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  • fantasyboi: k
    Today at 12:50:13 AM
  • Jonathan: Although, classes don't end for a few more days. He can't meet with anyone until this weekend.
    Today at 12:51:07 AM
  • Jpsprague10: Fantasyboi- You should be good
    Today at 12:54:10 AM
  • fantasyboi: k awesome
    Today at 12:57:26 AM
  • fantasyboi: thx
    Today at 12:57:29 AM
  • Jpsprague10: Keep in mind, we have full miLB systems that are only listed on the spreadsheet also.
    Today at 12:59:12 AM
  • Jonathan: Your first move should be to claim Colby Lewis :)
    Today at 01:02:35 AM
  • fantasyboi: k
    Today at 01:05:35 AM
  • Jonathan: I was just kidding, looks like he already cleared waivers. I guess he will have to score all those points on my minors.
    Today at 01:09:30 AM
  • Jpsprague10: I thought about. I have enough pitchers sucking this week though.
    Today at 01:09:48 AM
  • fantasyboi: jpsrague...Rays plz
    Today at 01:13:17 AM
  • Jpsprague10: Sounds good. I'll get you squared away with fantrax. Please pm Lindner about a payment schedule and  you'll set.
    Today at 01:19:20 AM
  • fantasyboi: k
    Today at 01:19:51 AM
  • Jonathan: Fitzy, the NFL doesn't have practice squads? huh lol
    Today at 01:19:52 AM
  • Jonathan: Every team has a 15 man practice squad, and they practice with the team every week, but don't travel with team.
    Today at 01:20:43 AM
  • fantasyboi: my buddy was on the practice squad for Packers few years ago
    Today at 01:22:40 AM
  • Jonathan: The NFL should increase that number, I think. Maybe 25.
    Today at 01:24:05 AM
  • fantasyboi: jpsrague, any chance i can get u to email me the excel of my team?
    Today at 01:25:12 AM
  • Jpsprague10: All set on fantrax. I'll see what i can do, im on my cell and my data speeds are running slow at the moment. I may have to do a copy paste for now, if my phone lets me on the spread. If you have google docs or sheets app for cell that is your best bet if a pc isn't available.
    Today at 01:33:45 AM
  • fantasyboi: k if u cant no worries, i just gotta convert it to a normal excel
    Today at 01:42:03 AM
  • indiansnation: look to trade hit me up
    Today at 01:52:31 AM
  • Jonathan: I can send it to you, but I will just let you know everyone under the sun is already owned lol
    Today at 02:31:03 AM
  • fantasyboi: i just wanna c my team
    Today at 02:33:28 AM
  • Jonathan: yeah, 8500 players owned lol
    Today at 02:34:13 AM
  • Jonathan: I'll send it in a few.
    Today at 02:34:32 AM
  • fantasyboi: k
    Today at 02:36:16 AM
  • Jonathan: excel doesn't like this sheet lol
    Today at 02:40:57 AM
  • fantasyboi: lmao
    Today at 02:44:59 AM
  • fantasyboi: breaks it haha
    Today at 02:45:05 AM
  • Jonathan: keeps trying to repair it.
    Today at 02:47:00 AM
  • Jonathan: I guess its not surprising that microsoft and google don't play well together.
    Today at 02:48:04 AM
  • fantasyboi: haha u can just put it on microsoft online excel if thats easier
    Today at 02:49:34 AM
  • Jonathan: file is too big
    Today at 02:57:50 AM
  • Jonathan: only can view it in google docs, but I took some snapshots I will send you, it took 6 of them
    Today at 02:58:16 AM
  • Jonathan: google docs sucks btw
    Today at 02:58:40 AM
  • fantasyboi: ya i can only access microsoft online at work...idk y the IT nerds block google docs haha
    Today at 02:59:52 AM
  • Jonathan: ok, I will make a random post somewhere and you can see it that way
    Today at 03:03:13 AM
  • fantasyboi: haha k appreciate it
    Today at 03:04:36 AM
  • Jonathan: too funny, I almost pieced it together perfect
    Today at 03:05:29 AM
  • Jonathan: [link]
    Today at 03:06:01 AM
  • Jonathan: It almost looks like I took 1 snapshot..... even though it is 6 and had to upload to a web server lol
    Today at 03:07:12 AM
  • fantasyboi: haha thx man. appreciate it
    Today at 03:10:01 AM
  • Jonathan: I used docs for one of my leagues and best thing I ever did was switch back to excel.
    Today at 03:11:43 AM
  • Jonathan: I cant even view docs on my phone.
    Today at 03:12:08 AM
  • Jonathan: office 360 is great for me, get 1 tb one drive cloud storage and all the applications. They work on both my phone and pc.
    Today at 03:13:43 AM
  • fantasyboi: ya i love microsoft online
    Today at 03:15:01 AM
  • Jonathan: have a good one
    Today at 03:19:29 AM
  • Jonathan: I like honeywell :)
    Today at 03:21:20 AM
  • fantasyboi: later
    Today at 03:28:10 AM
  • 9inches: .
    Today at 03:39:41 AM

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