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  • Corey: yes irb. if you want to send me the sheet Ill create an example for you. Tonight is when I would do it
    Today at 04:48:36 PM
  • redbeard82: Also Corey OTC in EGDL. think a couple make up picks too.
    Today at 04:51:00 PM
  • irbwilleo: sent
    Today at 04:51:48 PM
  • irbwilleo: thanks
    Today at 04:51:53 PM
  • irbwilleo: red, I am looking into it now
    Today at 04:51:58 PM
  • redbeard82: thanks
    Today at 04:53:12 PM
  • Vollmernator: BTN guys can you let me know if my buyout are right just posted them
    Today at 04:54:34 PM
  • utmbrad: they are processed separately instead of as a group Voll
    Today at 04:59:51 PM
  • Scalious: So in BTL. You can't above cap based off the AVV of the contract? I.E. I cannot backload if I am above AAV?
    Today at 05:13:25 PM
  • Scalious: can't go above cap*
    Today at 05:13:37 PM
  • Scalious: Or is just the actual number for the 1st year of the contract?
    Today at 05:13:57 PM
  • Corey: Scales you can back load. You just can not have any year be higher than 33% of the AAV
    Today at 05:14:32 PM
  • Corey: So if the winning bid is 50m and you choose 5yrs. No year be higher or lower than 33% of the 10m
    Today at 05:14:55 PM
  • Scalious: Hmm.. Ok. So you can go over cap in future years a tad?
    Today at 05:15:05 PM
  • Corey: But you are not forced into long term deals either as there is no minimum.
    Today at 05:15:19 PM
  • Corey: Yes Scales. Just like Mendoza you just can not go over with guaranteed money
    Today at 05:15:42 PM
  • Corey: All ARB/P players will not count in future years salaries
    Today at 05:16:02 PM
  • Scalious: Gotcha.
    Today at 05:17:11 PM
  • Corey: You could be 20m on Ortiz and give him a 1yr deal
    Today at 05:17:21 PM
  • Corey: Some owners have proposed being able to go over the cap in future years as long as they are paid up to that year
    Today at 05:17:50 PM
  • Scalious: Yeah..i'm probably doing more front loading with this.
    Today at 05:17:59 PM
  • Vollmernator: Oh. Sorry Corey gotta figue out each guy ind guy
    Today at 05:19:14 PM
  • Scalious: Just wanted to make sure we are not letting guys backload the crap out of everyone. Then leave the team a year later in cap hell
    Today at 05:20:42 PM
  • Corey: understand that Scales. That is the only reason why we do have discounts for drops lol
    Today at 05:24:23 PM
  • irbwilleo: btw, Corey hit me back in our trade talks
    Today at 05:29:15 PM
  • Corey: Uh..... send me other one. 106 Pms since Friday night, you might as well just send me another lol.
    Today at 05:31:40 PM
  • Vollmernator: Corey I updated my buyouts put what I pay each guy for each of 3 years as well as the total space I get
    Today at 05:36:35 PM
  • Vollmernator: Oops for BTN that is
    Today at 05:36:55 PM
  • utmbrad: email Corey
    Today at 05:42:46 PM
  • utmbrad: let me know if theyvare suitable
    Today at 05:50:32 PM
  • Lindner: :CHI: looking to deal in NFLC.
    Today at 05:51:55 PM
  • Lindner: [link]
    Today at 05:54:04 PM
  • andyscott23: Corey.. are drops in BTN.. waivers or straight drops. In other words can they be bid on
    Today at 05:54:51 PM
  • Corey: Bid on as soon as there posted Andy
    Today at 05:56:06 PM
  • andyscott23: thanks
    Today at 05:56:53 PM
  • Eric: Corey I just posted it in the help desk for ya
    Today at 05:57:18 PM
  • Scalious: Calvin..why did you have to take my guy in ML?
    Today at 05:57:27 PM
  • * Eric loves 73 deg in January!
    Today at 05:57:33 PM
  • Scalious: Seriously. That McCurry pick was good. He'll be the majors soon IMO
    Today at 06:06:18 PM
  • Filthy McNasty: what email are we sending league fees to in 108?
    Today at 06:13:56 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: I believe it is crs245@ gmail.com
    Today at 06:16:03 PM
  • irbwilleo: [link]
    Today at 06:16:08 PM
  • irbwilleo: That's the one
    Today at 06:16:17 PM
  • irbwilleo: What jojo said
    Today at 06:16:25 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: Get back to me once you get a chance Brenton.
    Today at 06:17:38 PM
  • Corey: Filthy csr3205atgmail.com
    Today at 06:19:08 PM
  • Filthy McNasty: crs245. can anyone verify?
    Today at 06:19:29 PM
  • Corey: Corey: Filthy csr3205atgmail.com
    Today at 06:19:50 PM
  • Corey: Also located here [link]
    Today at 06:20:04 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: Thanks for the correction Corey. Was'nt sure.
    Today at 06:25:14 PM

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