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  • OUDAN: I like Korver but just not sure if there's a match
    Today at 07:40:49 PM
  • kylerap: Ya, I'd have no 3pt shooting without him too
    Today at 07:41:37 PM
  • Ace: base a deal around korver to gs, horford to cha, matthews to orl? you can always get 3's later kyle
    Today at 07:43:15 PM
  • Ace: you also have jordan adams
    Today at 07:43:51 PM
  • Ace: mclemore from gs?
    Today at 07:44:34 PM
  • Ace: cole from orl?
    Today at 07:44:41 PM
  • OUDAN: Lol no way I move Mathews for Korver
    Today at 07:46:04 PM
  • Gilly: I like Horford did I say that lol
    Today at 07:47:12 PM
  • Gilly: I would be pissed Oudan, lol
    Today at 07:47:22 PM
  • Gilly: oops I mean mad lol
    Today at 07:47:27 PM
  • Brent: My block is everyone except Wiggins.
    Today at 07:48:25 PM
  • Ace: korver is older but ray allen seems to be doing ok and kk is slightly better than wm in cat due to slightly higher fg%
    Today at 07:48:47 PM
  • OUDAN: Ha
    Today at 07:49:07 PM
  • the_virginia_gentleman: Have you already held draft for nrl, ace?
    Today at 07:49:22 PM
  • OUDAN: Then he can keep him Matthews does more
    Today at 07:49:24 PM
    Today at 07:49:27 PM
  • Ace: plus other pieces would be moving, does kyle have any interest in other pieces from orl or gs blocks?
    Today at 07:49:31 PM
  • the_virginia_gentleman: rookie draft*
    Today at 07:49:34 PM
  • OUDAN: Brent check my block out
    Today at 07:49:43 PM
  • Ace: no tvg, gonna start everything up  next week, we'll probably have the rook draft in late aug
    Today at 07:50:17 PM
  • Gilly: Smith, Stuckey (could be a huge cooo for you now that he is replacing Lance)
    Today at 07:50:28 PM
  • Gilly: both great players, who wants them
    Today at 07:50:35 PM
  • Gilly: Scola was a stud except for a bad year last year, so many options..>Dalembert will be huge in NY now
    Today at 07:51:40 PM
  • Gilly: Dalem had 1 less rebound than West and is 12m cheaper lol
    Today at 07:52:11 PM
  • kylerap: I'd be open to the start of something like that Ace
    Today at 07:52:15 PM
  • OUDAN: Dalembert sounds like a stud C Gilly? Lol
    Today at 07:53:03 PM
  • Brent: Ace, don't we have a deal in LOR?
    Today at 07:53:25 PM
  • Gilly: lol he just has some nice cats skills for  his skill level lol
    Today at 07:53:28 PM
  • Tubbs: I am just trying to sell Gilly my baggage. He will buy anything if u get him at the right time.
    Today at 07:53:29 PM
  • OUDAN: Ha Tubbs!!
    Today at 07:53:55 PM
  • Gilly: Hey man, I did fine last year in LOR, and will do fine again
    Today at 07:54:26 PM
  • Gilly: I made it to the semis and lost on the tightest h2h matchup Ive ever seen against Kyle...I would have smoked Oudan too,
    Today at 07:54:49 PM
    Today at 07:55:10 PM
  • Gilly: Everyone doubts last years Division winner, semi finalist, lol..
    Today at 07:55:39 PM
  • Gilly: poor gilly
    Today at 07:55:51 PM
  • OUDAN: Ace if u think I'm sending Matthews in a 3 way deal like that don't waste your time
    Today at 07:56:20 PM
  • Ace: sooner would you do stoudamire, korver and a decent rookie from charlotte for Matthews and Amir? gives you a nice roster and chips to upgrade at pf/c
    Today at 07:56:23 PM
  • OUDAN: Amir and Amare are equal ish and Amir younger lol
    Today at 07:56:59 PM
  • Tubbs: I kid u Gills. U have beaten me in every meaningful game we have played.
    Today at 07:57:09 PM
  • OUDAN: I am VERY clear what I want on my block
    Today at 07:57:19 PM
  • Gilly: LOL have we ever played lol
    Today at 07:57:29 PM
  • Gilly: I know u kid Tubbs, Im never upset contrary to what people think, the only person to ever get my goat and send me over the deep end in a fantasy room is banned for life so Im good to go
    Today at 07:59:16 PM
  • OUDAN: BrewCrew?
    Today at 08:00:21 PM
  • Ace: sooner how are you proposing to upgrade mclemore and valanciunas? what are you offering to make that happen cos it's not clear?
    Today at 08:00:33 PM
  • Gilly: yeah lol
    Today at 08:01:44 PM
  • OUDAN: I would take on some cap in future years and give up the younger cheaper player
    Today at 08:01:45 PM
  • OUDAN: That's why I said perfect for a rebuilding team
    Today at 08:01:52 PM
  • OUDAN: That dude was an idiot
    Today at 08:02:01 PM
  • Gilly: horford back to Atlanta pls lol
    Today at 08:02:17 PM
  • OUDAN: Ace I feel my team wins the west as is so I will only deal if I get what I want if not I'm fine
    Today at 08:02:30 PM

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