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  • Daddy: Buy some :Texas: gear while our there
    Today at 05:55:16 PM
  • Daddy: your*
    Today at 05:55:33 PM
  • OUDAN: Are you high? Lol
    Today at 05:55:49 PM
  • Daddy: :rofl:
    Today at 05:56:59 PM
  • Daddy: I wish
    Today at 05:57:09 PM
  • OUDAN: I was offered some on vaca lol no thank u no foreign jail for me lol
    Today at 05:57:40 PM
  • Daddy: Just trying to help a friend not get his lunch $ taken :)
    Today at 05:58:09 PM
  • Eric: indiansnation......
    Today at 05:58:18 PM
  • Daddy: You know "when in Rome"
    Today at 05:58:42 PM
  • OUDAN: Ha
    Today at 06:00:29 PM
  • Brent: That's cool Dan.  Did you quit NFLC already?  I'm sure someone will take the Cowboys if you do.
    Today at 06:17:09 PM
  • OUDAN: I will arrange it just wish there we more consideration like every other time
    Today at 06:19:54 PM
  • Brent: Well you're not even paid so there is no arranging to do.
    Today at 06:20:26 PM
  • OUDAN: I have it under control please at least trust that
    Today at 06:21:35 PM
  • OUDAN: I don't want to leave this league as I have wanted one like this forever here.
    Today at 06:21:54 PM
  • OUDAN: Just I feel like I may need to leave on principal
    Today at 06:22:05 PM
  • OUDAN: Just hate that this is a dictatorship when it should have been voted on. Who knows maybe I'm the crazy one
    Today at 06:23:17 PM
  • Brent: Well tough decisions have to be made.  I'm not going to let something just linger for a year when they can just be fixed.
    Today at 06:23:51 PM
  • OUDAN: Do u of all people not see my side here?
    Today at 06:24:35 PM
  • OUDAN: It seems as if your just like Eh Smoking Gun them
    Today at 06:24:54 PM
  • jblum: dan, what are you upset about?
    Today at 06:25:04 PM
  • OUDAN: Blum let's no rehash too much no alcohol yet
    Today at 06:25:25 PM
  • Brent: blah, blah, blah dictatorship.  no this is someone fixing something that was broke.
    Today at 06:25:31 PM
  • chrisetc21: Chat drama
    Today at 06:26:23 PM
  • OUDAN: Brent your a reasonable guy come on can u not see why people are upset?
    Today at 06:26:46 PM
  • OUDAN: Wouldn't u have paid Hester for instance more if this was known. I know myself and Corey would.
    Today at 06:27:08 PM
  • OUDAN: We aren't rookie owners here
    Today at 06:27:16 PM
  • Brent: Well so would I, but that's not how it played out.
    Today at 06:27:38 PM
  • OUDAN: Sorry guys I'm done I won't bother u in chat over this again
    Today at 06:27:41 PM
  • Brent: And I'm not a rookie commissioner either.  I also get paid to make decisions everyday and I have no problem just making a decision over something I have control over.
    Today at 06:28:33 PM
  • Scalious: I think this year should be Free!
    Today at 06:28:47 PM
  • Scalious: this year.
    Today at 06:29:06 PM
  • Brent: The people will play like they don't care.  I have thought about reducing the cost and making it a half price year especially since all teams wil be $50 next year.
    Today at 06:29:36 PM
  • Brent: Then*
    Today at 06:29:43 PM
  • jblum: active leagues are the best leagues
    Today at 06:33:12 PM
  • chrisetc21: Then why you fail on Title Town after a day?  It's very active
    Today at 06:36:58 PM
  • chrisetc21: Bail too, haha
    Today at 06:37:09 PM
  • Brent: Who bailed on Title Town?
    Today at 06:38:06 PM
  • Tubbs: yeah Blum, if you want to be in big leagues you need to get back in TT. Even UT fans are eligible. LOL
    Today at 06:38:45 PM
  • jblum: I didn't fail chrisetc, i felt like leaving because its easier for 1 sport leagues
    Today at 06:40:31 PM
  • jblum: chrisetc your the biggest Dousche i know.. must get it from westside
    Today at 06:41:31 PM
  • -BA-: I don't think there is an S in Douche
    Today at 06:43:02 PM
  • OUDAN: Only when plural lol
    Today at 06:43:58 PM
  • Tubbs: U always welcome back Blum
    Today at 06:44:34 PM
  • Tubbs: to TT
    Today at 06:44:43 PM
  • jblum: I don't know, one sport leagues are much easier to keep up with
    Today at 06:45:15 PM
  • chrisetc21: Thankfully you knw nothing about me
    Today at 06:48:35 PM
  • -BA-: Ha, good point Dan
    Today at 06:49:02 PM
  • chrisetc21: Keep up the childishness though, it's funny
    Today at 06:49:13 PM
  • Corey: Glad I got the buttery popcorn
    Today at 06:49:29 PM

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