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  • nottathedaddy: K, thanks been out of town for a couple of days
    Yesterday at 11:54:28 PM
  • OUDAN: DEZ!!!!!
    Today at 12:36:56 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Dez Bryant is a monster.
    Today at 12:37:32 AM
  • Fitzy1962: That O-Line is awesome, too.
    Today at 12:37:59 AM
  • OUDAN: No doubt!!!! It was all the Olone
    Today at 12:38:31 AM
  • OUDAN: Oline*
    Today at 12:38:34 AM
  • Fitzy1962: But the refs fixed it for Vegas.
    Today at 12:48:22 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Gave the G-Men at least 10 points.
    Today at 12:48:42 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Not sue what the spread was but I'd bet the Giants covered.
    Today at 12:49:04 AM
  • OUDAN: Lol
    Today at 12:53:59 AM
  • Jonathan: nope, they were 5 point underdogs.
    Today at 12:56:13 AM
  • Jonathan: They have the longest losing streak in league!
    Today at 12:56:57 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Exactly. The Boyz by 5.
    Today at 12:57:19 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Final score?
    Today at 12:57:29 AM
  • scottnva: HanRam to the Red Sox
    Today at 12:57:46 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Giants covered.
    Today at 12:58:01 AM
  • scottnva: 31 to 28
    Today at 12:58:04 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Really?
    Today at 12:58:20 AM
  • Jonathan: boys by 3
    Today at 12:58:28 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Vegas stole that game.
    Today at 12:58:37 AM
  • Fitzy1962: The should have won by 10.
    Today at 12:58:59 AM
  • Fitzy1962: That was a fumble at the goal line.
    Today at 12:59:14 AM
  • Jonathan: I am pretty sure the Cowboys stole the game.
    Today at 12:59:31 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Pass interference on the 'td catch.
    Today at 12:59:33 AM
  • Fitzy1962: @Jonathan LOL
    Today at 01:00:04 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Cowboys whipped their ass.
    Today at 01:00:33 AM
  • Jonathan: Lol, go ahead and celebrate beating the team with longest losing streak in league.
    Today at 01:01:23 AM
  • Jonathan: Jags will probably beat the giants next week.
    Today at 01:03:02 AM
  • Fitzy1962: You're right. The Boyz should whip them and the refs made it a lot closer than it really was.
    Today at 01:03:22 AM
  • Jonathan: idk, didn't watch the full game, don't care about either team.
    Today at 01:04:32 AM
  • Jonathan: At least we get 2 solid games on turkey day dal/phi and sea/sf
    Today at 01:30:32 AM
  • Jonathan: gb/det would of been perfect, but not too far off
    Today at 01:31:02 AM
  • Fitzy1962: Those are two great games.
    Today at 02:26:24 AM
  • andyscott23: Good morning
    Today at 08:14:32 AM
  • Brent: Morning
    Today at 09:19:57 AM
  • 9inches: hey guys
    Today at 09:22:45 AM
  • Dan Wood: The A's are starting to resemble my 2013 MB Mets
    Today at 09:37:30 AM
  • The Torture Doctor: morning ppl
    Today at 09:37:50 AM
  • 9inches: 2015 A's = 2013 MB Mets = Dumpster Fire
    Today at 09:41:28 AM
  • andyscott23: Red Sox offering Hanley $90 M for 5
    Today at 09:46:39 AM
  • Corey: Morning boys
    Today at 10:06:26 AM
  • Corey: Baseball Tonight bids coming out late this morning
    Today at 10:06:42 AM
  • utmbrad: bids really due on Thanksgiving?
    Today at 10:17:40 AM
  • 9inches: DW, me and you got business.
    Today at 10:18:22 AM
  • 9inches: Brent, gonna send you something in coming minutes.
    Today at 10:18:43 AM
  • Corey: lol no Brad going to switch it to Wed night by midnight
    Today at 10:19:17 AM
  • utmbrad: ok
    Today at 10:21:33 AM
  • Corey: Never thought of that when making the list
    Today at 10:22:04 AM
  • utmbrad: i just happened to think about it. what time do you think bids will be posted?
    Today at 10:26:47 AM
  • Corey: In between 11 and 12
    Today at 10:27:24 AM

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