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  • Gilly: the rules in NBA Futures is different
    Today at 12:17:53 AM
  • Gilly: depth wins the league
    Today at 12:17:59 AM
  • Gilly: Im stuck with a sick stud basketball player that will make me finish in the top 7 tops
    Today at 12:18:24 AM
  • Gilly: as nobody wants a 20m guy where the league is focused on no maximum games played per week, oh well i tried to make myself better
    Today at 12:19:06 AM
  • Yacob: lol
    Today at 12:19:29 AM
  • Tubbs: Gilly, let's make a trade in Kimg of the Rink
    Today at 12:19:40 AM
  • Gilly: funny funny stuff, to much focus on names and not stats
    Today at 12:19:55 AM
  • Yacob: do you like the max games per week rule?
    Today at 12:19:59 AM
  • Gilly: yeah tubby :)
    Today at 12:20:05 AM
  • Gilly: I liked it but right now I hate it cause i have no depth and my guys are expensive and nobody wants them in a tight wad payroll league
    Today at 12:20:30 AM
  • Gilly: I was the one who wanted it bad last year as I got burned on the game limit lol
    Today at 12:20:52 AM
  • Yacob: i think it should just be for baseball
    Today at 12:21:17 AM
  • Gilly: What are u moving in KOTR tubbs
    Today at 12:21:38 AM
  • Gilly: If it was the way it was I would never consider moving Paul
    Today at 12:22:02 AM
  • Gilly: but its not so I need depth and 20m in a 70m cap league is brutal
    Today at 12:22:15 AM
  • Gilly: Paul, Randolph, Millsap, Tyreke and Deron, is not good enough in a depth league lol
    Today at 12:23:58 AM
  • Yacob: why wouldnt you get a good young guy on a rook deal and a bad contract that expires soon for paul instead?
    Today at 12:24:10 AM
  • Gilly: not bad in other leagues tho lol
    Today at 12:24:16 AM
  • Gilly: well im going to have too, but look at the deron deal, the only good thing i got was the 1st rounder
    Today at 12:24:39 AM
  • Yacob: then you have a building block and future flexibility both
    Today at 12:24:52 AM
  • Tubbs: It's ok Gills. Let it out, vent.
    Today at 12:24:58 AM
  • Gilly: im not mad Tubby at all bro
    Today at 12:25:13 AM
  • Gilly: Im never mad, thats the common misconception here that Im told Im always mad
    Today at 12:25:24 AM
  • Tubbs: I'll give you Kopitar for some 4 th line D man
    Today at 12:25:28 AM
  • Yacob: gilly is nba futures actually good now? when i was in it there wasnt much activity it seemed
    Today at 12:25:43 AM
  • Capn Cally: "You mad bro?" Hahaha
    Today at 12:26:22 AM
  • Gilly: The Deron deal getting approved is funny stuff
    Today at 12:26:27 AM
  • Yacob: i just hate how the draft works but theres a lot about the way its set up that i liked
    Today at 12:26:44 AM
  • Tubbs: I am just trying to make Gilly happy
    Today at 12:27:03 AM
  • Gilly: I love Futures once I can make the deal i need to be competative
    Today at 12:27:14 AM
  • Gilly: I like Billy so that helps lol
    Today at 12:27:35 AM
  • Yacob: larry sanders 20m
    Today at 12:27:39 AM
  • Tubbs: Gill, when r u startin WNBA league?
    Today at 12:27:49 AM
  • Gilly: lol Deron deal getting approved is funny lol
    Today at 12:28:00 AM
  • Gilly: lol I run everything else tubbs lol why not eh
    Today at 12:28:13 AM
  • Yacob: e40 must be from wisconsin
    Today at 12:28:17 AM
  • Brent: Not exactlyl Gilly.  [link]
    Today at 12:29:42 AM
  • Tubbs: I have hots for Rebecca Lobo
    Today at 12:29:57 AM
  • Brent: Wait NVM.
    Today at 12:30:03 AM
  • Gilly: haha call me Gilly king of getting guys to press veto haha
    Today at 12:30:14 AM
  • Gilly: lol why did u change it
    Today at 12:30:39 AM
  • Brent: I changed my vote man.  I hate Deron Wiliams and for you to trade him away and get a 1st that is awesome.
    Today at 12:30:55 AM
  • Gilly: hahaha wow Im surprised lol
    Today at 12:32:07 AM
  • Gilly: Oudan has gone a few hours without crapping on this so maybe I did okay ??
    Today at 12:34:00 AM
  • jblum: Brent will you make the r2n pick tonight? Just message the guy after when he is OTC
    Today at 12:36:30 AM
  • Eric: Sup dudes
    Today at 12:39:03 AM
  • Gilly: Mr Ej
    Today at 12:42:47 AM
  • Eric: Sup Gills
    Today at 12:43:29 AM
  • sports guru: Eric, did you get my invite?
    Today at 12:43:32 AM
  • Eric: umm i will look
    Today at 12:44:15 AM

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