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  • Brent: Their QB is a dumbass
    Today at 11:15:40 AM
  • Eric: act like your LSU has not done anything bad.
    Today at 11:15:50 AM
  • Eric: every team in college has done something. nobody is squeaky clean
    Today at 11:16:25 AM
  • Eric: college sports everybody cheats or does something stupid
    Today at 11:19:16 AM
  • Eric: Winston is still better than Manziel
    Today at 11:19:32 AM
  • Brent: It's been awhile, Miles has cleaned it up.  Are you a FSU fan, you seem to be defensive this morning or are you just being a prick this morning
    Today at 11:19:37 AM
  • Eric: moreso in public.
    Today at 11:19:49 AM
  • Eric: I have been an FSU fan since the warrick and winks days.
    Today at 11:21:02 AM
  • Brent: Thought you were a North Dakota State fan
    Today at 11:21:49 AM
  • Eric: yeah I am. I went to ndsu. and I'm from nd
    Today at 11:23:03 AM
  • Brent: well if FSU wants to stay in the playoff hunt, they will have to win tonight.
    Today at 11:24:57 AM
  • jblum: you have to win every game for a playoff
    Today at 11:26:05 AM
  • Eric: of course, as does any team. it will be tough that's for sure
    Today at 11:26:18 AM
  • Brent: no, there will be a one loss team make it to the final 4
    Today at 11:26:46 AM
  • jblum: we will see
    Today at 11:27:11 AM
  • jblum: no big 12 team will be there this year
    Today at 11:27:30 AM
  • Brent: I don't think there is going to be 4 undefeated teams that will be in the hunt.  There's going to be at least one team with a loss make it in.
    Today at 11:28:19 AM
  • jblum: I think the teams will be...
    Today at 11:32:26 AM
  • jblum: :Oregon: , :Auburn: , :MichiganState: , FloridaState:
    Today at 11:34:34 AM
  • jblum: :FloridaState:
    Today at 11:34:42 AM
  • Eric: no way on auburn or Michigan state
    Today at 11:35:29 AM
  • ripper: No wa on Michigan State? Why..because they lost in Oregon?
    Today at 11:37:49 AM
  • RivercatsBB: anyone know off hand where i can find the list of ineligible palyers list to draft on MLB side
    Today at 11:39:05 AM
  • jblum: michigan state can make a run.. its only one loss
    Today at 11:39:18 AM
  • jblum: and why not auburn? they know how to win
    Today at 11:39:39 AM
  • jblum: Billy otc in r2n
    Today at 11:42:19 AM
  • OUDAN: Blum your crazy
    Today at 01:11:31 PM
  • jblum: Y lol
    Today at 01:21:33 PM
  • OUDAN: Those 4 teams
    Today at 01:24:37 PM
  • jblum: Na man if it's cause oklahoma isn't in it
    Today at 01:30:23 PM
  • jblum: Then idk they will choke like always
    Today at 01:30:40 PM
  • OUDAN: Well that's part but no way MSU is there
    Today at 01:44:25 PM
  • OUDAN: Not sure Auburn is either
    Today at 01:44:35 PM
  • OUDAN: KState was the better team the other night
    Today at 01:44:50 PM
  • Daddy: Sooner did you leave NFLCD?
    Today at 01:58:47 PM
  • OUDAN: No
    Today at 02:05:39 PM
  • Gilly: lol
    Today at 02:12:21 PM
  • Corey: Can Clemson win tonight with no Winston
    Today at 02:38:42 PM
  • Corey: Big10 is TERRIBLE
    Today at 02:42:49 PM
  • Brent: Probably, but it won't be easy.
    Today at 02:45:10 PM
  • redbeard82: Anybody looking for a baseball dynasty.  Couple of teams open in an established 30 team league with deep rosters...
    Today at 03:14:38 PM
  • redbeard82: Amateur draft starting at the conclusion of the MLB regular season
    Today at 03:15:03 PM
  • Daddy: No dumping on the Big 10 Corey
    Today at 03:18:29 PM
  • CRS245: Big Ten is terrible
    Today at 04:03:01 PM
  • ripper: Conference yes but Michigan State nope
    Today at 04:20:24 PM
  • ripper: Nasty
    Today at 04:20:31 PM
  • Corey: agree rip, but thats why they won't get in the playoff
    Today at 04:45:20 PM
  • ripper: Run the table and see what happens
    Today at 04:54:49 PM
  • ripper: Need some losses by top teams
    Today at 04:55:05 PM
  • ripper: Oregon was the only match up I didn't like especially travelling
    Today at 04:55:30 PM

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