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  • Daddy: NFLCD Sam Bradford on the block
    Today at 02:16:44 PM
  • Daddy: potentially 4000 passing yards & 30 TD's (ask Chip)
    Today at 02:17:57 PM
  • OUDAN: BooYah! I wish I had enough lol
    Today at 02:23:01 PM
  • papps: C'mon Daddy, you were just dogging Bradford five mins ago  :doh:
    Today at 02:28:00 PM
  • Daddy: Dont do that :rofl:
    Today at 02:28:42 PM
  • papps: LOL
    Today at 02:28:59 PM
  • papps: Bradford is gonna be in Cleveland soon  :thumbsup:
    Today at 02:29:49 PM
  • Daddy: Ive been a Bradford guy...he is gonna put up video game numbers in Philly for the screaming Ducks :)
    Today at 02:30:11 PM
  • papps: Are you a Foles guy now?
    Today at 02:30:36 PM
  • Daddy: Foliage is my guy now, Yes!
    Today at 02:31:37 PM
  • papps: you're a bum lol
    Today at 02:31:48 PM
  • papps: hated him last year and now you like him
    Today at 02:31:55 PM
  • papps: Go follow your Goats to LA  :disco:
    Today at 02:32:19 PM
  • Daddy: Bradford for Foles in NFLCD? PM me
    Today at 02:32:34 PM
  • papps: Even the bum in Philly selling pretzels in the shopping cart is disgusted by your lack of Eagles fandom
    Today at 02:33:22 PM
  • Daddy: YES PAPPS (You canoli slave) I will follow them to LA
    Today at 02:33:48 PM
  • papps: Pops must be as embarrassed as I am for you
    Today at 02:33:56 PM
  • papps: mmmmmm canolis!
    Today at 02:34:13 PM
  • Daddy: I am moving to El Segundo..already looking at houses dude. (serious)
    Today at 02:34:40 PM
  • papps: nice out there
    Today at 02:34:56 PM
  • papps: you can be the Rams ball boy
    Today at 02:35:03 PM
  • Daddy: Cant wait :rofl:
    Today at 02:35:17 PM
  • papps: expensive there
    Today at 02:35:25 PM
  • papps: its no Spring Hill  :rofl:
    Today at 02:35:34 PM
  • Daddy: Earth quakes scare me, but it will be worth it
    Today at 02:35:52 PM
  • papps: it is worth it
    Today at 02:36:18 PM
  • Daddy: Legal weed...mmmmm ;)
    Today at 02:36:21 PM
  • papps: Hurricanes or Earthquakes, whats the difference?
    Today at 02:36:40 PM
  • papps: FLA is stingy with the legal week
    Today at 02:37:04 PM
  • papps: *weed
    Today at 02:37:07 PM
  • Daddy: You can come visit, Im serious. Bring the family. I will let you know when Im settled (2016)
    Today at 02:37:54 PM
  • papps: I'm in!
    Today at 02:38:04 PM
  • papps: Pops going with?
    Today at 02:38:19 PM
  • Daddy: Hell Naw
    Today at 02:38:37 PM
  • papps: lol
    Today at 02:38:46 PM
  • Daddy: AT least not right away :rofl:
    Today at 02:38:58 PM
  • papps: You are just gonna leave him behind?
    Today at 02:39:01 PM
  • Alex87878: Anyone want to trade me RB/WR in nflc for defense.....
    Today at 02:39:24 PM
  • Daddy: Wife & I already put in for xfers so its goin down.
    Today at 02:39:33 PM
  • papps: Wife and I wanted to move to San Diego
    Today at 02:40:18 PM
  • papps: For $2000 a month we can get a 1 bedroom 700 sq ft place :)
    Today at 02:40:34 PM
  • Daddy: Pop is in Texas with my sister Papps. I thought you knew.
    Today at 02:40:56 PM
  • papps: No, I didn't know that
    Today at 02:41:15 PM
  • papps: was he tired of your sh$t? LOL
    Today at 02:41:32 PM
  • Daddy: Rent is high yes, taxes too. But its nice. Thats my last move. Gonna die in Cali like Biggie Smalls :rofl:
    Today at 02:42:05 PM
  • papps: Sounds awesome man
    Today at 02:42:47 PM
  • Daddy: You will have to come visit, Ive never known you to break your word fat azz.
    Today at 02:44:41 PM
  • papps: as long as you have bacon  :bacon:
    Today at 02:45:19 PM
  • Daddy: LOL, its a deal
    Today at 02:46:34 PM
  • papps: :thumbsup: :toast:
    Today at 02:46:59 PM

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