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  • sandman: I was goin back and forth with Heyward Upton or ?.... took JHey
    Today at 01:16:05 PM
  • sandman: I think your less proven guy was my 3rd choice man
    Today at 01:16:35 PM
  • sandman: He's black. pun intended
    Today at 01:16:56 PM
  • OUDAN: LOL your right sir
    Today at 01:18:17 PM
  • OUDAN: Not guessing the other lol
    Today at 01:18:29 PM
  • ajm5551: hahah ugh ur killing me OUDAN
    Today at 01:24:00 PM
  • OUDAN: We have time lol
    Today at 01:30:11 PM
  • drejay25: anyone on from UF??
    Today at 01:31:59 PM
  • Corey: Sooner just likes to be the center of attention
    Today at 01:31:59 PM
  • Corey: drejay - you have a question?
    Today at 01:32:22 PM
  • Corey: Kyle, post it up sir
    Today at 01:32:40 PM
  • kylerap: Will do
    Today at 01:34:28 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Anyone from NE on, looking to acquire a stud SP, Heaney and 2 first rounders are available. Depending on the SP i could add to it
    Today at 01:36:37 PM
  • Dan Wood: Lackey to Cardinals
    Today at 01:37:56 PM
  • kylerap: Lackey to Cardinals now
    Today at 01:38:05 PM
  • mike0542: I need pederson to get traded already
    Today at 01:38:52 PM
  • drejay25: Orange Contry is OTc in UF....   been sskipped 2 straight times....  should he be on autopilot now??
    Today at 01:39:40 PM
  • OUDAN: Corey u caught me
    Today at 01:40:13 PM
  • OUDAN: :CHC: pick is in [link]
    Today at 01:45:32 PM
  • kylerap: Corey, NE trade is up
    Today at 01:46:20 PM
  • kylerap: Wow, Sox got Joe Kelly and Allen Craig for Lackey?!
    Today at 01:46:45 PM
  • OUDAN: Oh hell yes
    Today at 01:47:33 PM
  • OUDAN: Allen Craig I need u to wake up in :BOS:
    Today at 01:47:44 PM
  • OUDAN: Also look at :STL: making way for my youngins in SD
    Today at 01:48:06 PM
  • kylerap: that's a great return
    Today at 01:48:26 PM
  • h4cheng: forget the real life deals
    Today at 01:50:31 PM
  • h4cheng: someone offer me something in mb/sd
    Today at 01:50:35 PM
  • OUDAN: Cheng there are boys on :NYY: who can help u win just gotta come off the big name specs
    Today at 01:51:23 PM
  • h4cheng: well do you have a SP oudan
    Today at 01:52:42 PM
  • OUDAN: Nolasco
    Today at 01:52:56 PM
  • Dan Wood: allen craig and joe kelly to boston
    Today at 01:54:47 PM
  • OUDAN: Could be huge for me in NE DW
    Today at 01:55:04 PM
  • Dan Wood: I think boston just got better
    Today at 01:55:34 PM
  • Dan Wood: maybe they should trade for a pitcher now
    Today at 01:55:42 PM
  • Gilly: NHL High Stick the high entry hocky league has 3 openings left and 1 smaller opening as an investor only....Anyone want more information, its gonna be sweet
    Today at 01:56:02 PM
  • kylerap: Strong moves for Boston.  they're probably not done yet either
    Today at 01:56:19 PM
  • Gilly: Investor spot is 49% which is $49, the GM will do the work, u just sit back and wait for the money to come, if he wins it all 1 out of 12 chance u will get $343
    Today at 01:56:41 PM
  • Gilly: Or u can come in as a 100% owner/GM of your own team, or spilit with a friend, we are open to anything :)
    Today at 01:57:08 PM
  • Corey: Another pick in
    Today at 01:57:45 PM
  • Corey: jefrensahaw on the clock
    Today at 01:57:50 PM
  • OUDAN: The two I was debating lol
    Today at 01:58:15 PM
  • MillerTime: Allen Craig has a pulse, at least for the plane ride
    Today at 01:58:38 PM
  • MillerTime: Hopefully he gets inspired
    Today at 01:58:56 PM
  • Gilly: Anyone looking for a small investment type, this is the time
    Today at 01:59:50 PM
  • Gilly: [link]
    Today at 02:02:04 PM
  • kylerap: with an OF of Cespedes, Victorino, Craig, Nava.  Sox should totally flip JBJ and Mookie for Hamels now
    Today at 02:02:13 PM
  • Dan Wood: Craig went to the billy butler school of hitting
    Today at 02:03:10 PM
  • Dan Wood: hit it hard... into the ground
    Today at 02:03:22 PM
  • ajm5551: jefrenshaw OTC in BTL
    Today at 02:12:04 PM
  • ajm5551: ACE just sent u a pm
    Today at 02:25:17 PM

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