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  • themarksman13: Olivera, Gallo, Baez, Pompey all coming up
    Today at 12:59:14 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: I-Nation, you are on the hook for all money owed a player if he retires.  You can buy him out in one lump sum if you choose though
    Today at 01:00:51 PM
  • indiansnation: Eric which league?
    Today at 01:01:55 PM
  • indiansnation: Eric done
    Today at 01:05:01 PM
  • indiansnation: Thanks VolsRay bucs
    Today at 01:13:19 PM
  • AdamBombs: Pissed i couldn't get off work tonight so i could go celebrate 20 years since Cal broke Gehrigs record.
    Today at 01:21:45 PM
  • AdamBombs: Probably the most impressive record and one record you can say confidently will never be broken
    Today at 01:22:17 PM
  • AdamBombs: 16 seasons without missing a single game. I think the active Iron Man has only played like 128 consecutive games
    Today at 01:26:08 PM
  • indiansnation: Dang crazy.not to miss a game wow
    Today at 01:28:45 PM
  • indiansnation: That will never be broken
    Today at 01:29:40 PM
  • AdamBombs: He didnt even miss a game wheb he was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back
    Today at 01:31:25 PM
  • AdamBombs: If i is ever broken, the earliest it could be broken would be in year 2032
    Today at 01:32:02 PM
  • RyanJames5: I was lucky enough to go for 2130.  Definitely a night I'll never forget
    Today at 01:34:12 PM
  • AdamBombs: I was 6 years old but i still remember watching Cal take his lap afterwards. I still have The Baltimore Sun paper from 2131 framed on my wall. I have the entire paper in a pouch on the backside
    Today at 01:38:01 PM
  • AdamBombs: Well not afterwards, durng the gme stoppage
    Today at 01:38:23 PM
  • RyanJames5: I have the sun framed on the wall in my office.
    Today at 01:39:19 PM
  • RyanJames5: I was 12 when it happened.  Was one of the coolest baseball experiences of my life at that point
    Today at 01:40:27 PM
  • indiansnation: Actually it would take till 2029 if u played  all 162  yr it would take u  12 yrs to break it
    Today at 01:44:26 PM
  • RyanJames5: well the record finished at 2632
    Today at 01:45:28 PM
  • indiansnation: I just don't see a hitter right know being able to do that. It's not possible these players BooYah! to much if they have a hangnail
    Today at 01:46:13 PM
  • RyanJames5: certainly seems highly unlikely.  The record was called unbreakable before Cal did it though so it's never impossible
    Today at 01:47:56 PM
  • indiansnation: OK I did math wrong u would have to play 162 games a yr for for at least 16yrs straight
    Today at 01:49:11 PM
  • indiansnation: And u  have to play at lest a quarter of the 17th season to break it
    Today at 01:50:32 PM
  • RyanJames5: 16 years would get you to 2592 which would be 40 games short.  So it would be into the 17th year
    Today at 01:50:39 PM
  • RyanJames5: yep, exactly
    Today at 01:51:14 PM
  • AdamBombs: Yeah. And the way athletes are coddled nowadays i dont see it ever going down
    Today at 01:53:35 PM
  • Eric: Sup guys
    Today at 01:56:44 PM
  • AdamBombs: Whats up E
    Today at 01:57:29 PM
  • AdamBombs: Going to be a special vibe at the beautiful Camden Yards tonight. Too bad the team fell flat on its face in August with the playoffs in reach
    Today at 01:58:44 PM
  • Eric: Sup theo
    Today at 02:04:36 PM
  • AdamBombs: Just getting ready to head to work
    Today at 02:09:08 PM
  • RyanJames5: I agree Adam.  Wish I could be there tonight.  Just wish the game meant more.
    Today at 02:09:57 PM
  • AdamBombs: Wishing i was getting ready to head to the ballpark
    Today at 02:10:02 PM
  • AdamBombs: The atmosphere is going to be great Ryan. Feels like EVERYBODY i know is going and stoked about it
    Today at 02:10:44 PM
  • Eric: Nice, I ready to go home already lol
    Today at 02:10:56 PM
  • AdamBombs: Should be interesting to see what this offseason brings with ao much money coming off of the books for the :BAL:
    Today at 02:11:41 PM
  • AdamBombs: Lol, 2-10 for me tonight E
    Today at 02:11:58 PM
  • Eric: I'm 6-4, but on call tonight
    Today at 02:17:30 PM
  • themarksman13: Could Pat Kane get dealt? :o
    Today at 02:25:26 PM
  • indiansnation: Anybody here any big time vets get pink slip innfl
    Today at 02:29:59 PM
  • Drew: Mark in Fantasy or Real Life
    Today at 02:31:36 PM
  • indiansnation: Hey drew
    Today at 02:33:49 PM
  • themarksman13: Real Life Drew
    Today at 02:44:10 PM
  • Drew: Hey Indy
    Today at 02:44:19 PM
  • Drew: Doubt it, that contract is going to be impossible to trade unless they give him away which I doubt they want to give him away
    Today at 02:44:43 PM
  • SlackJack: Only if the story blows over. Not before.
    Today at 02:45:10 PM
  • indiansnation: OK what will happen to rglll will he get traded gm and coach want him off roster owner said no because money invested in him or will he be traded?
    Today at 03:04:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Released doesn't want to play for washington
    Today at 03:05:16 PM
  • Billy: If there are teams that want to trade for him, then I sure hope they won't just outright release him. If he's done in Washington then at least get a draft pick out of him.
    Today at 03:06:05 PM
  • indiansnation: Yea this last preaseaso. Game rg3 told coach he didn't want to play
    Today at 03:08:58 PM