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  • Jon: dont that team cost like 18 bucs
    Today at 04:01:11 AM
  • Tony: 50
    Today at 04:01:41 AM
  • Jon: do you stand a chance in hell of winning money big dog
    Today at 04:01:44 AM
  • Jon: ughh i cant do it.   I have to hold money for Branded Sports Network.   Im sorry man
    Today at 04:02:05 AM
  • Jon: and LOR
    Today at 04:03:11 AM
  • Jon: I still have to pay for the Wizards there
    Today at 04:03:20 AM
  • Tony: Ok thats cool.  Let me know if you change your might.  :thumbsup:
    Today at 04:03:45 AM
  • Tony: mind*
    Today at 04:03:56 AM
  • Jon: if my credit card comes in i might just do it.   but no money right now
    Today at 04:06:06 AM
  • Jon: brent you here
    Today at 04:06:11 AM
  • Jon: i need a :LSU2: fan for Recruiting Nation Football.
    Today at 04:06:45 AM
  • Eric: Jon, did I do that bidding right
    Today at 04:14:40 AM
  • Eric: Im out Jon, text me if I did it wrong
    Today at 04:18:04 AM
  • Jon: yes your good
    Today at 04:23:48 AM
  • Jon: Recruiting Nation Football is taking applications for LSU and for Penn State.
    Today at 04:39:24 AM
  • Jon: [link]
    Today at 04:39:31 AM
  • Gilly: Need a GM in Title Town for the Atlanta Franchise's..most active free league on this site, 4th overall, come enjoy the multi sport fun
    Today at 09:02:15 AM
  • Jon: no free site has more activity than the branded sports network
    Today at 09:06:40 AM
  • Jon: and we have 92 football and 102 college basketball teams
    Today at 09:06:57 AM
  • Gilly: League report says otherwise
    Today at 09:07:02 AM
  • Gilly: Site report i mean
    Today at 09:07:14 AM
  • Jon: dont care about that but its all good man
    Today at 09:07:18 AM
  • Gilly: I do as it shows the most activity on the site, hence my statement
    Today at 09:08:23 AM
  • Gilly: Have a good one
    Today at 09:08:32 AM
  • Jon: as i said i dont care about this sites activity man.   i only care about those things i deal with
    Today at 09:08:48 AM
  • Jon: not trying to start a fight by the way.   have a good one gills
    Today at 09:09:10 AM
  • Gilly: Well im here to promote profsl not another site
    Today at 09:09:23 AM
  • Gilly: me neither, just explaining to u
    Today at 09:09:31 AM
  • Jon: thats good.
    Today at 09:09:38 AM
  • Jon: i need no explanations from anyone
    Today at 09:09:54 AM
  • Gilly: apprently u do lol
    Today at 09:10:09 AM
  • Jon: apparently i  dont give two craps about 95 percent of any league on this site
    Today at 09:10:41 AM
  • Gilly: Hit me up boys if u want in the most active free league on PROFSL...Atlanta Franchise's are open, they wont be open long so tell me quickly u want the spot
    Today at 09:13:12 AM
  • Jon: dont worry about me gilly.   Im fine
    Today at 09:19:01 AM
  • CRS245: Morning all
    Today at 09:21:58 AM
  • Tony: yo
    Today at 09:22:48 AM
  • Jon: Hey Tony, im still trying to figure out a way to help you wiht what we talked about last night.   give me a couple of days.   If i can find a way I will pm you directly partner
    Today at 09:26:27 AM
  • Tony: Sounds good.  :thumbsup:
    Today at 09:27:55 AM
  • Jon: tony check your pm man.
    Today at 09:30:13 AM
  • Tony: back at you.
    Today at 09:38:20 AM
  • Tony: Im finishing up work right now and heading home to bed. ttyl
    Today at 09:38:47 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: Surely there are some :LAA:, :MIA-MLB:, & :NYM: fans out here...Check out Bush League, a very active free MLB league...[link]
    Today at 10:09:20 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: Don't make me try my Jedi mind tricks again.  I will if I have to, because it worked last night.  LOL!
    Today at 10:10:03 AM
  • jblum: vollmer, please repick in r2n
    Today at 11:32:19 AM
  • Eric: :Connecticut:
    Today at 11:42:50 AM
  • Corey: Jpsprague almost up inBTL
    Today at 11:42:52 AM
  • Jpsprague10: K..so are people with skipped picks autoskipped until up to date?
    Today at 11:58:41 AM
  • Jpsprague10: I'm ready to roll whenever
    Today at 12:00:24 PM
  • Corey: Your up in Rd 11
    Today at 12:15:41 PM
  • Jpsprague10: :LAA: pick is in for BTL MLB
    Today at 12:25:22 PM

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