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  • Brent: what team are you?
    Today at 02:07:54 AM
  • Jesse: Detroit
    Today at 02:08:06 AM
  • Jesse: McDonald, James, and Ludwick, Ryan aren't even playing yet take up 3.1m in cap just seeing what my options are
    Today at 02:09:00 AM
  • daWoodshed: Jesse good luck with 'dem Tigers
    Today at 03:14:54 AM
  • Brent: Are you looking to make any moves with the 108 Twins?
    Today at 03:18:18 AM
  • daWoodshed: oh yeah
    Today at 03:19:10 AM
  • daWoodshed: puts caveat I'm on hold til Corey decides what happens in NE
    Today at 03:19:27 AM
  • daWoodshed: *but
    Today at 03:19:31 AM
  • daWoodshed: I either get my team back or I'm out
    Today at 03:19:44 AM
  • Jesse: thanks holy the SP got hit hard on this team with Darvish and Iwakuma injured
    Today at 03:21:27 AM
  • daWoodshed: yeah Darvish out crushed any change
    Today at 03:22:19 AM
  • daWoodshed: but the division is weak, you can make a run
    Today at 03:22:27 AM
  • daWoodshed: Tigers have a nice cap too to work with
    Today at 03:22:53 AM
  • Jesse: thats the plan and with D'Arnaud injured I am missing a good chunk of points
    Today at 03:25:05 AM
  • Jesse: so right now I am adding some more depth
    Today at 03:25:45 AM
  • daWoodshed: best of luck on that
    Today at 03:28:06 AM
  • daWoodshed: to be honest I'm still sour I got booter
    Today at 03:28:14 AM
  • daWoodshed: but I'll move on
    Today at 03:28:24 AM
  • daWoodshed: did you pay? if you did Tigers paid in 2x
    Today at 03:28:42 AM
  • Jesse: I had no idea that you didn't quit or I wouldn't have taken the team
    Today at 03:29:53 AM
  • Jesse: I did pay
    Today at 03:30:05 AM
  • Jesse: I don't like how everything went dow
    Today at 03:30:34 AM
  • Jesse: down
    Today at 03:30:49 AM
  • daWoodshed: well BooYah! I would inquire what thats about
    Today at 03:30:51 AM
  • daWoodshed: just saying...
    Today at 03:30:59 AM
  • daWoodshed: no way for you to know man, I'll make noise about b/c I think its unjust but by all means run with the squad and enjoy it!
    Today at 03:31:57 AM
  • daWoodshed: the site is a lot of fun
    Today at 03:32:05 AM
  • Jesse: I am thinking that Corey will pay you back
    Today at 03:32:14 AM
  • daWoodshed: yeah yeah I agree but if I didnt come back or got pissed and just bailed where does that 2x payment go?
    Today at 03:32:50 AM
  • daWoodshed: Had their been rules plance on terms for removal and/or posting about 2x fees paid it wouldnt look so shady
    Today at 03:33:36 AM
  • daWoodshed: teams are swapped out all the time
    Today at 03:34:27 AM
  • Jesse: agreed
    Today at 03:34:46 AM
  • daWoodshed: oddly the Tigers used to have an insane SP - Darvish, Hamels, Felix, Dickey
    Today at 03:35:14 AM
  • daWoodshed: thats what its strength, no notsomuch
    Today at 03:35:31 AM
  • daWoodshed: Rusney called up should help u out
    Today at 03:36:58 AM
  • Jesse: why didn't you keep felix??
    Today at 03:37:14 AM
  • daWoodshed: and think you have some diamonds in the rough in Kivlehan and Tocci
    Today at 03:37:38 AM
  • daWoodshed: too much $$
    Today at 03:37:55 AM
  • daWoodshed: I was in talks to deal Darvish late last season thinking he would get hurt - his velocity was slipping and he had minor ailments
    Today at 03:38:37 AM
  • daWoodshed: BooYah! wish I did now!
    Today at 03:38:53 AM
  • daWoodshed: SP Cain, Matt, $14m (2015)
    Today at 03:41:52 AM
  • daWoodshed: CI Frazier, Todd, $0.3m (P-2015) C Ianetta, Chris, $3.3m (2015) - fully paid in 2014 CI Aguilar, Jesus, $0.3m (P-n/a) SP Crick, Kyle, $0.3m (P-n/a)
    Today at 03:42:16 AM
  • daWoodshed: all that for ...
    Today at 03:42:26 AM
  • daWoodshed: SP Darvish, Yu, $12.5m (2016) CI Peterson, Dustin, $0.3m (P-n/a) 1-19 DET
    Today at 03:42:51 AM
  • Jesse: yea in talks to move him
    Today at 03:43:04 AM
  • Jesse: that would have been a huge boost to the team
    Today at 03:43:40 AM
  • daWoodshed: he's got a great contract
    Today at 03:43:41 AM
  • daWoodshed: yeah hindsight is 20-20
    Today at 03:43:53 AM
  • daWoodshed: good luck Jesse, cheers
    Today at 03:44:09 AM
  • Jesse: Thanks bud
    Today at 03:49:16 AM

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