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  • Jonathan: inpoints I believe is just for Invitationals, and ppl use them to rank up
    Yesterday at 09:53:11 PM
  • OUDAN: Ha
    Yesterday at 09:53:12 PM
  • Jonathan: never used any.
    Yesterday at 09:54:36 PM
  • Jonathan: I think they are given for running leagues/recruiting
    Yesterday at 09:56:52 PM
  • Jonathan: SG has a nice stash
    Yesterday at 09:58:56 PM
  • Scalious: Hmm. does that mean i'll be eligible for the MLB invitational next year?
    Yesterday at 10:00:13 PM
  • sports guru: No clue how I got all those points. But not complaining. I just used some in NHL Invite too
    Yesterday at 10:03:04 PM
  • Jonathan: top 2 finish in ML should help a ton.
    Yesterday at 10:04:13 PM
  • Daddy: You would think that finishes matter Jonathan, but that cant be the case.
    Yesterday at 10:05:59 PM
  • jblum: #37 in invitational is 2-1
    Yesterday at 10:07:24 PM
  • jblum: or should be at least
    Yesterday at 10:07:51 PM
  • Daddy: Ive been stuck on 0 since joining profsl. Even my dad has inpoints, we laugh about it all the time.
    Yesterday at 10:08:17 PM
  • Billy: Colby's already said that the bonus inpoints listed in people's profiles will be eliminated after the NHL and NBA Invitationals get started.
    Yesterday at 10:08:21 PM
  • Billy: Those bonus inpoints aren't earned from your leagues. I am not really sure how people get these inpoints listed in their profiles. But to get into each sport invitational is based on your results in leagues and I think discussion (if it's still counted into the points)
    Yesterday at 10:09:31 PM
  • Daddy: I cant imagine whatda hell he ever did to get them go gold maybe :rofl:
    Yesterday at 10:09:39 PM
  • Yacob: billy are we only allowed to deal '15 picks in futures?
    Yesterday at 10:11:48 PM
  • Daddy: Ive helped run leagues Billy, ive won a league title, i once sold a goat...i dunno how the crap you earn them.
    Yesterday at 10:12:39 PM
  • Billy: Yacob, yes you can only deal '15 picks in Futures
    Yesterday at 10:13:27 PM
  • Jonathan: can I give my inpoints away?
    Yesterday at 10:14:20 PM
  • Yacob: alright word
    Yesterday at 10:14:31 PM
  • jblum: yacob, what happen to r2n
    Yesterday at 10:15:47 PM
  • OUDAN: Yes to me Jonathan!
    Yesterday at 10:15:52 PM
  • Daddy: How did you get them in the first place :rofl:
    Yesterday at 10:16:56 PM
  • Yacob: r2n?
    Yesterday at 10:22:18 PM
  • jblum: yeah you signed up but never responded to my messages
    Yesterday at 10:22:45 PM
  • Yacob: i just took on another league so for now ill have to remain on the waiting list unfortunately
    Yesterday at 10:24:23 PM
  • Eric: sup all
    Yesterday at 11:19:28 PM
  • chrisetc21: sup
    Today at 12:24:57 AM
  • Jpsprague10: :LAA: BTL MiLB Pick is in
    Today at 12:27:50 AM
  • Jpsprague10: :NYY: are OTC BTL MiLB
    Today at 12:29:55 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: Anyone out there like :CIN:, :LAA: (Mike Trout) or :SD:[link]
    Today at 12:32:39 AM
  • Eric: I almost took :LAA:
    Today at 12:36:14 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: I wish you would have.  You have made it that much harder to do well the AL Central next year.  :)
    Today at 12:43:01 AM
  • bravesfan: Eric are you joining leagues again?
    Today at 12:43:37 AM
  • Eric: HA! Detroit has more pieces that I can mess with
    Today at 12:46:18 AM
  • Eric: Yes Chris! LOL  not even close to as many as I was in 6 months ago
    Today at 12:46:42 AM
  • indiansnation: hey eric i shoed up
    Today at 01:06:58 AM
  • indiansnation: i was in ff
    Today at 01:07:36 AM
  • Eric: bout time
    Today at 01:08:18 AM
  • indiansnation: i do work
    Today at 01:09:15 AM
  • Eric: yeah w/e LOL
    Today at 01:09:36 AM
  • indiansnation: not like u i dont eat bond bons and donuts all day
    Today at 01:10:38 AM
  • indiansnation: at work
    Today at 01:10:58 AM
  • Eric: I eat healthy :)
    Today at 01:11:23 AM
  • indiansnation: next your going to say u work hard
    Today at 01:13:41 AM
  • Eric: somedays
    Today at 01:15:22 AM
  • Eric: buta busy day in my job isnt good
    Today at 01:16:06 AM
  • Eric: a quiet calm day is great
    Today at 01:16:13 AM
  • indiansnation: going to check out your new team
    Today at 01:18:39 AM
  • Eric: coolio, Pm or text me if you wanna trade
    Today at 01:19:03 AM

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