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  • Wahoo: Just did.
    Today at 12:03:01 AM
  • Eric: nvm LOL
    Today at 12:03:09 AM
  • Eric: Thanks again bud
    Today at 12:03:16 AM
  • Wahoo: :toast:
    Today at 12:05:16 AM
  • Wahoo: Go get em!
    Today at 12:05:34 AM
  • Eric: Ha, will def try my best :)
    Today at 12:06:08 AM
  • patjossom: Are you looking to do anything in blb, Eric?
    Today at 12:10:37 AM
  • Eric: Not sure yet, I will know more when I get attached on Fantrax
    Today at 12:13:42 AM
  • patjossom: Twins may move something's when you are ready
    Today at 12:14:45 AM
  • Eric: you looking to win this year?
    Today at 12:16:00 AM
  • patjossom: Yes
    Today at 12:16:32 AM
  • Eric: kk
    Today at 12:22:17 AM
  • scottnva: welcome to blb eric
    Today at 12:48:08 AM
  • Eric: thanks scott
    Today at 12:50:54 AM
  • scottnva: whats the word on Ellis's injury?
    Today at 12:52:54 AM
  • c0des: Hi
    Today at 01:20:28 AM
  • c0des: AJ Ellis?
    Today at 01:22:39 AM
  • c0des: dodgers play tomorrow youll prob find out more news then
    Today at 01:29:17 AM
  • 9inches: .
    Today at 02:54:45 AM
  • Brent: Morning guys
    Today at 07:34:20 AM
  • indiansnation: morning brent
    Today at 08:24:32 AM
  • Eric: morning
    Today at 08:35:57 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Hey boys. Really need to move Billy Butler, Chase Headley, and Tanaka in Mendoza Line. Completely rebuilding around few cornerstone pieces. Hit me up. :ARZ: in the house.
    Today at 09:37:13 AM
  • Corey: morning boys
    Today at 10:42:26 AM
  • Eric: Morning corey
    Today at 10:51:16 AM
  • papps: Hi Corey, I sent you a few PM's.  Not sure if you saw them or not.
    Today at 10:51:40 AM
  • papps: Looks like Roto Beast draft is on auto as well
    Today at 10:54:41 AM
  • Corey: ill get back to you this morning. I'm debating
    Today at 10:54:47 AM
  • papps: Sounds good Corey, thanks
    Today at 10:55:42 AM
  • papps: Its cool either way, I just figured I'd ask :)
    Today at 10:55:53 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: Paaaaaaaaaaps!
    Today at 10:57:00 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: morning fellas
    Today at 10:57:09 AM
  • Eric: He's yours papps
    Today at 10:57:43 AM
  • Eric: morn mike
    Today at 10:57:51 AM
  • papps: I figure I gotta win someone Eric lol
    Today at 10:59:35 AM
  • papps: I've been losing every bid
    Today at 10:59:42 AM
  • Eric: ha I have 45m tied up between castillo and tomas
    Today at 11:00:00 AM
  • papps: two good investments
    Today at 11:00:23 AM
  • papps: hey Mike!
    Today at 11:00:27 AM
  • Eric: let's hope! I need a 1b tho
    Today at 11:00:47 AM
  • Eric: DME - A-Rod for a 1B, who's interested
    Today at 11:01:54 AM
  • Rob: Anyone having problems with Fantrax using Chrome browser?
    Today at 11:04:04 AM
  • Corey: I do not Rob
    Today at 11:04:40 AM
  • OUDAN: Morning boys
    Today at 11:05:01 AM
  • Rob: I can't get to the site on Chrome on multiple computers
    Today at 11:05:42 AM
  • Rob: IE works
    Today at 11:05:45 AM
  • Rob: but I hate IE
    Today at 11:05:49 AM
  • Corey: Hmm... I just got on with chrome.
    Today at 11:07:43 AM
  • OUDAN: Works on my Chrome too
    Today at 11:08:38 AM
  • Corey: Maybe fantrax owners are Seahawks fans, and using chrome to punish the new england area
    Today at 11:09:24 AM

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