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  • Orange Country: Is that in your rules explicitly?
    Today at 01:32:00 AM
  • dawesy: but i had it written done before
    Today at 01:33:06 AM
  • dawesy: Not yet but i had it written done before
    Today at 01:33:35 AM
  • Orange Country: If it's not in the rules already, make sure it is 5 mins from now
    Today at 01:34:22 AM
  • dawesy: done
    Today at 01:36:20 AM
  • Orange Country: Make sure you have everything down in your rule book before you have potential members sign up, have every single last thing in the rules
    Today at 01:37:03 AM
  • Orange Country: because members on ProFSL will have questions, they will read your rules, our members are smart as a whip
    Today at 01:37:33 AM
  • dawesy: OK well everything is in I might need to add examples to some for clarity
    Today at 01:38:45 AM
  • Orange Country: Sounds like a great concept. Should fill as the :NBA: season draws closer.
    Today at 01:42:12 AM
  • Em-City: sup OC
    Today at 01:43:00 AM
  • Em-City: this Kings/Pacers trade could be the most controversial trade of all time
    Today at 01:43:19 AM
  • jblum: Lol Em, 2014 is the year of controversial trade in YahooGm
    Today at 01:44:33 AM
  • jblum: trades*
    Today at 01:44:39 AM
  • Em-City: big time
    Today at 01:46:04 AM
  • jblum: lets see... Mavs/Thunder, Kings/Pacers
    Today at 01:47:30 AM
  • Em-City: okc/bobcats
    Today at 01:54:39 AM
  • Em-City: wizrds/raptors
    Today at 01:54:56 AM
  • jblum: lol Smoking Gun
    Today at 01:56:01 AM
  • Em-City: i almost threw up watching that paul george injury
    Today at 02:07:49 AM
  • Em-City: he might not even make it back
    Today at 02:07:59 AM
  • Brent: I haven't seen it yet, I'm not sure I want to watch it.
    Today at 02:10:33 AM
  • jblum: still approve em?
    Today at 02:11:41 AM
  • Brent: Linder nice pick in BTL, it was between him and Zunino and somehow the homer in me lost and I went Zunino.
    Today at 02:12:06 AM
  • jblum: brent just think of kevin ware video but replace him with PG... thats pretty much what happen
    Today at 02:12:12 AM
  • Scalious: So...does MB not have a commish anymore?
    Today at 02:13:48 AM
  • Ace: devin mes?
    Today at 02:14:06 AM
  • Brent: I used to be able to watch injuries no problem, but back in May 2009 I twisted and snapped my lower leg playing for my base's tackle football team in Japan.  I have a video of it and can watch it b/c I know exactly how it felt, but I have a hard time watching others injuries now.
    Today at 02:14:20 AM
  • Ace: wait, i saw it; d'arnaud
    Today at 02:14:33 AM
  • ajm5551: we gotta make faster picks in BTL of we want to play next season
    Today at 02:15:07 AM
  • ajm5551: we are avaeaging a round per week
    Today at 02:15:18 AM
  • Ace: i actually think we need to wait and do the milb draft on fantrax, mlb draft, then fa, then fantrax for milb with a 12 hr clock for first couple of rounds and then get everyone to set queues
    Today at 02:19:24 AM
  • Brent: What's the rush again?
    Today at 02:23:52 AM
  • Ace: there isn't one
    Today at 02:26:38 AM
  • oakparkhoopstar: lets see what fantrax is all about
    Today at 02:27:06 AM
  • oakparkhoopstar: first time
    Today at 02:27:16 AM
  • jblum: ace message
    Today at 02:56:04 AM
  • ajm5551: jblum: pm sent
    Today at 02:56:27 AM
  • ajm5551: sent again
    Today at 02:59:55 AM
  • Brent: I want to unsee the Paul George injury.
    Today at 03:01:39 AM
  • jblum: brent how can i get your 2015 1st round pick in LOR?
    Today at 03:02:26 AM
  • jblum: and ha ikr
    Today at 03:02:34 AM
  • Brent: what is ha ikr?
    Today at 03:03:22 AM
  • jblum: ha i know right
    Today at 03:05:09 AM
  • Brent: oh, okay.  that makes sense
    Today at 03:06:46 AM
  • Brent: Is Paul George available?
    Today at 03:07:37 AM
  • jblum: really looking to trade everyone else but him... but i want to see how much he will really miss
    Today at 03:14:10 AM
  • Brent: He's going to miss awhile.
    Today at 03:15:11 AM
  • jblum: depends on what you will give me.. im gonna sleep so shoot me what you want
    Today at 03:16:51 AM
  • oakparkhoopstar: Ha........
    Today at 03:29:43 AM
  • oakparkhoopstar: Better trade him half your team for Paul George
    Today at 03:30:07 AM

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