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The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Toronto roster moves
« on: June 23, 2019, 01:57:29 PM »
Release from minors:
P Diehl, Phillip p-n/a
OF Greer,  Anfernee p-n/a
OF Pujols, Jose p-n/a

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Toronto roster moves
« on: June 22, 2019, 05:05:55 PM »
Release from Mlb:
OF Tauchman, Mike p-n/a

Call up from Milr:
CI/OF Brosseau, Mike p-n/a

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / OF Thomas, Cody (LAD)
« on: June 21, 2019, 05:48:09 PM »

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / MI Martinez, Angel (CLE)
« on: June 21, 2019, 05:29:41 PM »

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / OF Harris, Trey (Atl)
« on: June 21, 2019, 05:22:25 PM »

(modified to include position)

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Re: Angles/Dodgers Trade
« on: June 20, 2019, 03:14:41 PM »

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Re: Cubs/Nationals Trade
« on: June 19, 2019, 04:51:32 PM »

The Bush League / Scheduling formula (Suggestion)
« on: June 16, 2019, 08:49:52 PM »
While most owners dismiss the notion it's my position that scheduling in any league fantasy or professional sports is an important component to a successful season.

True balance in a performance based incentive league especially helps to shape both the health and future of a league. Balance rewards teams that should earn rewarding and gives a truer representation of a simulated season.

In the real MLB teams play division foes 17 times in a season. This creates both healthy rivalry as well as a true sense of the divisions best team worthy of representation in the post season.

To me it never made sense to have an entire season of one week simulated outcomes but have the league championship be decided over 2 weeks. No other outcomes are determined over 2 full weeks of Mlb action.

Below is the formula used for my own league.

30 interleague games
72 division games
60 league games

(162 game schedule over 21 weeks)

8 X 15 weeks 120
7 X 6 weeks 42
(162 games)

Weeks 1-15 (8 game series)
Weeks 16-21 (7 game series)

18 division games per 4 teams (3 game series per div opponent)
-weeks 1,2,3,4,5,6,16,17,18,19,20,21-

15 interleague teams (2g x15weeks)
-weeks 1 thru 15-

Weeks 22-25 playoffs

Highlights are:
Opening and closing against division opponents.
60/30 balance league vs. interleague
18 games vs every division opponent
1 week championship same as every other scoring period of the season.

Use the entire template
Use part of it
Use none of it
That's the league's choice... But I've put it out here for public consumption because sharing information to improve things has always been one way to promote progress and advancement.

The numbers may need explaining to some but they all add up to 162 games.
If anyone has questions or comments feel free.


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  • indiansnation: im not happy everything im hearing ismy indians are seeing whats out there for lindor
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  • indiansnation: handand bauer and kipnis are the main players indians are looking to move
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  • Daddy: Yeagg talks more smack than i do, doesnt he? Lindor would be a great addition in Philly.
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  • indiansnation: if the indians trade him i will be done with them
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  • Daddy: Give you Hernandez, Moniac, and Franco. :)
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  • indiansnation: i think this yr will be a heck of alot of trades in mlb
    Today at 01:16:53 AM
  • Daddy: Move Segura to 2B, Call up Bohm and add Lindor....doesnt solve our pitching though.
    Today at 01:18:28 AM
  • Daddy: Hoskins, Segura, Lindor, Bohm in the infield. I would be very happy.
    Today at 01:20:05 AM
  • Vik: I think last year was historic in terms of MLB trades. If I remember correctly Brewers made at least 5 deals alone
    Today at 01:20:44 AM
  • indiansnation: im hearing daddy is getting benched phillies are not happy with him
    Today at 01:22:13 AM
  • Brent: Watching my future BL catcher in an interview on MLB Network
    Today at 01:22:17 AM
  • indiansnation: franco is getting benched
    Today at 01:22:57 AM
  • Daddy: Who is that Brent?
    Today at 01:23:04 AM
  • Yeagg: I really BooYah! the bed trading that pick
    Today at 01:23:11 AM
  • Brent: Adley
    Today at 01:23:52 AM
  • Daddy: The Baltimore kid?
    Today at 01:24:26 AM
  • Brent: Yes indeed.
    Today at 01:24:58 AM
  • Brent: I need Vogelbach and Schwarber on my BL team.
    Today at 01:25:10 AM
  • Daddy: BooYah! if you get him thats a problem.
    Today at 01:25:39 AM
  • Brent: If I get who?
    Today at 01:26:13 AM
  • Daddy: Adley
    Today at 01:26:27 AM
  • Brent: I have pick 1.1, I'm drafting Adley.
    Today at 01:26:45 AM
  • Daddy: One of my clear advantages is at Catcher
    Today at 01:26:45 AM
  • Daddy: Close that gap and it makes it very tough on my BlueJays
    Today at 01:27:30 AM
  • Brent: If there was a draft thread, I'd post it now.  There's no secret in who I am going to take at 1.1.
    Today at 01:27:43 AM
  • Daddy: I dont mind Arizona loading up. As much as i give him grief, Yeagg is an NL owner. Normally i would play him so much.
    Today at 01:29:12 AM
  • Daddy: Wouldnt*
    Today at 01:29:29 AM
  • Daddy: The AL is a guantlet.
    Today at 01:29:49 AM
  • Brent: I'll just need to research who I will take at 1.18.
    Today at 01:30:10 AM
  • Daddy: Gauntlet*
    Today at 01:30:20 AM
  • Daddy: I think Adley is a cant miss. Congrats
    Today at 01:30:59 AM
  • Brent: my catcher is set with Astudillo, Nottingham and soon Adley.
    Today at 01:31:23 AM
  • Daddy: 18th pick, good luck with that.
    Today at 01:32:06 AM
  • Brent: BPA
    Today at 01:32:38 AM
  • Brent: 2009 25th pick: Mike Trout
    Today at 01:33:23 AM
  • indiansnation: looking to move some specs for cheap sp in busch
    Today at 01:33:58 AM
  • Brent: 2016 1st pick: Mickey Moniak.
    Today at 01:34:31 AM
  • Brent: Nothing's guaranteed
    Today at 01:34:38 AM
  • Daddy: How many Mike Trouts have there ever been,?
    Today at 01:35:22 AM
  • Daddy: Moniak = BooYah!
    Today at 01:35:43 AM
  • Daddy: But i understand where you are coming from.
    Today at 01:39:27 AM
  • indiansnation: i cant wait til bod drafti got 4 first rd picks
    Today at 01:39:27 AM
  • Daddy: Im still mad we didnt take Sentzel over Moniac.
    Today at 01:39:52 AM
  • Daddy: When you miss on the #1 overall pick, man that really sucks. (see Markel Fultz)
    Today at 01:41:13 AM
  • indiansnation: brent pm
    Today at 01:56:19 AM
  • indiansnation: hawks in bod looking for draft picks for my hawks team
    Today at 01:57:02 AM