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  • Yeagg:
  • I don't think this world needs anymore of me
  • Yesterday at 09:14:36 PM
  • Daddy:
  • Surprised you dont have friends with similar interests. We need more Yeaggs onsite.
  • Yesterday at 09:06:01 PM
  • Yeagg:
  • Aside from the occasional poorly worded rule, I've found all of the leagues to be enjoyable
  • Yesterday at 08:37:35 PM
  • Yeagg:
  • Most of the leagues that I am in I haven't had too much of a problem
  • Yesterday at 08:36:10 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted:
  • Honestly at this point, this is my creative criticism two cents, I’d just like the leagues we currently have to be active on both ends, from the owners to the guys running leagues. Nothing worse than a league you can’t make deals or you make a deal and it takes a week to process
  • Yesterday at 08:28:20 PM
  • Daddy:
  • @cliff we have about 30 total fantasy dinosaurs on site. If we had even 200 members, a modest number, who were long term sports visionaries..every league would flourish. All of them. There would be a demand for more leagues even.
  • Yesterday at 06:45:13 PM
  • Daddy:
  • We will figure it out @Brent. No worries
  • Yesterday at 06:36:24 PM
  • Brent:
  • JW, PM
  • Yesterday at 06:34:38 PM
  • Thecliff:
  • A Part of FWC (Fantasy Webpage Creations) [link]  :toth:
  • Yesterday at 06:19:30 PM
  • Thecliff:
  • Yes Daddy...and that is why such leagues as an example: [link] has flourished for so many seasons.
  • Yesterday at 06:05:29 PM
  • Daddy:
  • You cant tell me there arent 30 people in the entire WORLD that wouldnt appreciate a league that deep and complex. Its a big World.
  • Yesterday at 05:02:03 PM
  • Daddy:
  • Instead of folding any more leagues we should modernize them and once we do that we should actually be able to start more of them. Diversity is a good thing!
  • Yesterday at 05:00:49 PM
  • Daddy:
  • When these leagues started they did not have the benefit of history or hindsight. Apply what has been learned.
  • Yesterday at 04:46:16 PM
  • RyanJames5:
  • It's how I ended up in charge of Bush
  • Yesterday at 04:30:02 PM
  • RyanJames5:
  • I don't think thats a bad thing.  Raising issues, as long as it's done correctly, forces leagues to improve
  • Yesterday at 04:23:09 PM
  • Daddy:
  • More @yeaggs are coming. People will question things and voice opinions. 5 years from now what will these leagues be like?
  • Yesterday at 04:21:51 PM
  • RyanJames5:
  • It requires a plan and the ability to stick to a plan to build a winner in a league with over 200 MiLB slots.  It's almost impossible to buy a winner in a league like that.
  • Yesterday at 04:19:06 PM
  • Daddy:
  • Something that takes 5 real years to see a payoff, you better have a tight ship. It has to be a clear fun experience.
  • Yesterday at 04:18:43 PM
  • RyanJames5:
  • The thing that I love most about them, especially in Armchair, is partially what makes them so tough to fill and keep filled though.
  • Yesterday at 04:18:21 PM
  • RyanJames5:
  • I agree Daddy.  It's so tough to find the people for such deep leagues
  • Yesterday at 04:17:48 PM
  • Daddy:
  • There isnt a huge market for dynasty fantasy to begin with in a world of increasing impatience and instant gratification.
  • Yesterday at 04:16:35 PM
  • Daddy:
  • 7 years of experience had taught us dynasty types what works and what doesnt
  • Yesterday at 04:14:54 PM
  • Daddy:
  • One mans opinion is rather than watch a league die consider a league "reboot".
  • Yesterday at 04:13:47 PM
  • RyanJames5:
  • Haha, he definitely did.  You're right though Jonathan.  This is my 5th year in the league and I've been under .500 4 years and finally good this year.
  • Yesterday at 02:50:22 PM
  • Jonathan:
  • Chris stacked his teams in leagues, no matter what the rules said.
  • Yesterday at 02:45:56 PM
  • Jonathan:
  • Its a league where either your a top team or 5 yrs away from relevancy. The problem is a lot of people lose interest if not competing, and just disappear. Its hard to keep 30 teams active.
  • Yesterday at 02:45:31 PM
  • Flash:
  • It’s probably why Chrisetc21 was able to get away with so much.  No one understood what he was doing.
