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  • Scalious: No.. not really I dont need a QB for next year
    Yesterday at 11:51:13 PM
  • JMAC: cam for stafford even up is passable , though can is better, and cheaper but adding a 10plus ppg lb on.great contract and young makes it overkill
    Yesterday at 11:51:26 PM
  • Jonathan: kuechly deal was worse
    Yesterday at 11:52:17 PM
  • JMAC: voll cant make.up mind. Deal for.picks and rebuild or deal for.talent. Now no cam, no benjamin, no kuechly, etc Wow
    Yesterday at 11:52:19 PM
  • Orange Country: indecisive
    Yesterday at 11:53:16 PM
  • Jonathan: 2 vetoes before he even can accept lol
    Yesterday at 11:53:38 PM
  • Vollmernator: So I lose that deal if it get vetoed I'll trade with you  Oudan
    Yesterday at 11:53:47 PM
  • OUDAN: brutal deal
    Yesterday at 11:53:58 PM
  • OUDAN: It's already vetoed lol
    Yesterday at 11:54:10 PM
  • Vollmernator: Is the deal bad
    Yesterday at 11:54:11 PM
  • OUDAN: Cam > Stafford
    Yesterday at 11:54:26 PM
  • jblum: Its not that bad... stafford isn't even at his ceiling yet
    Yesterday at 11:54:48 PM
  • JMAC: cam cheaper, and.better then adding a nice young , cheap lb. zero sense
    Yesterday at 11:55:20 PM
  • OUDAN: Ok Blum lol
    Yesterday at 11:55:27 PM
  • chrisetc21: Voll, we should trade
    Yesterday at 11:55:29 PM
  • jblum: Dan just cause hes not on your team doesn't mean he is bad
    Yesterday at 11:56:08 PM
  • OUDAN: Blum I'm not going to argue I stand behind what I said
    Yesterday at 11:56:46 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: Personally I think cam is way overrated! But as a disclaimer I do live NC and all I hear how great he is.
    Yesterday at 11:56:51 PM
  • Vollmernator: I thought the trade was with Jarvis the WR and cam newton
    Yesterday at 11:57:30 PM
  • Jonathan: lol
    Yesterday at 11:58:15 PM
  • Jonathan: oh boy
    Yesterday at 11:58:25 PM
  • Scalious: Huh?
    Yesterday at 11:58:29 PM
  • Scalious: You were trading a WR and Cam for Fat Stafford?
    Yesterday at 11:58:54 PM
  • OUDAN: Voll sent u an offer
    Today at 12:00:20 AM
  • Vollmernator: Go confused with AJ jenkins
    Today at 12:00:29 AM
  • Jonathan: dawg bones
    Today at 12:00:36 AM
  • jblum: everyone please calm down we are looking for a compromise
    Today at 12:03:40 AM
  • jblum: vollmer message
    Today at 12:08:04 AM
  • Vollmernator: Oudan pm
    Today at 12:10:47 AM
  • Jonathan: you cant edit bids
    Today at 12:10:53 AM
  • Vollmernator: Jblum pm
    Today at 12:10:55 AM
  • Vollmernator: Ok I'm screwed than I'll put my bid back than
    Today at 12:11:27 AM
  • OUDAN: Replied Voll
    Today at 12:12:15 AM
  • OUDAN: Tubbs mail too
    Today at 12:13:37 AM
  • jblum: please move to invalid, deal off.
    Today at 12:14:06 AM
  • OUDAN: Lol obviously
    Today at 12:14:18 AM
  • jblum: dan what happen to all those MLB picks you timed out on in BTL
    Today at 12:15:14 AM
  • scottnva: i cant decide if i want to pick someone or not i am up after tubbs picks if he is going too
    Today at 12:17:54 AM
  • scottnva: hey  eric u still here?
    Today at 12:18:21 AM
  • OUDAN: Who knows
    Today at 12:18:30 AM
  • OUDAN: Haven't looked
    Today at 12:18:35 AM
  • jblum: you should pass your picks so we dont always have to wait on you
    Today at 12:22:00 AM
  • Scalious: lol
    Today at 12:22:47 AM
  • Vollmernator: Sorry tubs accepted our deal in nflc
    Today at 12:32:16 AM
  • Vollmernator: Sorry it took so long
    Today at 12:32:31 AM
  • Eric: Whats up Scott
    Today at 12:33:15 AM
  • scottnva: too long ...what 5 minutes
    Today at 12:34:08 AM
  • scottnva: sent u a pm eric
    Today at 12:34:16 AM
  • Eric: back at ya
    Today at 12:37:10 AM
  • Vollmernator: Oudan pm back
    Today at 12:43:07 AM

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