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  • fantasyboi: omg praise Tim Tebow!!! I thought i lost all my excels of my rosters
    Today at 10:55:05 PM
  • Sky: Kyle you're OTC in FLG!
    Today at 10:55:31 PM
  • fantasyboi: anyone looking to trade in SD?
    Today at 11:18:29 PM
  • Sky: Who's on your block boi?
    Today at 11:19:14 PM
  • Sky: what's your team?
    Today at 11:19:55 PM
  • Corey: Phials are down to trade in there
    Today at 11:20:17 PM
  • fantasyboi: Tigers
    Today at 11:20:26 PM
  • fantasyboi: everyone is available
    Today at 11:20:42 PM
  • fantasyboi: i do need to make an official block tho
    Today at 11:20:51 PM
  • Sky: Boi, you have some nice players. Too bad I'm against the cap
    Today at 11:24:32 PM
  • Pergs24: Corey when do all my trades go thru?
    Today at 11:24:44 PM
  • fantasyboi: ya im against too haha
    Today at 11:25:14 PM
  • Corey: Working on it now. Been taking care of a sick family and keeping up with all the FA leagues
    Today at 11:26:09 PM
  • Sky: what are you looking to do? compete? rebuild? both?
    Today at 11:26:16 PM
  • Sky: Corey! check your pm and let me know!
    Today at 11:26:56 PM
  • redbeard82: don't know how you do it corey
    Today at 11:27:16 PM
  • redbeard82: running a draft, FA and the baby can barely wrap my head around it
    Today at 11:27:31 PM
  • fantasyboi: im rebuilding if ur asking me Sky
    Today at 11:27:47 PM
  • Sky: Got it boi!
    Today at 11:28:18 PM
  • Forbz23: I think we need people who have been skipped more than once in FLG to put a mandatory queue list or we can skip them evry pick or something like that
    Today at 11:29:06 PM
  • Forbz23: I get people are busy but dont sign up for a draft like this if you cant check in
    Today at 11:29:42 PM
  • Sky: Sound good Forbz.... at least a couple of names
    Today at 11:30:37 PM
  • Forbz23: I get some people can miss a pick or two
    Today at 11:31:09 PM
  • Forbz23: But relying stickly on emails that your otc and missing half the draft, theres some issue
    Today at 11:31:30 PM
  • Forbz23: I like my team so far as well haha dont want this to fold
    Today at 11:33:19 PM
  • Forbz23: Although getting worried about pitching depth
    Today at 11:33:31 PM
  • scottnva: totally agree Forb they are just throwing their money away and inconveniencing eveyone else
    Today at 11:33:34 PM
  • redbeard82: Corey - You have a minute?
    Today at 11:34:08 PM
  • pandoval172: I think it's too early to panic about people losing interest... However I do like the idea of a scheduled time for each pick.
    Today at 11:35:17 PM
  • fantasyboi: lmao its Feb 6th...chilllllll
    Today at 11:35:20 PM
  • fantasyboi: when u pick a pitcher who needs TJ ur gonna wish we waited longer
    Today at 11:35:44 PM
  • robbeppolite: Does anyone know if all teams in FLG are paid?
    Today at 11:35:56 PM
  • redbeard82: that's when you say thanks for adding $ to my winnings! :bacon: :taco: :bacon:
    Today at 11:36:00 PM
  • scottnva: whatever boi keep chillin and the all star break will be here and we are just starting FA
    Today at 11:36:20 PM
  • Forbz23: Well theres a ton to get through
    Today at 11:36:21 PM
  • Forbz23: 40 rounds plus filling out the roster
    Today at 11:36:32 PM
  • scottnva: suppose to be rob
    Today at 11:36:47 PM
  • Forbz23: Jd said mid march wed be lucky to finish the draft
    Today at 11:36:48 PM
  • fantasyboi: theres only like 11 spots left to fill 25 man rosters
    Today at 11:37:24 PM
  • Forbz23: So getting FA going while drafting makes it harder to plan who tonsign and who to pick
    Today at 11:37:37 PM
  • fantasyboi: fill ur 25 man roster and u wont have to worry bout any timeline
    Today at 11:37:47 PM
  • pandoval172: What's the minimum raise on a PC in BTL?
    Today at 11:38:02 PM
  • pandoval172: Can't find it in the rules
    Today at 11:38:33 PM
  • redbeard82: 6M
    Today at 11:38:55 PM
  • redbeard82: just 100K
    Today at 11:39:02 PM
  • robbeppolite: Who would know if everyone paid? In FLG
    Today at 11:39:05 PM
  • redbeard82: ;)
    Today at 11:39:05 PM
  • robbeppolite: Corey?  JD?
    Today at 11:39:14 PM
  • pandoval172: Nice pick Kyle
    Today at 11:40:07 PM
  • Sky: Scottnva OTC in FLG!
    Today at 11:42:00 PM