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  • jblum: SD mets trading to playoff contending teams.
    Today at 02:15:24 PM
  • Dan Wood: MB mets are doing the same
    Today at 02:36:38 PM
  • kylerap: I don't think I have any 16 year old dominican kids left to offer DW
    Today at 02:40:58 PM
  • OUDAN: Totally going to the Dominican in a month or so I'll scout them for u guys don't worry
    Today at 02:42:30 PM
  • OUDAN: Need some votes in SD
    Today at 02:43:00 PM
  • OUDAN: Pat if your around u have mail
    Today at 02:43:27 PM
  • Dan Wood: Kyle I don't even know who is on your squad anymore
    Today at 02:43:32 PM
  • Dan Wood: I'm going to the insane asylum in about a month
    Today at 02:45:50 PM
  • kylerap: ya, my roster is a tad off
    Today at 02:50:32 PM
  • Dan Wood: I'd say so
    Today at 02:52:28 PM
  • kylerap: its close
    Today at 02:59:14 PM
  • kylerap: just the peavy and haren trades are missing if i recall
    Today at 02:59:27 PM
  • Ace: sooner, replied
    Today at 03:00:20 PM
  • kylerap: wow, Masterson to Cardinals
    Today at 03:11:54 PM
  • kylerap: RL trade
    Today at 03:14:40 PM
  • Wahoo: Masterson for STL's #8 prospect OF James Ramsey
    Today at 03:24:59 PM
  • Ace: pointless
    Today at 03:26:25 PM
  • OUDAN: Why would Cleveland do that
    Today at 03:26:39 PM
  • OUDAN: Wow
    Today at 03:26:43 PM
  • Ace: erm why would stl do that
    Today at 03:27:29 PM
  • OUDAN: I'd take Masterson for that all day long
    Today at 03:27:47 PM
  • OUDAN: I replied to u ace but not looking good this whole contract crap screwed me lol
    Today at 03:28:13 PM
  • Ace: masterson is a rental who's hurt, has suffered a velocity decline, is walking over 5 per 9 and is getting smoked for a career high ld rate
    Today at 03:30:17 PM
  • Wahoo: He's a good pitcher if he never has to face a LH batter.
    Today at 03:30:43 PM
  • Wahoo: That's honestly a lot more than I thought CLE could get for Masterson
    Today at 03:31:45 PM
  • Corey: Cleveland wasn't resigning him
    Today at 03:32:05 PM
  • Corey: Second that wahoo
    Today at 03:32:15 PM
  • Wahoo: He's probably more suited to be a RP. A guy to get RH hitters out.
    Today at 03:33:24 PM
  • Ace: corey can u explain lor re-signing? how much will melo likely cost sooner to re-sign?
    Today at 03:35:09 PM
  • CRS245: Freerolls open for four (4) more hours StatClash - [link] SportsTradex - [link] FanDuel - [link] Premium members (ProFSL Gold) eligible to win $150 in cash prizes this month just for participating in these special contests.
    Today at 03:35:18 PM
  • jblum: Corey can you please update the LOR rosters
    Today at 03:36:47 PM
  • Corey: Ace all resigns and ranks will be posted this week
    Today at 03:38:02 PM
  • Corey: jblum it will be a couple days
    Today at 03:38:15 PM
  • OUDAN: Corey I can wait I know u r busy my friend
    Today at 03:38:22 PM
  • Wahoo: Just saw Masterson makes his debut Sat. vs. MIL
    Today at 03:38:28 PM
  • Ace: sooner, we can re-visit when re-signs are up, corey isn't there anyone that can help out with lor?
    Today at 03:39:39 PM
  • Corey: Sandman is he is just got back from vacation
    Today at 03:43:53 PM
  • Corey: Sandman did most of the FA stuff, I just did the rosters
    Today at 03:44:09 PM
  • Ace: cool
    Today at 03:44:46 PM
  • patjossom: wacha 60day dl...ouch
    Today at 03:53:34 PM
  • patjossom: maybe they should of pushed for piscotty instead
    Today at 03:54:57 PM
  • Brent: Corey, What happened in MB?
    Today at 03:55:05 PM
  • Corey: Long Story
    Today at 03:59:02 PM
  • Corey: Just tired of getting walked on
    Today at 03:59:22 PM
  • Brent: That sucks man.  Can someone update the % I own of the Padres on the mV/Ownership thread?
    Today at 04:04:14 PM
  • Corey: PM that to me Brent and Ill update when I get back to the office
    Today at 04:04:40 PM
  • Brent: Ok, I will when I get on a comp.
    Today at 04:05:58 PM
  • Corey: ty sir
    Today at 04:06:27 PM
  • Gilly: Hi boys
    Today at 04:06:45 PM
  • Ace: wacha; makes no difference, he wasn't coming back before aug 18 abyway
    Today at 04:11:26 PM

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