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  • Daddy: Its over
    Today at 01:45:54 AM
  • Jonathan: should be easy decision lol pacman no chance
    Today at 01:46:05 AM
  • Daddy: I got it 116-112 Money
    Today at 01:46:48 AM
  • Daddy: I gave 2 rounds to Manny in Charity so 118-110 isnt out of the question
    Today at 01:47:18 AM
    Today at 01:47:53 AM
  • Daddy: No need for a rematch
    Today at 01:48:36 AM
    Today at 01:48:57 AM
  • Daddy: 118-110 & 2 116-112
    Today at 01:50:22 AM
  • Daddy: Perfect
    Today at 01:50:46 AM
  • OUDAN: That was ugly
    Today at 01:51:40 AM
  • Jonathan: Mayweather lands 67 more punches than Pacquiao. ‪#‎lopsided‬ ‪#‎MayPac‬
    Today at 02:04:11 AM
  • Jonathan: Floyd Mayweather plays the villain card better than anyone in sports today.
    Today at 02:04:28 AM
  • Jonathan: Fight didn't live up to hype, everyone is crying about it now lol
    Today at 02:06:04 AM
  • Jonathan: Kinda like my Eagles not getting Mariota  :P
    Today at 02:06:50 AM
  • Jonathan: We did just sign Devante Davis as UDFA  :beer:
    Today at 02:08:03 AM
  • Jonathan: We drafted 6 guys and signed 15 UDFA, and 0 played at Oregon  :o
    Today at 02:11:00 AM
  • fantasyboi: who just saw Robert Flores getting hype with Stephen A? haha
    Today at 02:29:20 AM
  • Jonathan: Steven A is an idiot!
    Today at 02:35:00 AM
  • fantasyboi: Flores is too tho
    Today at 02:41:20 AM
  • fantasyboi: so tired of injuries magically popping up after losses
    Today at 03:42:27 AM
  • Jonathan: CP3 was better hurt lol
    Today at 03:46:55 AM
  • Jonathan: Seems kinda bitter to blame an injury now.
    Today at 03:47:35 AM
  • Jonathan: Floyd came in, heard hiim crying lol
    Today at 03:48:10 AM
  • Jonathan: Floyd just said he was gonna give up all the belts.
    Today at 04:07:18 AM
  • Jonathan: He made his money.
    Today at 04:07:48 AM
  • fantasyboi: yup
    Today at 04:10:49 AM
  • fantasyboi: Floyd sticking it too them
    Today at 04:11:09 AM
  • Jonathan: #checkmate
    Today at 04:12:41 AM
  • fantasyboi: is that girl checking him out? haha
    Today at 04:13:01 AM
  • fantasyboi: he'll prob take em both home anyways
    Today at 04:13:17 AM
  • Jonathan: she heard all that money talk lol I'd buy her !
    Today at 04:14:31 AM
  • fantasyboi: haha ya buddy!
    Today at 04:15:58 AM
  • fantasyboi: he said 14 passenger jet and that smile got real big
    Today at 04:16:22 AM
  • fantasyboi: idk how reporters even have degrees
    Today at 04:17:49 AM
  • jblum: BTL transactions need to get updated
    Today at 11:39:00 AM
  • indiansnation: hit me up if anybody wants to talk trade
    Today at 12:30:28 PM
  • mike0542: if anyone is looking for a start up hardcore basketball league, [link]
    Today at 12:41:35 PM
  • Vollmernator: Any body Want Domingo Santana in FGM I'm the twins
    Today at 01:10:48 PM
  • Vollmernator: Let's trade in FGM I'm the twins
    Today at 01:12:57 PM
  • jblum: I like Santana
    Today at 01:20:32 PM
  • BHows: I like Norris
    Today at 01:22:33 PM
  • Vollmernator: Send me an offer jblum
    Today at 01:29:16 PM
  • Vollmernator: Sorry bhows want to keep both derek and Bud norris
    Today at 01:29:50 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Any SD owners on? Pirates looking to deal
    Today at 01:31:02 PM
  • Dan Wood: new MB article [link]
    Today at 01:37:32 PM
  • jblum: Just saw his contract. Never mind haha
    Today at 01:38:17 PM
  • jblum: I can give you Matt Cain but I would need more than just Santana
    Today at 01:38:34 PM
  • jblum: Message me vollmer
    Today at 01:38:54 PM
  • Vollmernator: Pm jblum
    Today at 01:44:26 PM
  • Vollmernator: Pm again jblum
    Today at 01:50:59 PM

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