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  • Brent: Yes, Gurley is a machine.  Probably will go 2nd round.
    Today at 08:04:10 PM
  • Gilly: u seem like a guy who likes money, faster site browsing with no ads and just a better expierence in general
    Today at 08:04:17 PM
  • Gilly: I cant go back to ad's and I would miss this amazing prizes opportunitys  (nice spelling eh) lol
    Today at 08:05:03 PM
  • jblum: jacob coker now in the game
    Today at 08:05:57 PM
  • Brent: Alright Gilly, I entered and paid my $10
    Today at 08:10:33 PM
  • Ace: colb did you get my pm about texas in gridiron gold?
    Today at 08:16:36 PM
  • Gilly: thata boy...need 3 more guys
    Today at 08:16:41 PM
  • icehouse325: To Gilly can you sign up on NBAYGM yahoo
    Today at 08:17:54 PM
  • Gilly: 43 minutes before first fight begins....come try it out boys
    Today at 08:17:59 PM
  • Gilly: k will do right now sir
    Today at 08:18:06 PM
  • Gilly: Colby u come try it out?
    Today at 08:19:19 PM
  • Gilly: 33 minutes...just need 3 more, only $10, great way to double your money and become a premium member for dirty cheap...for premium's its a fantastic way to increase your payouts for premium stuff and double your money
    Today at 08:28:03 PM
  • Brent: what if you don't fill it Gilly?
    Today at 08:32:06 PM
  • Gilly: We will send u the 10 bucks back with an appology letter signed gilly lol
    Today at 08:32:29 PM
  • Gilly: Im working on the last 3 spots right now
    Today at 08:32:39 PM
  • Brent: I'm almost up for my pick in BTL for the MiLB roster.  I might get some WTFs.
    Today at 08:33:50 PM
  • Ace: m.a.
    Today at 08:36:48 PM
  • Gilly: Ace come try out MMA Pick em for $10, u win u get 25% EPO bud and double your money
    Today at 08:37:47 PM
  • Gilly: please, call it doing a favor for Gilly since i joined that College Football thing :)
    Today at 08:38:10 PM
  • Ace: link?
    Today at 08:41:11 PM
  • Gilly: [link]
    Today at 08:41:55 PM
  • Gilly: If you enter you will be eligible for the tournament in 2 months where it will have a sick payout :)
    Today at 08:42:37 PM
  • Gilly: it will be free to enter the tournament as you are already premium and would be participating in the pick em tonight
    Today at 08:43:05 PM
  • Ace: i'm in, will send $10 after i lose ;-)
    Today at 08:44:27 PM
  • Gilly: thata boy...need 2 more boys
    Today at 08:45:02 PM
  • Gilly: 15 mins...
    Today at 08:45:06 PM
  • Gilly: Dont forget to make your picks Ace :)
    Today at 08:45:31 PM
  • Gilly: [link]
    Today at 08:45:43 PM
  • Ace: picks made; come on guys $10 plus you get free entry into mma tourney in 2 months
    Today at 08:51:04 PM
  • Gilly: sweet prizes if u win tonight too
    Today at 08:51:44 PM
  • Gilly: u win tonight and u can become premium member and double your money...for premiums you woul get a 25% EPO and double your money
    Today at 08:52:10 PM
  • Ace: f*ck brent and i everything the same apart from 1st fight lol
    Today at 08:52:25 PM
  • Ace: jack, colby, corey anyone who knows anything about mma get in
    Today at 08:53:16 PM
  • Gilly: u take soto ace?
    Today at 08:53:37 PM
  • Gilly: [link]  need 2 more boys hurry
    Today at 08:55:00 PM
  • Ace: 1st fight as in wade-carrizosa; brent and i even formatted our posts almost identically and were 4 secs apart on tie-breaker
    Today at 08:55:54 PM
  • Ace: crazy thing is i just copied from the op without looking at anyone's selections
    Today at 08:56:27 PM
  • Gilly: hahaha
    Today at 08:56:28 PM
  • Gilly: come on boys, hurry, I really want to do this..need 2 more
    Today at 08:56:44 PM
  • Ace: still have a while till start of first fight (15 mins)
    Today at 08:58:04 PM
  • Ace: [link]
    Today at 08:58:09 PM
  • Ace: if short on time just post first fight winner and then post again with rest of selections
    Today at 08:58:58 PM
  • Gilly: Usually a bigger card, some guys got hurt and or pulled out, never seen a UFC event with 8 fights
    Today at 08:59:56 PM
  • Brent: Probably some of the old UFCs had small cards.
    Today at 09:03:51 PM
  • Brent: BTW, today is my 19 yr anniversary in the USAF.  Smoking Gun, I'm getting old.
    Today at 09:04:19 PM
  • Ace: 7-8 mins to get in
    Today at 09:09:11 PM
  • Ace: [link]
    Today at 09:09:19 PM
  • Ace: i hope these guys punch harder than in that preview ;-)
    Today at 09:09:54 PM
  • jblum: Brent I want to see you make some buzz first day of r2n trading
    Today at 09:11:48 PM
  • Ace: ok gills, what's the happs with mma then?
    Today at 09:13:46 PM

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