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  • andyscott23: Seattle in BoB
    Today at 11:35:01 AM
  • OUDAN: Yeah thats too rich for my blood unfortunately.
    Today at 11:35:05 AM
  • sandman: McCoy on the block in NFLC
    Today at 11:38:29 AM
  • andyscott23: looks like several QBs being shopped
    Today at 11:38:31 AM
  • Brent: sandman, what are you looking for in return?
    Today at 11:40:12 AM
  • sandman: Lesean McCoy.... lets go bro! Ready to deal today
    Today at 11:40:13 AM
  • sandman: Overall package of guys. Brent I do need to know what picks I have for my type A and B lost
    Today at 11:40:38 AM
  • Brent: It's listed here.  [link]
    Today at 11:42:13 AM
  • sandman: Ya, but like Jonathan traded his 2016 pick in the loophole. So do I get his 2017 pick, or a pick between Rd 1 and 2
    Today at 11:44:27 AM
  • sandman: I think Flash is lost too as he is all over the roster updates but the picks are not added for Comp players
    Today at 11:45:55 AM
  • sandman: I just want to know so I know what to target VIA trade
    Today at 11:46:08 AM
  • Brent: Teams can still trade their picks, that's not an issue since this season's record determine draft pick order.
    Today at 11:46:28 AM
  • Scalious: Jonathan won Type from 2 different teams.
    Today at 11:46:31 AM
  • Jonathan: Your not getting one for Maclin either. I wouldn't talk too loud though, Carolina might hear you!
    Today at 11:46:58 AM
  • Brent: 2015 season determines 2016 draft order.  Teams can still trade their 2016 picks.
    Today at 11:47:44 AM
  • sandman: Brent your missing what I am saying
    Today at 11:48:55 AM
  • Jonathan: Maclin is only guy you lost that was worth a 1st round pick.
    Today at 11:48:58 AM
  • sandman: I lost players in FA that get 2016 picks
    Today at 11:49:11 AM
  • OUDAN: Big time game Sunday by Ansah and Ihedigo or whatever for :DET-NFL: helping me win in NFLC
    Today at 11:49:23 AM
  • sandman: Jonathan traded his 2016 pick so I would not get it in a loophole in the rules.
    Today at 11:49:27 AM
  • OUDAN: I was for sure I was gonna lose
    Today at 11:49:30 AM
  • sandman: So I am asking do I get his 2017 pick or a pick in between rd 1 and 2
    Today at 11:49:45 AM
  • sandman: The same goes with Atlanta and Maclin
    Today at 11:50:03 AM
  • Jonathan: If I didnt trade it, I would of made sure I finished in bottom 15.
    Today at 11:50:45 AM
  • Jonathan: Carlina looks like a bottom 15 team, so they will keep their 1st.
    Today at 11:51:29 AM
  • sandman: Jonathan, nothing against you..... You were just my example.
    Today at 11:51:35 AM
  • sandman: That is why I am asking if I get 2017 or Picks in between Rd 1 and 2
    Today at 11:52:04 AM
  • Jonathan: I hear you. Its a mess of a situation overall. Most of those guys aren't worth a 1st round pick.
    Today at 11:52:31 AM
  • Jonathan: Maclin. That is it.
    Today at 11:55:29 AM
  • Jonathan: You could of traded Maclin for multiple 1st round picks
    Today at 11:57:01 AM
  • Brent: 2016 picks are awarded from the 2015 FA period.  Nobody is receiving 2017 picks as compensation.
    Today at 11:57:08 AM
  • Brent: Yes, I am well awared I screwed up this draft pick compenstion.  It will be fixed going forward, but what's done is done for the 2016 picks.
    Today at 11:57:57 AM
  • Jonathan: He could of traded him, nothing to complain about.
    Today at 12:01:40 PM
  • Jonathan: Maclin at 8M per is worth a whole draft.
    Today at 12:02:01 PM
  • Jonathan: ATL gave him 24M per.
    Today at 12:04:27 PM
  • Brent: I'm not worried.  I totally spaced the fact that the NFL gives compensation picks after the 3rd round.  That is what I should've done when I merged fantasy baseball and fantasy football rules together.
    Today at 12:09:08 PM
  • sandman: So your saying I get no picks
    Today at 12:34:17 PM
  • Brent: I didn't say that.  Once the standings are final and draft order completed, we will see who has picks remaning that won Type A FAs.  At that time those picks will go to the losing FA team and if they don't have picks left to award, then the team that lost the FA will get the compensatory picks as described in the rule.
    Today at 12:37:19 PM
  • sandman: Ok so worst case we get picks in between rd1 and Rd 2.
    Today at 12:41:02 PM
  • sandman: Also you should prevent teams from being able to trade there rd 1 if they signed a type A
    Today at 12:41:28 PM
  • Jonathan: That is what the rules say. Between round 1 and 2. 1st round picks are also protected top 15. That is why they were allowed to be traded.
    Today at 12:45:39 PM
  • Jonathan: What ever happened to e40? He hasn't been here in 7 months?
    Today at 12:47:30 PM
  • Brent: That's correct sandman.  Teams will always be able to trade their picks b/c the final standings is what determines whether or not the pick moves or not.
    Today at 12:48:08 PM
  • Brent: Yes and e40 doesn't respond to emails either so that team needs an investor if sandman doesn't want to buy it.
    Today at 12:48:51 PM
  • indiansnation: Hey guys
    Today at 02:05:12 PM
  • Alex23: T-Minus 6 hours
    Today at 02:40:55 PM
  • Alex23: Corey around ? Looking for a free dynasty league let me know if you have one.
    Today at 02:42:49 PM
  • Flash: Alex23 - PM
    Today at 02:47:14 PM
  • Jdwalter21: BLB :CHW: for sale, as well as NE :STL: - if anyone is interested pm me
    Today at 03:01:49 PM
  • redbeard82: Indians- you'll be up not too long in BLB. If you're not going to be around would you mind leaving me your pick?
    Today at 03:21:31 PM