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  • JMAC: 108 is 6 yrs. control and harper is 5m (2016) then fa as he is on mlb deal. He will be fa after 2016 in here too im sure
    Today at 12:22:31 AM
  • Scalious: He shouldn;t. I remember how Bundy and Rendon were ruled in start ups last year. Harper will be ruled the same.
    Today at 12:23:42 AM
  • Corey: Evening boys
    Today at 12:24:12 AM
  • nottathedaddy: Well that is a different of the same rule but you could be right.
    Today at 12:24:38 AM
  • nottathedaddy: different interpretation sorry left out a word
    Today at 12:26:13 AM
  • JMAC: rules clearly state mlb deals override rookie deals thus harper is 5m (2016) per that statement. I guess we will find out soon enough though lol
    Today at 12:26:54 AM
  • keremeos: it's one or the other..  you can't have his contract and then put back on a rookie deal when it expires
    Today at 12:27:43 AM
  • Scalious: Over-rides rookie deal. Meaning he is paid what the contract is insted of what the regular arb salary..but that doesn't mean years of control are overode
    Today at 12:28:23 AM
  • Scalious: Sure you can.. the real MLB does it
    Today at 12:28:55 AM
  • AdamBombs: Off topic. Lamar Odom found unconscious in a brothel, had to be airlifted to a hospital
    Today at 12:28:58 AM
  • Orange Country: lol really
    Today at 12:29:23 AM
  • Orange Country: that's some BooYah! ed up BooYah!
    Today at 12:29:29 AM
  • keremeos: there is not one player in ML that has this sort of combo contract
    Today at 12:29:38 AM
  • Scalious: Yeah.. Harper wasn't given his MLB deal in ML
    Today at 12:30:16 AM
  • JMAC: he is fa to be 2016 in 108 which has same 6 yrs control thus I assume will be fa here in 2016 and shouod be per rules
    Today at 12:31:05 AM
  • JMAC: should
    Today at 12:31:15 AM
  • AdamBombs: Sorry he needed to be airlifted but couldnt be because of his stature so he was rushed via ambulance. He was found unconscious basically foaming from the mouth
    Today at 12:31:16 AM
  • keremeos: but all players were drafted from a list with their contracts posted
    Today at 12:31:18 AM
  • keremeos: we're drafting players with their current contracts
    Today at 12:31:52 AM
  • Scalious: Well 108 wasn't a corey run league..this one is. and I know from BTL last year MLB contract doesn't over-ride years of control
    Today at 12:32:17 AM
  • keremeos: Harpers coming to the end of a 7 year contract
    Today at 12:32:55 AM
  • Jonathan: wow, he signed it as a 15 year old lol
    Today at 12:34:03 AM
  • indiansnation: Ok im changing this a little bit about harper nationals have him till 2018 will harper be the highest payed player in baseball
    Today at 12:34:25 AM
  • nottathedaddy: that was sign when he was drafted.
    Today at 12:34:27 AM
  • indiansnation: 40m yr
    Today at 12:34:43 AM
  • Jonathan: Crazy to think he is only 22.
    Today at 12:35:01 AM
  • nottathedaddy: yeah the Yankees can afford that
    Today at 12:35:27 AM
  • indiansnation: 40m yr after 2018 and will washington spend that much money o one player
    Today at 12:35:58 AM
  • keremeos: 17 jonathon
    Today at 12:36:31 AM
  • indiansnation: Because thats what harper wants
    Today at 12:36:35 AM
  • Jonathan: in my sim league, he signed a 6 year 10.165M contract
    Today at 12:37:39 AM
  • keremeos: he's 23 i few days
    Today at 12:38:08 AM
  • Jonathan: this year, he makes 2.5M, next year its 5.0M
    Today at 12:38:53 AM
  • Jonathan: 7.2M arb in 17, 18
    Today at 12:40:00 AM
  • keremeos: was extension
    Today at 12:41:04 AM
  • Jonathan: that is the real life contract though.
    Today at 12:41:28 AM
  • Jonathan: Rendon is arb eligible all the way to 2019 in real life.
    Today at 12:42:31 AM
  • pandoval172: yeah we definitely need clarity on what happens to players who signed MLB deals that expire before their team control expires
    Today at 12:44:02 AM
  • keremeos: yeah idk what you do..  i'm good with whatever:)
    Today at 12:44:34 AM
  • pandoval172: that would have been true of machado too if you picked him last year. he was under MLB contract for 2015 but remains arg-eligible in 2016 and '17
    Today at 12:44:41 AM
  • pandoval172: i don't know why my autocorrect thinks "arg-eligible" is more of a word than "arb-eligible"  haha
    Today at 12:45:18 AM
  • keremeos: i think multi-year deal and team control should be gone
    Today at 12:45:32 AM
  • Jonathan: its safe to assume in arb Harper gonna get paid lol
    Today at 12:45:38 AM
  • Jonathan: in RL
    Today at 12:45:49 AM
  • keremeos: but whateva is all good
    Today at 12:45:52 AM
  • keremeos: no in WSB
    Today at 12:46:04 AM
  • pandoval172: lamar odom is aaargh-eligible
    Today at 12:46:11 AM
  • keremeos: lol
    Today at 12:46:18 AM
  • Scalious: Really I'm only basing this off how Corey ruled BTL last year. This league could be totally different on how he interpates it.
    Today at 12:47:38 AM
  • nottathedaddy: He will make 20m+ in real life in 2017
    Today at 12:49:26 AM