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  • redbeard82: no problem letting either go for leake
    Today at 01:40:47 AM
  • Eric: Stupid  golf ad is blocking the chat
    Today at 01:41:14 AM
  • Orange Country: hope :SF: can beat :LAD:
    Today at 01:41:38 AM
  • Drew: Become Premium Eric haha!
    Today at 01:42:54 AM
  • fantasyboi: Giants got Leake for nothing!!!
    Today at 01:42:56 AM
  • fantasyboi: Mella looks more like a middle reliever
    Today at 01:43:17 AM
  • Orange Country: uh oh Drew makes an appearance
    Today at 01:43:34 AM
  • Orange Country: how many in 1st and Goal Drew
    Today at 01:43:50 AM
  • Eric: Lol nah not now
    Today at 01:44:34 AM
  • fantasyboi: Leake's not gonna know what to do with himself when a pop up doesnt leave the yard in SF compared to Cincy
    Today at 01:46:40 AM
  • Orange Country: love your old :BOS: team Eric
    Today at 01:46:57 AM
  • Eric: Yeah still do, painful to watch them. Ready
    Today at 01:49:19 AM
  • Orange Country: I meant in Quick Pitch, but yea that works too :)
    Today at 01:50:20 AM
  • Eric: I did good huh :)
    Today at 01:52:55 AM
  • Flash: Yeah, Eric, real good.  I still get PMs complaining about how good.
    Today at 01:54:31 AM
  • Eric: I did good huh lol
    Today at 01:58:09 AM
  • Eric: Glad I did something right
    Today at 01:58:31 AM
  • fantasyboi: man its gonna b kinda sad assuming Hudson gets DFA'd
    Today at 01:58:52 AM
  • Eric: Im.out later boys!
    Today at 02:16:54 AM
  • jblum: fantasybo PM?
    Today at 02:17:07 AM
  • jblum: didnt mean to put in ?
    Today at 02:18:31 AM
  • jblum: OC PM
    Today at 02:22:43 AM
  • fantasyboi: anyone need a 1B or OF in NE
    Today at 02:35:48 AM
  • Brent: Morning guys.  I'm looking to deal in most leagues.
    Today at 08:52:20 AM
  • Alex87878: Morning brent, I need about 3m in cap relief in BTL, looking to deal a player for a 5th round draft pick
    Today at 08:53:15 AM
  • indiansnation: Looking deal puig in Mendoza for specs
    Today at 09:04:59 AM
  • Alex87878: Marlins in BTL looking for right around 3-4m in cap space, anyone willing to take Dioner Navarro or Brandon McCarthy's contracts can also have a spec or move up in the draft.
    Today at 09:20:02 AM
  • LockedNLoaded: Morning boys, its time to deal.  Today is going to be fu
    Today at 09:34:21 AM
  • indiansnation: Alex pm
    Today at 09:36:01 AM
  • indiansnation: Lockandloaded interested in urshela and burns in qp what u want for those 2
    Today at 09:38:02 AM
  • Alex87878: LnL, you as nervous about the red sox as I am? lol
    Today at 09:41:22 AM
  • indiansnation: Alex pm
    Today at 09:42:26 AM
  • Alex87878: ill take a look in a min
    Today at 09:43:16 AM
  • redbeard82: Alex - PM
    Today at 09:46:56 AM
  • LockedNLoaded: Not trading those guys in QP.  Not really looking to move much in QP.  Focusing on my SD team for now
    Today at 09:49:24 AM
  • redbeard82: Alex - that reply back was empty?
    Today at 09:56:57 AM
  • redbeard82: oops see the 2nd one
    Today at 09:57:10 AM
  • Alex87878: yah idk what happened there
    Today at 09:58:43 AM
  • redbeard82: back Alex, hope we may be there...
    Today at 10:02:17 AM
  • Alex87878: red im typing the contracts into my spreadsheet, if everything lines up then I think we may be just about in the clear
    Today at 10:14:34 AM
  • Alex87878: was waiting to hear back from 1-2 people, but if they dont respond soon enough then so be it
    Today at 10:15:23 AM
  • redbeard82: sounds good
    Today at 10:16:44 AM
  • Eric: Morning guys
    Today at 10:18:21 AM
  • redbeard82: morning Eric
    Today at 10:18:35 AM
  • Alex87878: morning
    Today at 10:18:38 AM
  • Brent: FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cubs are among the teams in "ongoing dialogue" with the Indians regarding Carlos Carrasco.
    Today at 10:18:50 AM
  • Brent: ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the Yankees "keep hammering away" at a trade for Craig Kimbrel.
    Today at 10:19:06 AM
  • Alex87878: that yanks bullpen will be nasty...
    Today at 10:19:59 AM
  • Corey: Discussion on both can be found here
    Today at 10:20:29 AM
  • Corey: [link]
    Today at 10:20:33 AM