  • Yesterday at 02:40:58 PM
  • Jonathan:
  • Its hard to imagine the league surviving, its too advanced and takes too much time for what most people are looking for in fantasy.
  • Yesterday at 02:29:27 PM
  • Vik:
  • :rofl:
  • Yesterday at 02:24:55 PM
  • Jonathan:
  • [link]
  • Yesterday at 02:22:38 PM
  • Daddy:
  • The rules here are confusing. Cmon God. Thats not fair.
  • Yesterday at 02:14:50 PM
  • Daddy:
  • Hey there Big guy, its me...i didnt know. Im new to the whole Earth life thing. You think errrr, maybe we can just erase some mistakes? It wont happen again.
  • Yesterday at 02:10:00 PM
  • Daddy:
  • If we are giving re do for not knowing im asking God for the last 20 years back.
  • Yesterday at 02:07:04 PM
  • Daddy:
  • A lot of people learn things the hard way, just like life.
  • Yesterday at 02:05:48 PM
  • Daddy:
  • Ive never seen a re do
  • Yesterday at 02:04:39 PM
  • Vik:
  • Up to Brian, he is main comish now and also the one who won the claim
  • Yesterday at 01:10:56 PM
  • Yeagg:
  • Can I at least have a re do since I didn't know and clearly I wouldn't have done that had I known
  • Yesterday at 12:53:34 PM
  • Vik:
  • If i wanted to I could waive and call up Matt Kemp a gazzilion times with his contract  :puke:
  • Yesterday at 12:37:00 PM
  • Vik:
  • As rules now state there is no limit to sending down guys but each time the rest of the league has 48h to make a claim
  • Yesterday at 12:35:00 PM
  • Vik:
  • Yeagg, I don't disagree rules are something confusing with some leagues here but that's just how it is as all little details need to be accounted for. If I take a more active mod role in the offseason can look into clarifying things and proposing changes but for now just helping with processing transactions
  • Yesterday at 12:32:49 PM
  • Yeagg:
  • [link]
  • Yesterday at 12:11:27 PM
  • Yeagg:
  • I actually sent the link of a rule that basically said the exact opposite of what they are saying
  • Yesterday at 12:11:19 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted:
  • yeagg just can't read rules clearly. first he had a problem in bush and now he's got a problem in another league
  • Yesterday at 11:01:03 AM
  • Thecliff:
  • :agent: The Bush League Game 11 highlights [link] is posted. Enjoy  :toth:
  • Yesterday at 07:48:17 AM
  • Yeagg:
  • I feel like losing a player because of a rule that isn't clear isn't exactly fair. Especially since I'm still fairly new
  • Yesterday at 02:14:15 AM
  • Yeagg:
  • Yea when I read the rules I saw that there were an unlimited number of options and that I could move them however I want
  • Yesterday at 02:13:42 AM
  • Daddy:
  • When excitement is generating.
  • Yesterday at 01:43:30 AM
  • Daddy:
  • 15 teams open in WAR, we will get them. The best time to recruit for baseball is pre spring
  • Yesterday at 01:42:27 AM
  • Daddy:
  • 5 isnt that much
  • Yesterday at 01:41:30 AM
  • indiansnation:
  • some teams are in great shape but others need help big time.
  • Yesterday at 01:38:19 AM
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  • Yeagg: One is too many
    Yesterday at 09:14:41 PM
  • MRBILL71482: is nfl countdown league still alive?
    Yesterday at 09:41:34 PM
  • Daddy: It is MRBILL. The leagues founder just today has informed that he has to step aside do to time constraints.
    Yesterday at 10:26:48 PM
  • Daddy: I just recently started up a league from scratch and ive got my own constraints.
    Yesterday at 10:27:38 PM
  • Daddy: Seeing as how football season isnt until September i figure there is time to get it sorted out.
    Yesterday at 10:28:36 PM
  • Daddy: The teams arent even in training camp yet. I do understand the concern though.
    Yesterday at 10:31:57 PM
  • indiansnation: nflf
    Yesterday at 11:25:36 PM
  • indiansnation: nflc will staying running no mater what
    Yesterday at 11:26:21 PM
  • indiansnation: daddy pm
    Yesterday at 11:51:24 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Brian PM
    Yesterday at 11:57:43 PM
  • indiansnation: mets back
    Today at 12:20:57 AM
  • papps: Brian pm
    Today at 12:23:18 AM
  • Daddy: Yes Brian i will take care of it
    Today at 12:28:59 AM
  • Daddy: Tomorrow
    Today at 12:29:27 AM
  • Daddy: I wish i kept my draft picks in nflc. Its the one sport that they really matter out of the box in fantasy.
