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  • janesvilleaces: that helps the cause
    Yesterday at 10:10:19 PM
  • OUDAN: LOL!!
    Yesterday at 10:49:15 PM
  • indiansnation: just go in and gas the bastards and u don't have anything to worry about
    Yesterday at 10:59:48 PM
  • redbeard82: pat got your PM. i'm feeling awful and headed for bed. i'll look into it tomorrow evening, but maybe there's something to be done for a name or two there.
    Yesterday at 11:23:20 PM
  • patjossom: .no prob
    Yesterday at 11:24:48 PM
  • sandman: We nuke that hellol hole known as Baltimore yet?
    Yesterday at 11:57:04 PM
  • patjossom: Pm sandy
    Today at 12:28:09 AM
  • AdamBombs: the city is even more trashed thsn usual.National Guard troops are on the ground
    Today at 12:58:09 AM
  • Jonathan: Floyd Mayweather will earn roughly $21 million more for Manny Pacquiao fight than Tom Brady ($149,779,500) as made in his ENTIRE career.
    Today at 01:17:15 AM
  • Jonathan: Is Homer Bailey the next victim?
    Today at 02:12:46 AM
  • Brent: Of TJS?
    Today at 02:23:11 AM
  • 9inches: :ARZ: looking to talk trade in MB, if anyone is interested.
    Today at 09:38:27 AM
  • indiansnation: looking to trade in sd
    Today at 09:56:37 AM
  • Brent: What team are you?
    Today at 10:21:57 AM
  • Corey: morning boys
    Today at 10:34:34 AM
  • indiansnation: kc
    Today at 10:36:30 AM
  • indiansnation: morning
    Today at 10:36:39 AM
  • Corey: pm ination
    Today at 10:37:55 AM
  • Snygg: In BTL, can I extend a player on a last-year contract now? Corey?
    Today at 10:41:10 AM
  • Snygg: also: Is there a limit to where you have to sign the prospect to the major league roster? Like games played, innings pitched etc. Thanks
    Today at 10:43:24 AM
  • Corey: yes you can extend now
    Today at 10:51:36 AM
  • Corey: Yes there is a limit. Let me look it up
    Today at 10:52:11 AM
  • Snygg: Thanks
    Today at 10:55:35 AM
  • Corey: 50 games for a hitter and 40 innings for a pitcher
    Today at 10:55:50 AM
  • Snygg: Ok great, thanks for looking that up. I'll remove the question at the board
    Today at 10:56:32 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: :PIT: looking to make a move or two in MB today boys
    Today at 11:50:44 AM
  • indiansnation: Corey p
    Today at 12:02:26 PM
  • indiansnation: pm
    Today at 12:02:31 PM
  • Catch22: Corey sent you a pm
    Today at 12:12:41 PM
  • Alex87878: Blum trade posted in BTL
    Today at 01:11:57 PM
  • sandman: Any clowns here to trade talk
    Today at 01:42:45 PM
  • Brent: Sure, what's up?
    Today at 01:44:21 PM
  • sandman: You looking to win in BLB bro
    Today at 01:49:24 PM
  • kylerap: I am!
    Today at 01:52:07 PM
  • Brent: Yeah
    Today at 01:53:02 PM
  • sandman: Orioles selling
    Today at 01:55:12 PM
  • sandman: Looking to win in 2016 so I am a selling machine
    Today at 01:55:26 PM
  • sandman: Vmart, Revere, Hardy, Tillman Chapman
    Today at 01:55:58 PM
  • sandman: Come get u some
    Today at 01:56:01 PM
  • sandman: Looking for young MLB and specs... Shoot me some offers bro
    Today at 01:56:31 PM
  • Filthy McNasty: who dealin in 108?
    Today at 02:33:23 PM
  • Money ball: i am
    Today at 02:36:49 PM
  • Filthy McNasty: Cleveland is it? money
    Today at 02:40:19 PM
  • Corey: :TEX: is money
    Today at 02:43:50 PM
  • Corey: and Filthy
    Today at 02:44:06 PM
  • sandman: The sand is trading in all leagues bro
    Today at 02:51:30 PM
  • sandman: KC in 108
    Today at 02:51:37 PM
  • redbeard82: :HOU: dealing in 108
    Today at 03:01:39 PM
  • Money ball: tribe in 108
    Today at 03:06:05 PM
  • Alex87878: Marlins looking for pitching in BTL
    Today at 03:12:11 PM

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