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  • Orange Country: alright man well it's gonna sweep this site lol, but again after our chat, congrats from me
    Today at 03:58:14 AM
  • patjossom: Anything we can do in BTL OC?
    Today at 03:58:46 AM
  • Scalious: Not him..but you can still give me Pollock ;)
    Today at 03:59:15 AM
  • Lindner: I appreciate it man
    Today at 03:59:15 AM
  • Lindner: Well I'm hitting the hay, guys.  Later!
    Today at 03:59:34 AM
  • Scalious: See ya
    Today at 03:59:45 AM
  • Orange Country: lol Nick, I get full access to that wet bar
    Today at 03:59:56 AM
  • Orange Country: I can text you still lol
    Today at 04:00:18 AM
  • Jonathan: Well, we can at least fix it in band of brothers, before it starts  :P
    Today at 04:01:20 AM
  • Jonathan: I don't think pat understands that players on practice squad do not count against cap
    Today at 04:04:56 AM
  • patjossom: Why? What am I missing? Pm me
    Today at 04:06:17 AM
  • Jonathan: [link]
    Today at 04:07:02 AM
  • patjossom: Didn't help?
    Today at 04:07:50 AM
  • Jonathan: Players contracts who are on the Practice Squad will NOT count against the team's salary cap.
    Today at 04:08:14 AM
  • patjossom: I posted a thread promoting him if that's what flash wanted
    Today at 04:08:21 AM
  • Jonathan: One a player is on the active roster, that contract will count.
    Today at 04:08:31 AM
  • Scalious: I don't see the problem. It says he has over 8M this year. That is enough to call up Johnson. Just can't sign anyone else to a bigger deal
    Today at 04:10:44 AM
  • Jonathan: Flash doesn't understand that you gave that original contract last year. That means it should of been 5M(2015)
    Today at 04:10:51 AM
  • patjossom: Why does extending matter if he's on my PS?
    Today at 04:11:09 AM
  • Orange Country: Post the error
    Today at 04:11:41 AM
  • patjossom: Flash posted it.and Scal citied it
    Today at 04:12:26 AM
  • Orange Country: I see the issue here
    Today at 04:12:47 AM
  • Orange Country: Who is the player in question
    Today at 04:12:58 AM
  • patjossom: I can't add lol
    Today at 04:13:09 AM
  • Orange Country: lol
    Today at 04:13:24 AM
  • Orange Country: if you extend a practice squad player, than his new deal will take affect the next year I believe
    Today at 04:13:55 AM
  • Orange Country: but it looks like we need some additions to the rules for this
    Today at 04:14:15 AM
  • patjossom: Idk. I was thinking Jonathan saw something I was missing.
    Today at 04:14:20 AM
  • Orange Country: Who is the player Pat
    Today at 04:15:22 AM
  • Scalious: Well Flash is assuming that Johnson is 5Mil thru 2016. Which would put you over cap for 2016 if you called him up. But his true contract ends this year
    Today at 04:15:36 AM
  • Scalious: Charles Johnson
    Today at 04:15:44 AM
  • Scalious: WR that is
    Today at 04:15:49 AM
  • Orange Country: don't see him on his roster
    Today at 04:16:40 AM
  • Scalious: He's on the Jags PS right now
    Today at 04:17:25 AM
  • Jonathan: [link]
    Today at 04:17:55 AM
  • Orange Country: he's on fantrax so there's 1 error
    Today at 04:18:10 AM
  • Jonathan: If you look closely, he said 2 years, but then said move to PS 5M(2016) lol
    Today at 04:18:18 AM
  • Jonathan: maybe that is what flash is talking about
    Today at 04:19:18 AM
  • Orange Country: so it's a signing bonus last year that's gone for 2 years, thus he's a FA in 2016
    Today at 04:19:24 AM
  • Orange Country: nope FA in 2017
    Today at 04:20:05 AM
  • Scalious: It was not a signing bonus. He didn't have enough cap at the time. So he gave him a regular deal. 2 years @ 5M per (2014-2015)
    Today at 04:20:51 AM
  • Scalious: Technially should have been 2 years at 5.2M. Since PSC+ 10M= 10.4..but who's counting?
    Today at 04:21:37 AM
  • Jonathan: weird bidding to say the least, he outbid himself like 3 times.
    Today at 04:22:27 AM
  • Scalious: Lets just make the whole thing invalid and start a re-bidding :P
    Today at 04:24:58 AM
  • patjossom:
    Today at 04:27:35 AM
  • patjossom: Ha
    Today at 04:27:45 AM
  • Orange Country: lol gonna make a call here
    Today at 04:31:32 AM
  • Jonathan: CPatt is taking his spot back anyways  :beer:
    Today at 04:31:53 AM
  • Orange Country: based on what I've seen the numbers mean it's a real deal and the contract for this player
    Today at 04:32:29 AM
  • Orange Country: is what is proposed in this chat, but Brent will be made aware so he can make the final call, but this player is :JAX: property regardless
    Today at 04:33:07 AM