Brooks Reed 1m 2019         
Michael Johnson 300k 2019                     
Matt Ioannidis 300k    

Jason Verrett   1m 2019                  
Damarious Randall 4m 2019
Daniel Sorenson (will cost you 4m to resign)         

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Transactions / RP/OF Diowill Burgos STL
« on: Yesterday at 03:11:24 PM »

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Transactions / Indians/Brewers Trade
« on: Yesterday at 03:07:30 PM »
Indians Trade:

SP Quintana       8.85m 2019 (paid in full)
P James Kaprielian spec
P  Dalton Lehnen  spec
P  JT Brubaker  spec
P  Lockett Walker spec

Brewers Trade:

SP James Paxton 4.9m 2019 with ARB 2021
P Jake Walters spec

Didn't see myself moving Paxton, but CLE showed interested and after discussing a few options found something we both like. Rest of this season Paxton/Quintana are relatively similar value but the extra control on Paxton compared to having to resign Quintana had me hesitant, but the 4 pitching specs coming my way are intriguing and hopefully 1 or 2 of them pan out.

Armchair Fantasy Baseball: Transactions / Re: Yankees/Reds deal
« on: Yesterday at 02:57:50 PM »


Not in Fantrax.

Not in Fantrax.

Not in Fantrax.

SF wins, not in fantrax.

Not in Fantrax.

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  • Vik: Pretty good offer, but let me sleep on it. Also waiting on another team to get back to me on Ahmed and not even sure i want to move him
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  • Vik: PM×2 brian. Im calling it a night
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