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  • jblum: Brent, you are on the clock in r2n
    Today at 07:54:22 PM
  • jblum: DeanO22 otc in r2n
    Today at 08:05:23 PM
  • Brent: jblum, Geoff is going to have to repick.  Harrison was taken in the 3rd
    Today at 08:14:36 PM
  • jblum: its his brother lol
    Today at 08:17:38 PM
  • Yacob: sandman you might not want to respond to the pm. just dont. i dont care. you know what you did, dawg
    Today at 08:17:59 PM
  • jblum: nice pick brent, i was thinking of taking petteway
    Today at 08:19:27 PM
  • Brent: tnx
    Today at 08:22:20 PM
  • Corey: Yacob, why are you on him
    Today at 08:36:28 PM
  • Corey: So he got screwed and left, why are you trashing him.
    Today at 08:36:55 PM
  • Corey: Stop being a moron and admit a mistake was made. That trade should not of been taken off the board
    Today at 08:37:34 PM
  • Jonathan: the trade was clearly the mistake.
    Today at 08:42:45 PM
  • Corey: Not saying it was pretty either but you don't undo moves
    Today at 08:43:22 PM
  • Jonathan: same thing happens with bids, they go away.
    Today at 08:44:33 PM
  • Corey: I've never taken a bid away
    Today at 08:45:50 PM
  • Corey: Can't do that. Messes up all the
    Today at 08:46:09 PM
  • Corey: FA bids
    Today at 08:46:16 PM
  • Jonathan: NBA Futures does.
    Today at 08:46:28 PM
  • Corey: Shouldn't tho
    Today at 08:47:16 PM
  • Jonathan: Paul George
    Today at 08:47:45 PM
  • Jonathan: 80M bid, then GM left
    Today at 08:49:04 PM
  • Corey: I saw that, should have counted
    Today at 08:49:08 PM
  • Jonathan: tough spot to put a new GM in, especially one that is hired to win now.
    Today at 08:50:31 PM
  • Corey: Nope, he takes the spot knowing all bids are in tact, happens all the time
    Today at 08:51:34 PM
  • Corey: Especially when the owner made the bid
    Today at 08:51:49 PM
  • Scalious: You wanna hire GMs that like a good challenge. IMO.
    Today at 08:52:45 PM
  • Corey: most not all hire gms because they are not able to rebuild a team
    Today at 08:56:02 PM
  • Brent: Anthony Davis and LBJ are available in NBA Futures
    Today at 08:56:05 PM
  • Ace: why did sandman quit?
    Today at 08:56:45 PM
  • JMAC: corey otc in.nhl.invitational
    Today at 08:57:43 PM
  • Brent: B/c I changed the rules in NFLC.  I only lost 2 Owners, not too bad out of 32.
    Today at 08:58:41 PM
  • Brent: scoring rules
    Today at 08:59:01 PM
  • Ace: i know about that brent; i think he was gonna gm in nba futures but quit bc a trade was cancelled although yacob agreed to it anyway
    Today at 09:02:04 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, it was like the same day.  I'm not sure which came first.
    Today at 09:02:46 PM
  • Jonathan: Thunder might be open, apply within. Fireworks guaranteed.
    Today at 09:04:47 PM
  • Jonathan: at least there is no spacemountain bidding at 71 hours and 50 minutes.
    Today at 09:05:44 PM
  • Brent: true
    Today at 09:06:11 PM
  • chrisetc21: The egg came first, c'mon now
    Today at 09:06:12 PM
  • Brent: Someone needs to come get LBJ and Anthony Davis
    Today at 09:06:36 PM
  • Brent: Stephen Tulloch is an idiot.
    Today at 09:07:03 PM
  • kylerap: he sure is
    Today at 09:08:21 PM
  • Ace: just a freak accident, look at the malcom mitchell one with georgia
    Today at 09:09:47 PM
  • Corey: 71hr 50min bid would make me track some1 down
    Today at 09:10:06 PM
  • jblum: brent, he averaged 10 points for my defense in NFLC
    Today at 09:10:12 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, he was a productive player
    Today at 09:11:27 PM
  • Brent: The Steelers took out a couple of their own players last night.
    Today at 09:11:51 PM
  • jblum: yeah its a big ass loss
    Today at 09:11:54 PM
  • jblum: lol
    Today at 09:11:58 PM
  • Brent: I think the Redskins found their QB of the future.
    Today at 09:13:32 PM
  • jblum: they could have 2 years ago
    Today at 09:14:58 PM
  • jblum: 2 years earlier*
    Today at 09:15:07 PM

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