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  • 9inches: understandable.
    Today at 11:18:21 AM
  • OUDAN: Calhoun is kinda my boy
    Today at 11:18:42 AM
  • OUDAN: Wieland would have to be part of a bigger deal
    Today at 11:19:43 AM
  • OUDAN: I will update my blocks in all leagues once I get rosters to repost, however MBs is accurate
    Today at 11:23:02 AM
  • Scalious: in other words, sooner is saying..screw you 9
    Today at 11:23:09 AM
  • Kube20: Scalious u in blb
    Today at 11:31:16 AM
  • 9inches: I'd say the same to me.
    Today at 11:36:03 AM
  • 9inches: :)
    Today at 11:36:09 AM
  • 9inches: Corey basically said similar about dealing within NL contenders. Prefers to ship players out of division, and bring talent in to his team, when upgrading.
    Today at 11:36:55 AM
  • 9inches: understandable.
    Today at 11:37:02 AM
  • Corey: Hard for me to help you improve Tony
    Today at 11:49:30 AM
  • kangol: Anyone want to deal this morning?
    Today at 11:52:04 AM
  • Corey: What league Kurt?
    Today at 11:53:00 AM
  • kangol: BLB or NE
    Today at 11:53:24 AM
  • Corey: Kurt, just now seeing all your pm's about trades. Sorry for not responding, have been for about 5 days at a wedding
    Today at 11:53:44 AM
  • kangol: Selling in BLB, looking to trade an OF for pithcing in NE
    Today at 11:54:05 AM
  • kangol: No worries man.
    Today at 11:54:44 AM
  • Corey: I think I have a few too many SP's in NE
    Today at 11:54:59 AM
  • kangol: Ok right on.  LEt me know on BLB as well.  Have some good pieces available there too.
    Today at 11:57:05 AM
  • Corey: Need a 3B or 2B in BLB or RF
    Today at 11:57:45 AM
  • kangol: Looks like you could use a SS in NE too.
    Today at 11:59:25 AM
  • kangol: Ive got 3B and OF available in blb
    Today at 12:01:56 PM
  • kangol: pm coming
    Today at 12:02:49 PM
  • OUDAN: I could move Alex Guerrero plus a spec for a better bat lol
    Today at 12:04:02 PM
  • kangol: OU lets deal.  We are close
    Today at 12:05:49 PM
  • Kube20: Mangold what team in blb
    Today at 12:07:18 PM
  • Kube20: Kangol BooYah! autocorrect
    Today at 12:07:37 PM
  • kangol: I think you mean me. Solid auto correct.  Padres
    Today at 12:08:04 PM
  • OUDAN: Kang we are close but just not quite there
    Today at 12:08:43 PM
  • OUDAN: If you have others wanting them go ahead
    Today at 12:09:09 PM
  • kangol: Gardners gonna go.
    Today at 12:10:10 PM
  • kangol: Ill wait on the other.  Think we can get somehting done
    Today at 12:10:25 PM
  • OUDAN: If you can get two specs like we were talking go for it my friend to me its just a little steep
    Today at 12:10:39 PM
  • kangol: Ross is good and cheap.  Hes highly valuable to me.
    Today at 12:12:36 PM
  • kangol: If he wasnt on a spec deal I can see your point.  But hes a cheap resign for 5 years.
    Today at 12:13:15 PM
  • OUDAN: Understand
    Today at 12:15:18 PM
  • OUDAN: I just don't see him worth two of those guys
    Today at 12:15:48 PM
  • Kube20: Kangol pm
    Today at 12:16:09 PM
  • OUDAN: Also there are no divisions in Bob
    Today at 12:16:40 PM
  • OUDAN: Blb*
    Today at 12:16:45 PM
  • kangol: Well same league we'll say.
    Today at 12:17:19 PM
  • kangol: It makes your team crazy good
    Today at 12:17:49 PM
  • OUDAN: Hey man it makes me better but I'm betting Marco or Heaney are up before long and helpin as well
    Today at 12:19:31 PM
  • OUDAN: Ross is solid u should be able to get good value some where we just disagree on that value
    Today at 12:19:50 PM
  • kangol: Marco wasnt part of the deal.
    Today at 12:20:36 PM
  • kangol: Ya no problem man.
    Today at 12:20:52 PM
  • kangol: Just interested in the other 2
    Today at 12:21:09 PM
  • kangol: Id possibly add a pitching spec back
    Today at 12:22:29 PM
  • OUDAN: I like Ross man I do just not as much as you
    Today at 12:26:52 PM
  • OUDAN: Just like Gardner lol
    Today at 12:26:57 PM

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