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  • indiansnation: Hey Corey not sure if u can do this or not but in title I don't have hockey on fantrax
    Today at 10:01:55 AM
  • Corey: Let Billy know Brian
    Today at 10:12:12 AM
  • Tarheels55: what's the problem in TT Brian
    Today at 10:13:29 AM
  • indiansnation: Have no hockey team in fantrax
    Today at 10:15:40 AM
  • Tarheels55: what's your ID in fantrax?
    Today at 10:17:10 AM
  • indiansnation: Briansports01
    Today at 10:18:16 AM
  • Tarheels55: you are Columbus?
    Today at 10:18:21 AM
  • Tarheels55: you should be in now Brian
    Today at 10:20:31 AM
  • indiansnation: Yes coumbus
    Today at 10:21:14 AM
  • indiansnation: Thanks tarhells55
    Today at 10:21:34 AM
  • Tarheels55: looks as if you were not in in NBA also so i added you
    Today at 10:24:09 AM
  • OUDAN: Monring all
    Today at 10:36:21 AM
  • irbwilleo: all those playoff rules in 108 made sense at the time...
    Today at 10:50:52 AM
  • irbwilleo: actually now that I reread them, they still make sense the way I meant it, but I dont think they were written out very clearly
    Today at 10:53:41 AM
  • kangol: OU.  MB2 playoffs have started?
    Today at 11:28:36 AM
  • kangol: nvm.  I see its been changed to start.
    Today at 11:29:19 AM
  • Corey: And your whooping up on Toronto
    Today at 11:31:25 AM
  • kangol: Ha. Team is finally getting some guys healthy.
    Today at 11:32:17 AM
  • OUDAN: I didnt realize I had the date listed wrong my apologies
    Today at 11:32:36 AM
  • OUDAN: It will always mirror MB or thats the plan
    Today at 11:32:44 AM
  • kangol: NE playoffs are real tight right now.
    Today at 11:32:54 AM
  • OUDAN: Corey you caught up some in MB stop it!
    Today at 11:33:18 AM
  • OUDAN: First time I missed in NE talk about depressing lol
    Today at 11:33:28 AM
  • kangol: No worries Dan.   Was just unsure of the format.  Ill try and do a write up for it later today.
    Today at 11:34:06 AM
  • kangol: Yeah I was looking forward to dodging the Rockies and Sox.   Now Sandmans Yankees have a career day. Making me nervous.
    Today at 11:35:03 AM
  • OUDAN: lol
    Today at 11:35:35 AM
  • kangol: Guy had a 600 point day.
    Today at 11:36:13 AM
  • OUDAN: BooYah!
    Today at 11:36:37 AM
  • OUDAN: Peraza playing in :LAD: thats good for my MB2 :LAA: next year I hope
    Today at 11:37:53 AM
  • Corey: I wouldnt want to play the Yanks in NE. Too many guys are hot. I think the Yanks have the 2nd most points since July in NE
    Today at 11:38:59 AM
  • OUDAN: They were always a sleeping giant just needed the right GM.
    Today at 11:39:58 AM
  • OUDAN: That much cap is nasty in a league that small IMO
    Today at 11:40:31 AM
  • kangol: I should win. haha   But it will be closer than I thought.
    Today at 11:40:42 AM
  • kangol: I better win anyway.  Yes that cap is insane.
    Today at 11:41:32 AM
  • OUDAN: Thats what Corey is doing to me in MB lol hanging around makin me nervous
    Today at 11:41:39 AM
  • kangol: 206m vs 86m caps.
    Today at 11:42:17 AM
  • kylerap: my teams are all taking a dump in the worst possible week
    Today at 11:42:46 AM
  • kangol: Whats the score in that Dan?
    Today at 11:43:13 AM
  • Scalious: Didn't you get a bye in BTL?
    Today at 11:43:36 AM
  • OUDAN: Im up like 100 I think
    Today at 11:43:46 AM
  • OUDAN: Scal if your talking to me yes I di
    Today at 11:44:12 AM
  • OUDAN: Kangol, 525 is mine and Corey is 428
    Today at 11:44:28 AM
  • OUDAN: 438*
    Today at 11:44:37 AM
  • kylerap: me too.
    Today at 11:44:51 AM
  • Corey: noway Id take the yanks in NE tho.... Its a $200 entry
    Today at 11:45:05 AM
  • kylerap: I'm banking on BTL and ML to actually make deep runs because my other teams dont look so hot
    Today at 11:45:09 AM
  • Scalious: Was talking to Kyle..and his teams dump. but good for you sooner
    Today at 11:45:31 AM
  • Scalious: You just wipe the floor in least in the NL.
    Today at 11:45:56 AM
  • Scalious: WS ell be a toss up.
    Today at 11:46:20 AM
  • kylerap: I'm shocked.  thought i was rebuilding in the beginning of the year and then had to change course
    Today at 11:46:51 AM