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  • Tubbs: Where r results? I want Lackey for 15 m per yr
    Today at 03:13:54 PM
  • utmbrad: not posted yet
    Today at 03:16:29 PM
  • Corey: I have 3 teams bids added so far
    Today at 03:17:32 PM
  • andyscott23: will be here when posted [link]
    Today at 03:17:43 PM
  • Corey: Takes a few mins per team.  Do you want a sneak peak on a few guys
    Today at 03:17:53 PM
  • Corey: Chase Utley sneak peak [link]
    Today at 03:18:39 PM
  • Tubbs: Do it
    Today at 03:18:55 PM
  • Tubbs: Wow, lower than mine so far. Overpaid as always.
    Today at 03:19:41 PM
  • Corey: Bam, big Tyson Ross bid in
    Today at 03:20:31 PM
  • Corey: Boom big Lackey bid in
    Today at 03:20:50 PM
  • Corey: We have a big spender
    Today at 03:21:00 PM
  • Corey: Tubbs who do you want for the next sneak peak
    Today at 03:21:32 PM
  • Tubbs: Lackey? My mother is more accurate than he
    Today at 03:21:42 PM
  • Tubbs: Ross
    Today at 03:22:41 PM
  • Orange Country: Andy, your up in BLB
    Today at 03:23:21 PM
  • Ace: ross
    Today at 03:23:27 PM
  • Corey: FYI 15.5 bid in on Utley
    Today at 03:23:54 PM
  • Corey: Ross is coming up
    Today at 03:23:58 PM
  • Orange Country: lol nice
    Today at 03:24:10 PM
  • Corey: Sneak peak at Ross [link]
    Today at 03:24:44 PM
  • Orange Country: where are my bids
    Today at 03:26:19 PM
  • andyscott23: pick is in OC
    Today at 03:26:27 PM
  • Corey: Going in order of bids receied
    Today at 03:27:38 PM
  • Corey: received
    Today at 03:27:41 PM
  • Corey: Pablo is pretty big bids too
    Today at 03:27:49 PM
  • Jonathan: clowney, bernard out, hill in
    Today at 03:28:13 PM
  • Corey: Just did your Tubbs
    Today at 03:32:35 PM
  • Tubbs: Thx. Will wait for final posting.
    Today at 03:34:02 PM
  • Corey: Brad is complete
    Today at 03:34:27 PM
  • utmbrad: just glad there wasnt anyone I had to have in this group
    Today at 03:35:57 PM
  • Corey: 2 teams chose to pass on bids so how people bid instead of getting stuck with too high of bids
    Today at 03:37:51 PM
  • Corey: I tried to not put any major guys in the first group
    Today at 03:39:47 PM
  • Corey: But yet still have a few good players in thre
    Today at 03:40:00 PM
  • Corey: All bids posted in 5min
    Today at 03:45:52 PM
  • Corey: Tyrone Taylor won for more than Albert Almora
    Today at 03:51:17 PM
  • utmbrad: wow
    Today at 03:53:19 PM
  • Corey: All bids are posted
    Today at 03:53:47 PM
  • Corey: If you won a player please respond to the thread with the contract
    Today at 03:54:10 PM
  • Tubbs: Looks like I overpaid a bit
    Today at 03:54:55 PM
  • Orange Country: what's this thread for [link]
    Today at 03:55:13 PM
  • Corey: Patience
    Today at 03:56:26 PM
  • Orange Country: dang Tubbs u spent some coin
    Today at 03:58:33 PM
  • Tubbs: I know. I am screwed. I keep seeing I won.
    Today at 03:58:55 PM
  • Tubbs: I am worse than my wife
    Today at 03:59:05 PM
  • Corey: It will work out for the best.
    Today at 03:59:15 PM
  • Corey: He got everyday starters for pretty much
    Today at 03:59:23 PM
  • Corey: His infield is almost set and he barely spent anything
    Today at 03:59:43 PM
  • Tubbs: But in a 16 team league I now realize I went overboard
    Today at 04:00:07 PM
  • Ur Not Me: where is it posted??
    Today at 04:00:14 PM
  • Orange Country: least u did not win ross
    Today at 04:00:53 PM

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