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  • Eric: ha kk
    Today at 01:40:06 AM
  • Eric: I have a few  teams open in my new league. Season started this year
    Today at 01:40:56 AM
  • Jon: ha, there is a ant crawling around on the inside screen on the pc.   tihis is funny
    Today at 01:41:55 AM
  • Eric: LOL
    Today at 01:42:09 AM
  • Jon: i tried to kill it and was like what the hell
    Today at 01:42:40 AM
  • Eric: funny Smoking Gun
    Today at 01:42:52 AM
  • Jon: this ant is killing me.   i tap on the scren and it gets startled.   how the hell did it get in there.   thats all i want to know.   i blame my co workers
    Today at 01:46:23 AM
  • Eric: who knows
    Today at 01:46:42 AM
  • Jon: well Smoking Gun i guess i should process stuff in bsn now
    Today at 01:47:32 AM
  • Jon: fun times
    Today at 01:47:35 AM
  • Eric: yeah get on it!
    Today at 01:48:23 AM
  • Jon: jesus christ.   so i am in the nlcs in dme.   after one night I am losing 302 to 7.5.   I always get to this point every year and get my ass kicked
    Today at 01:49:40 AM
  • Eric: Yeah I am too in my league, sucks Ryu isnt gonna pitch for the rest of the year
    Today at 01:51:04 AM
  • Jon: the pirates moved worley to the bullpen so i lost that starter and I wasn't smaert enough to call up corcino before the deadline.
    Today at 01:53:36 AM
  • Brent: I did have a few SPs go tonight.
    Today at 01:53:48 AM
  • Jon: LOL, doesn't matter brent.   you have owned me all year long.   I hope you win the leauge.   keep it in the nl
    Today at 01:54:43 AM
  • Jon: the Reds have been your girlfriend all year
    Today at 01:56:45 AM
  • Brent: lol, it has taken awhile to get team to this point.
    Today at 01:58:55 AM
  • Jon: its a beast.   sad mike is retiring at the end.
    Today at 01:59:35 AM
  • Jon: he could be back to back champs.   what a way to go out
    Today at 01:59:44 AM
  • Brent: Mike?
    Today at 02:00:58 AM
  • Jon: boston gm
    Today at 02:01:48 AM
  • Jon: i am just waiting on micah to tell us if he is comign back.   other the dodgers all 24 teams are good to go
    Today at 02:03:12 AM
  • Brent: oh, okay.
    Today at 02:03:23 AM
  • Brent: man, it is tough to figure out which college player to take with my first round pick in this road to naismith league.
    Today at 02:04:00 AM
  • Eric: Jon, join my football league :)
    Today at 02:04:08 AM
  • Brent: I'm thinking to go big, but that young kid Mudiay is also available as is the guy Johnson out of AZ.
    Today at 02:04:54 AM
  • Jon: eric, i have one nfl league and its one to many.   I would be doing you a disservice.   I would not be a good gm brother.
    Today at 02:06:25 AM
  • Jon: I am looking for a replacement gm for my reds in dme as well so i am only the commissioner in dme and not have a team
    Today at 02:06:47 AM
  • Jon: go ahead and post your openings in rn nation rn hoops, bsn and in dme though
    Today at 02:07:19 AM
  • Jon: i will allow that.   I think our members would help you
    Today at 02:07:33 AM
  • Eric: Yeah I will once I know the full damage
    Today at 02:08:55 AM
  • JMAC: mundiay is not available as he is over seas and over seas guys are not.eligible I believe
    Today at 02:11:23 AM
  • JMAC: mudiay
    Today at 02:12:05 AM
  • Brent: Yeah, I just read that.  I saw some stuff saying he was at SMU, then I just found where it said he chose not to attend SMU and go play in China.  Well that makes it easier then.
    Today at 02:12:28 AM
  • Jon: hey jmac, are you pretty up to date on the international players that signed this year for baseball?
    Today at 02:12:56 AM
  • JMAC: ya pretty much
    Today at 02:13:18 AM
  • Jon: can you get me a list for the dme draft this year.   I need to add them to the list and I am so busy with bsn I just dont have time to research it
    Today at 02:13:55 AM
  • Brent: okay, now I just have to wait for irb to pick or time-out
    Today at 02:14:18 AM
  • JMAC: pm me so when I have a chance ill remember to.do.it
    Today at 02:14:48 AM
  • Jon: adn since i have you and brent here.   would you guys prefer to go back to 40 man minors in dme or just increase it to 35
    Today at 02:14:59 AM
  • Jon: no problem
    Today at 02:15:06 AM
  • JMAC: either way is fine, I always like deeper minors but any enhancement is fine with me
    Today at 02:17:39 AM
  • Jon: brent, since my rc is not talking do you think that 0.400k for minors is a fair price.   I would change the salaries in dme to give all specs a 6 year contract at that rate.
    Today at 02:18:08 AM
  • Jon: i desperately want to do away with arbitration and service years.   Its a pain in the ass to keep up with.
    Today at 02:18:58 AM
  • Jon: jmac you can answer that as well
    Today at 02:19:12 AM
  • Jon: any member of dme on the board can chime in
    Today at 02:19:19 AM
  • Brent: Yes, 400K is a good amount.  It is what I went with in NFL Countdown.
    Today at 02:20:46 AM
  • Jon: thank you
    Today at 02:24:44 AM
  • Jon: ok, sick of fantasy sports for now.   got to watch some tv in the bar and eat my dinner
    Today at 02:25:47 AM

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