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  • Jonathan: an idiot with :money:
    Today at 09:35:33 PM
  • Corey: true that Jonathan
    Today at 09:40:53 PM
  • Ace: manu ginobli
    Today at 09:41:03 PM
  • scottnva: may i have mod powers for the rn hoops transaction board so i can lock bids that have been won?
    Today at 09:46:21 PM
  • Gilly: oMg seriously, 17 minutes and 1 hour and 10 minutes left in my won bids before I was outbid
    Today at 09:57:03 PM
  • Gilly: lol oh good god
    Today at 09:57:15 PM
  • Orange Country: our trade passed gills
    Today at 09:59:00 PM
  • Gilly: frikken better have
    Today at 09:59:15 PM
  • Gilly: oh baby I am hammed
    Today at 09:59:50 PM
  • Orange Country: good luck with Charles
    Today at 10:01:05 PM
  • Gilly: thanks sir
    Today at 10:02:21 PM
  • Capn Cally: Hate those rats that bid in the last few hrs Gills. You know how I feel about "those" ppl and how much it's bush league!!!
    Today at 10:05:12 PM
  • Gilly: 1 hour and a bit I can digest as he upped it more than 1 lol...but 17 mins, oh lord lol
    Today at 10:05:54 PM
  • Eric: Supo guys
    Today at 10:06:58 PM
  • Gilly: Most online ever was today at 613, wow
    Today at 10:09:19 PM
  • Brent: Sup guys
    Today at 10:09:25 PM
  • Eric: :taco:
    Today at 10:10:06 PM
  • Capn Cally: Gilly - QLS! Unless you're backing out :)
    Today at 10:10:59 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: Hopefully tonight I can get some trades worked out
    Today at 10:11:01 PM
  • Eric: Cally I get back with you tonight
    Today at 10:11:31 PM
  • Gilly: I dont back out, did I forget to accept
    Today at 10:13:01 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Gilly, what are you sipping on?
    Today at 10:13:52 PM
  • Gilly: Its been a few years, lol Vodka brother, its tasty, I feel even better cause I had a morphine tablet for my shoulder pain , so mixing that makes me feel randy dandy
    Today at 10:15:23 PM
  • Gilly: Aint nothing gonna take my pride, aint nothing gonna hold me down, oh oh, lol
    Today at 10:16:54 PM
  • Gilly: I will close the chat, sorry boys lol
    Today at 10:17:02 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: Tim is there anything in particulate you are looking for?
    Today at 10:17:30 PM
  • sean86m: Anyone on NBA Inv. Looking to diversify? Jazz here
    Today at 10:23:00 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Wizards are, sean
    Today at 10:26:13 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Locked...what league?
    Today at 10:26:26 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: I'm slack on trades making sure that I get Free Market Kings running perfectly
    Today at 10:26:43 PM
  • sean86m: Will take a look Tim
    Today at 10:26:50 PM
  • Brent: I had a rough day, going to watch the Judge at a dine in theater to relax.
    Today at 10:27:24 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: I'd love to be drinking with ole Gilly
    Today at 10:28:04 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: NFLC sorry
    Today at 10:28:27 PM
  • Gilly: Timmy, u and me and Aaron need to get together some day and paint the town fun
    Today at 10:29:21 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: I'd like to diversify...LBs, WRs, and, maybe, Dalton
    Today at 10:29:47 PM
  • Eric: wtf
    Today at 10:30:43 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: That means the Mounties would have to let me into the wonderful country of Oh Canada.
    Today at 10:31:32 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Not sure they want that.
    Today at 10:31:38 PM
  • Gilly: I wish this site would do like a real life get together, lol
    Today at 10:31:57 PM
  • Gilly: No I would come to the USA, greatest person to ever cross the border, "The Gilly"  roll out the cheeseburger carpet
    Today at 10:32:21 PM
  • Gilly: oh my lanta it would be fun
    Today at 10:32:48 PM
  • Brent: I had one guy who works for me get in an accident in west TX, flip his car and fracture his skull and get a concussion, bleeding on brain and other stuff.  Then another guy that works for me found out his Grandmother passed away.  And then a guy I work with let it become public knowledge that he was diagnosed with ALS.
    Today at 10:32:54 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: I am the Pats. Let me know if any of my guys catch your eye. Would love to work out a blockbuster trade, as I am going all in this year.
    Today at 10:33:03 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: We could do a ProFSL convention in Vegas
    Today at 10:33:10 PM
  • Gilly: That would be sweet, amazing excuse to get away from our wifes for a weekend lol
    Today at 10:33:53 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: Sweet Jesus Brent that's crazy
    Today at 10:33:58 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, pretty rough day.
    Today at 10:34:37 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: The Timmy from his 20s would definitely be on the loose that weekend
    Today at 10:34:40 PM
  • Brent: Kid had to be airlifted from a small town in West Texas to San Antonio this morning.
    Today at 10:35:34 PM

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