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  • redbeard82: yep. so come get story in BTL!
    Today at 01:43:31 AM
  • kangol: Maybe now :TOR: deal Reyes to the Pads.
    Today at 01:43:33 AM
  • AdamBombs: Wow. Just said reyes and minirs to colorado.
    Today at 01:43:57 AM
  • AdamBombs: Doesnt make sense for him to stay in colorado
    Today at 01:44:13 AM
  • Scalious: it sounds like Reyes is on the move..
    Today at 01:44:14 AM
  • BAMF: Guess I won't be going to coors field for a while
    Today at 01:45:08 AM
  • fantasyboi: ya Reyes + MiLBers from Rosenthal
    Today at 01:45:19 AM
  • kangol: Ya sounds like Reyes is part of it
    Today at 01:45:27 AM
  • fantasyboi: y would u go anyways? they are trash
    Today at 01:45:36 AM
  • Scalious: Did the Rockies just swap him reyes because his "pretending to care" comments piss of the FO?
    Today at 01:45:54 AM
  • kangol: Hope its another fleecing by :TOR: ala Donaldson deal
    Today at 01:46:04 AM
  • patjossom: 2016  bob picks OTB. Let me know if you're interested
    Today at 01:46:05 AM
  • fantasyboi: holy $hit! Tulo no has a no trade claush
    Today at 01:46:39 AM
  • fantasyboi: clause
    Today at 01:46:41 AM
  • Jonathan: He might stay healthy as DH lol
    Today at 01:47:49 AM
  • fantasyboi: Hawkins going with Tulo
    Today at 01:48:14 AM
  • jblum: Poor Jose Reyes lol
    Today at 01:48:52 AM
  • Jonathan: Reyes to Colorado. Hold that Story lol
    Today at 01:49:07 AM
  • fantasyboi: Reyes will be dealt again tomorrow watch haha
    Today at 01:49:49 AM
  • fantasyboi: Pentecost not involvd
    Today at 01:50:56 AM
  • fantasyboi: Twins need a SS right?
    Today at 01:52:49 AM
  • fantasyboi: I smell Reyes to MIN
    Today at 01:54:08 AM
  • redbeard82: yankees
    Today at 01:55:38 AM
  • fantasyboi: if he goes to 2B that could happen
    Today at 01:57:58 AM
  • fantasyboi: Heston wins, Duffy 3 hits....Co-ROY
    Today at 01:58:32 AM
  • fantasyboi: Boston gets a 5 minute highlight reel for losing but Defending champs get the ol middle finger from ESPN haha
    Today at 02:02:06 AM
  • Fitzy1962: @fantasyboi - You're out of control.
    Today at 02:02:53 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Where you from fantasyboi?
    Today at 02:05:54 AM
  • fantasyboi: hahah
    Today at 02:06:44 AM
  • fantasyboi: NorCal
    Today at 02:06:47 AM
  • fantasyboi: Norris not in trade. Who the heck coulda made the Rockies pull the trigger?
    Today at 02:15:51 AM
  • BAMF: Dumbass owners
    Today at 02:18:25 AM
  • Jonathan: Tulo is owed double.
    Today at 02:20:58 AM
  • Jonathan: Maybe Urena is in it?
    Today at 02:22:37 AM
  • Jonathan: or SRF?
    Today at 02:22:55 AM
  • fantasyboi: u know what? most TOR fans are asleep...gonna wake up to seeing Tulo is a Blue Jay haha
    Today at 02:25:42 AM
  • Jonathan: They did just draft Rodgers at SS too.
    Today at 02:26:09 AM
  • Scalious: Yeah..Rockies saved about 48Mil in his deal..but that savings doesn't start actualizing until 2018..
    Today at 02:31:30 AM
  • fantasyboi: Miguel Castro involved
    Today at 02:33:34 AM
  • Vollmernator: I heard the news from my friends phone alert when we finished leaving the drive in after seeing minions and pixels tonight
    Today at 02:42:14 AM
  • Vollmernator: I'm a jays fan so I'm happy
    Today at 02:42:52 AM
  • Vollmernator: Except worried how Tulo is injury prone
    Today at 02:43:15 AM
  • fantasyboi: Reyes was just as injury prone tho
    Today at 02:45:41 AM
  • chrisetc21: That thin air is tricky for injuries
    Today at 02:55:16 AM
  • themarksman13: Hoffman, Castro, Reyes
    Today at 03:37:39 AM
  • themarksman13: Honestly, we're all like, woah, what happened?
    Today at 03:37:53 AM
  • themarksman13: [link]
    Today at 03:38:05 AM
  • Vollmernator: Crap Hoffman
    Today at 03:39:45 AM
  • chrisetc21: Toronto panicking
    Today at 03:54:55 AM
  • jblum: Toronto needs pitching. They better be trading a bat now or they won't be going anywhere
    Today at 04:05:26 AM