    Today at 12:30:54 AM
  • Brent: I really like football draft picks.
    Today at 12:35:14 AM
  • Daddy: You know the worst feeling in dynasty fantasy for me? Its building a great team over years, being right on guys like Yelich when he was 22 years old, and then 3, 4, 5 years later the league folds.
    Today at 12:50:43 AM
  • Daddy: You join another league, take over a sorry ass team, and all the guys you were right about are tearing it up on other peoples teams.
    Today at 12:51:42 AM
  • Brent: The last team I ran in BL was the Cubs and I rebuilt the Angels in FGM.  Both teams are in first in their divisions.
    Today at 12:53:47 AM
  • Daddy: Youve got to be so much more sports savvy and imo smarter than the avg fan to have dynasty success. Any moron can have daily fantasy success. Thats a bunch of luck.
    Today at 12:54:11 AM
  • Brent: I just pulled up the FGM team that I retired from in 2015.  This is the roster, Jesus Aguilar, Votto, Devers, Correa, Profar, Vlad Jr, Austin Meadows and Kepler.
    Today at 12:57:15 AM
  • indiansnation: evening guys
    Today at 01:12:35 AM
  • indiansnation: lookinmg to move beckman in fgm
    Today at 01:13:51 AM
  • Daddy: My favorite thing in dynasty (besides winning a league title) is finding guys like Zach Plesac who is unrostered in a league of 2700 rostered players and 30 gms
    Today at 01:20:44 AM
  • Daddy: I drafted one time, the first year in SD, i took C Stryker Trahan with my 1st rd pick. Everyone praised the selection.
    Today at 01:22:23 AM
  • Daddy: My daughter is a better prospect than Stryker Trahan.
    Today at 01:22:48 AM
  • Daddy: That same year i signed Dallas Keuchel as a FA on nobodies radar. PC bid.
    Today at 01:23:59 AM
  • indiansnation: @daddy bite me
    Today at 01:30:21 AM
  • Daddy: I know your mad over Plesac, he was in right your backyard
    Today at 01:31:29 AM
  • Daddy: Right in your backyard*
    Today at 01:31:54 AM
  • Daddy: I love dynasty baseball. Thats the beauty of it. Only 1 guy can win the title. Youve got to love something about the game itself. Like discovering guys like Keuchel or Plesac.
    Today at 01:33:51 AM
  • indiansnation: go to hell daddy
    Today at 01:34:28 AM
  • Daddy: :rofl:
    Today at 01:35:36 AM
  • Daddy: I will trade him to you when you get a few good players :rofl:
    Today at 01:36:40 AM
  • indiansnation: gary sanchez will get hurt soon and u will lose him whole yr daddy.
    Today at 01:41:19 AM
  • indiansnation: yes im jinx u my friend.
    Today at 01:41:44 AM
  • Daddy: He has already put up a solid season worth of stats. The Sanchino is forealo.
    Today at 01:44:37 AM
  • Daddy: Bush seems to be the Top league at the moment. So owning him there is kind of a big deal.
    Today at 01:46:00 AM
  • Daddy: WAR is going to be the top League. Not to brag but its scoring setup is true baseball simulation. As close as you can get right now to the real game.
    Today at 01:47:51 AM
  • indiansnation: cant wait for war takeing u down daddy
    Today at 02:14:07 AM
  • Thecliff: :agent: WCB2 Game 12 highlights [link] is posted. Enjoy  :toth:
    Today at 09:33:56 AM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Brian back
    Today at 11:12:24 AM
  • indiansnation: mets pm
    Today at 11:49:07 AM
  • indiansnation: looking to move peralta,ozuna, ad davis of in wcb2
    Today at 12:05:15 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Back Brian
    Today at 12:26:32 PM
  • Brent: Good morning guys
    Today at 12:28:39 PM
  • Brent: It's Zion day.
    Today at 12:56:09 PM
  • Brent: From the sounds of it, the Knicks are overthinking their draft pick at 1.3 and may screw it up.  If Barrett is still there, the Pels will be stoked.
    Today at 12:56:58 PM
  • Cmcgraw: Are the Pelicans still talking about moving up?
    Today at 02:06:22 PM
  • Brent: I think a lot of things are in play for pick #4.
    Today at 03:27:12 PM