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:WAS: sends
OF Kiermaier, Kevin, $10m (2021)
X-OF Kiermaier, Kevin, Cash Exchange, $-3m in 2020 & 2021
C-CI-MI Kiner-Falefa, Isaiah, $0.5m (P-2021)

:CLE: sends
SP Supak, Trey, $0.5m (P-n/a)

:WAS: does this pretty much for the salary & contract dump.  Trying to clear as much space as possible for after Christmas shopping.     :P

Franchise GM: Draft Board / Re: 2019 FYPD Draft Thread
« on: November 19, 2019, 08:25:03 AM »
:WAS: will not be making any more selections.

Franchise GM: Clarifications & Discussion / Re: “Hmm...”
« on: November 19, 2019, 08:19:47 AM »
Can I ask a question?

If the rule is that we cannot trade within 60 days, why are these trades not declared invalid?  It seems like this could start a bigger issue.  Say someone who has posted a trade and then wants to go back on it because it's still in the 60 day window.

Franchise GM: Draft Board / Re: 2019 FYPD Draft Thread
« on: November 18, 2019, 02:52:12 PM »
:WAS: selects

124 Tanner Morris Virginia SS

Franchise GM: Clarifications & Discussion / Re: “Hmm...”
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:30:51 AM »
This isn't a recall on the 60 day rule.  Although, I agree with that rule too.  What's the point in restricting the trading of draft picks, if you're just going to trade them right after the draft. 

I agree with Flash and West Coast.  It makes things too messy and it's basically an end around the rules.

Franchise GM: Draft Board / Re: 2019 FYPD Draft Thread
« on: November 17, 2019, 12:19:32 AM »
:WAS: selects

110 Ivan Johnson Chipola (Fla.) JC SS

Franchise GM: Draft Board / Re: 2019 FYPD Draft Thread
« on: November 15, 2019, 05:37:16 PM »
:WAS: selects

84 Graeme Stinson Duke LHP

Franchise GM / Re: FGM Official Trade Block Thread
« on: November 15, 2019, 03:24:57 AM »
C Hedges, Austin, $2m (2021)           
C-CI-MI Kiner-Falefa, Isaiah, $0.5m (P-2021)                     
MI Difo, Wilmer, $0.5m (P-2020)               
OF Cabrera, Melky, $1.5m (2020)           
OF Cordero, Franchy, $4m (2022)
OF Granite, Zack, $0.5m (P-n/a)
OF Kiermaier, Kevin, $10m (2021)   Comes with $3m paid + will pay $2m
OF Marisnick, Jake, $1.5m (2020)               
OF Wade, LaMonte, $0.5m (P-n/a)
OF Williams, Nick, $0.5m (P-2020)
SP Ross, Joe, $2m (2021)
RP Pagan, Emilio, $0.5m (P-2020)            
RP Petit, Yusmeiro, $1m (2020)               
RP Pressly, Ryan, $0.5m (2020)               
RP Stammen, Craig, $0.5m (2020)            
RP Tepera, Ryan, $0.5m (2020)

Franchise GM / Re: Braves hire a GM
« on: November 14, 2019, 12:22:40 AM »

Franchise GM: Draft Board / Re: 2019 FYPD Draft Thread
« on: November 13, 2019, 08:34:43 PM »
:WAS: selects

