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  • Baseballnut83: That is why I dont drink or use drugs. i want to be as active in kids lives as possible.
    Today at 09:00:37 AM
  • Baseballnut83: nice. that is awesome
    Today at 09:00:51 AM
  • Baseballnut83: i actually have a great father in law who has been there for me and taught me a lot
    Today at 09:01:26 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Did you go u to greend bay and watch games wih him?
    Today at 09:01:55 AM
  • janesvilleaces: we got him to one about a year before he passed vs minnesota..they won like 34 to o...
    Today at 09:04:10 AM
  • janesvilleaces: used to go to a couple brewer cards games a year..he was brewers fan..me cards
    Today at 09:04:49 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Nice. That is a good game and day
    Today at 09:05:09 AM
  • Baseballnut83: cards fan? i thought you were cool LOL
    Today at 09:05:34 AM
  • Baseballnut83: all joking aside the Cardals are quite the dynasty
    Today at 09:05:53 AM
  • Baseballnut83: im a HUGE brew crew fan
    Today at 09:06:07 AM
  • janesvilleaces: my grandpa is from okahoma and big cards fan...that is how i became one...as well as an ou fan...my dad won the pckers vs cowboys battle
    Today at 09:08:05 AM
  • janesvilleaces: which in the 80 pack was horrible..forrest gregg as coach...lynn dickey qt qb
    Today at 09:08:59 AM
  • janesvilleaces: randy wright, james lofton
    Today at 09:09:43 AM
  • janesvilleaces: brent fullwood
    Today at 09:09:59 AM
  • Baseballnut83: thats awesome. its amazing what forms and molds us into who we become and what teams we iike and dislike
    Today at 09:10:08 AM
  • Baseballnut83: the Packers played in the 80s? i dont remember that LOL
    Today at 09:10:38 AM
  • Baseballnut83: That and I was born in 83
    Today at 09:11:09 AM
  • janesvilleaces: they showed up...played s a loose term
    Today at 09:11:33 AM
  • Baseballnut83: LOL
    Today at 09:13:19 AM
  • janesvilleaces: dad was a badger fan...they were horrible for years till alvarez got there
    Today at 09:15:23 AM
  • janesvilleaces: and dick bennett saved the basketball program
    Today at 09:18:22 AM
  • Baseballnut83: yeah i started  to get old enough to follow them during alvarez years
    Today at 09:18:46 AM
  • Baseballnut83: I shot you a pm
    Today at 09:21:08 AM
  • Baseballnut83: papps back to you
    Today at 09:34:20 AM
  • Baseballnut83: janes mail LOL
    Today at 09:34:27 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Dan Wood mail if you are out there
    Today at 09:38:28 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Brent you still out there?
    Today at 09:43:58 AM
  • papps: back at ya Nut
    Today at 09:50:30 AM
  • Baseballnut83: reading now
    Today at 09:51:57 AM
  • janesvilleaces: replied nut
    Today at 09:54:14 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Thats cool janes i understand
    Today at 09:55:47 AM
  • Baseballnut83: papps replied
    Today at 09:56:20 AM
  • Baseballnut83: papps you looking for pitching?
    Today at 10:03:13 AM
  • Baseballnut83: im putting something together now
    Today at 10:03:56 AM
  • Baseballnut83: sent something. i am going mobile because i have to go do drug test for new job. i think we can work somethng out.
    Today at 10:08:34 AM
  • papps: hey bud, back at ya!
    Today at 10:10:03 AM
  • papps: we really are far apart LOL
    Today at 10:10:10 AM
  • papps: make sure you study for that drug test ;)
    Today at 10:10:20 AM
  • papps: and congrats on the new job!
    Today at 10:10:29 AM
  • Baseballnut83: give me a bit. i cant tjink straight i could prob fill up eighteen cups.
    Today at 10:11:33 AM
  • Baseballnut83: help me out and send list of all specs you like
    Today at 10:12:04 AM
  • papps: I did in my original offer lol
    Today at 10:25:19 AM
  • papps: I liked all those guys :)
    Today at 10:25:27 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: morning boys
    Today at 10:52:33 AM
  • themarksman13: What's up
    Today at 11:07:29 AM
  • themarksman13: Wanna get back on talking bout Gomez
    Today at 11:07:37 AM
  • janesvilleaces: what up
    Today at 11:08:07 AM
  • Corey: New MLB League
    Today at 11:16:25 AM
  • OUDAN: Yo
    Today at 11:17:58 AM
  • OUDAN: WHere Corey? lol
    Today at 11:18:05 AM

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