72 Will Holland Auburn SS

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  • Yeagg: That would never be possible Brain. The MLB holds all the rights to the players.
    Yesterday at 09:23:13 PM
  • Yeagg: The MiLB teams have zero controll over the players
    Yesterday at 09:23:28 PM
  • Yeagg: and without the players, there is no product for the MiLB to put on the field
    Yesterday at 09:23:49 PM
  • indiansnation: U can put a league together easy. If mlb is cutting back minor affiluates it can only have so many players in mimors
    Yesterday at 09:46:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Ok if mlb is struggeling to pay their minor league players and u cut draft down to 20 rd draft. Their will be a crap liad of players that milb can sign. Look at mlb last yr with vet players how many didnt get offers. U dont think those players wont go for milb if they get a good enough contract. Mlb can totaly screw them selves easy.
    Yesterday at 09:55:14 PM
  • Brent: Evening guys
    Yesterday at 10:50:45 PM
  • indiansnation: Hey brent
    Yesterday at 11:21:20 PM
  • Yeagg: I'm around to talk deals in any of my leagues. I had to take an Adderall for my Marketing Project Final so I'm zoned and ready to go
    Yesterday at 11:51:42 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg what about our trade we talked about in fgm
    Today at 12:29:52 AM
  • Yeagg: Which one?
    Today at 12:41:36 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Today at 12:42:53 AM
  • indiansnation: Yes us won president cup
    Today at 12:43:15 AM
  • indiansnation: I cant hit a golf ball worth crap but i like watching it
    Today at 12:47:37 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg where u go!
    Today at 12:50:11 AM
  • Yeagg: I was driving home
    Today at 01:00:00 AM
  • indiansnation: Ok
    Today at 01:02:05 AM
  • Yeagg: Brian pm
    Today at 01:08:51 AM
  • indiansnation: Back yeagg
    Today at 01:10:48 AM
  • indiansnation: Wairing to hear back from u yeagg
    Today at 01:20:48 AM
  • Yeagg: Sent
    Today at 01:26:35 AM
  • indiansnation: Pm yeagg
    Today at 01:35:51 AM
  • Yeagg: Back
    Today at 01:37:35 AM
  • indiansnation: Give me few min im looking at your team
    Today at 01:42:25 AM
  • Brent: I'm almost at the point where I am just going to stand pat with my BL team.
    Today at 01:48:12 AM
  • Yeagg: Brian where'd you go
    Today at 01:56:44 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Today at 01:58:15 AM
  • indiansnation: Back yeagg
    Today at 02:13:09 AM
  • indiansnation: Good luck yeagg ill just wait till fa starts
    Today at 02:17:59 AM
  • indiansnation: Back yeagg
    Today at 02:25:26 AM
  • blkhwkfn: Arizona OTC in Bush
    Today at 02:31:31 AM
  • indiansnation: Back yeagg
    Today at 02:38:03 AM
  • Yeagg: Back Brian. I forgot to type something last message
    Today at 02:51:55 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Today at 02:57:10 AM
  • indiansnation: Going to bed soon yeagg
    Today at 03:05:31 AM
  • indiansnation: Good luck yeagg in fgm
    Today at 03:13:07 AM
  • Yeagg: Brian, you want the best, you gotta pay for the best
    Today at 03:18:19 AM
  • Yeagg: Chris Sale OTB in FGM for a same good asking price
    Today at 03:18:52 AM
  • Yeagg: BooYah! *
    Today at 03:20:46 AM
  • indiansnation: Ok yeagg only good player u gave me was sale rest was average if that. I got 9 sp right know i dont need to add sale to my team. I already got a list of players i will go after
    Today at 03:23:31 AM
  • indiansnation: Im not over paying for just one sp. With what your asking orice is u wont even move him at all.
    Today at 03:25:02 AM
  • Yeagg: Chris Sale isn't a "good" player. He is an elite player
    Today at 03:36:29 AM
  • Yeagg: You don't get those every day. Berti, sanzentela, Plutko, and Jurado what sniff Sales dirty socks
    Today at 03:37:35 AM
  • indiansnation: Lmao
    Today at 03:38:22 AM
  • Yeagg: Berti is old, sanzentela had an era over 6, Plutko is unsustainable. Only half way decent player is Jurado and even he will never be what Sale is
    Today at 03:40:42 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Today at 03:51:55 AM
  • indiansnation: We got 5 min yeagg to try and figure this out
    Today at 04:01:10 AM
  • indiansnation: Im going to bef never mind yeagg
    Today at 04:03:47 AM
  • indiansnation: Bed
    Today at 04:03:56 AM
  • indiansnation: Ill look else where in makeing trades
    Today at 04:04:15 AM
  • Yeagg: Brian I just sent you a pm
    Today at 04:05:58 AM