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  • Forbz23: Dallasmavericks
    Today at 06:45:17 PM
  • patjossom: Game162 pm
    Today at 06:45:28 PM
  • Forbz23: :DAL:
    Today at 06:45:31 PM
  • Orange Country: :DAL-NBA:
    Today at 06:45:31 PM
  • Forbz23: :LAA:
    Today at 06:45:54 PM
  • ajm5551: there ya go
    Today at 06:46:00 PM
  • Forbz23: How do you do mavericks
    Today at 06:46:06 PM
  • ajm5551: :CHC:
    Today at 06:46:06 PM
  • Orange Country: :Duke: :puke:
    Today at 06:46:10 PM
  • ajm5551: add -NBA
    Today at 06:46:12 PM
  • ajm5551: so : DAL-NBA :
    Today at 06:46:19 PM
  • ajm5551: :DAL-NBA:
    Today at 06:46:27 PM
  • Orange Country: :NorthCarolina:  :win:
    Today at 06:46:29 PM
  • Orange Country: ah crap he signed off
    Today at 06:46:45 PM
  • Forbz23: Thanks
    Today at 06:48:04 PM
  • patjossom: Bbomb pm
    Today at 06:49:38 PM
  • scottnva: Pat ur about to be otc in flg
    Today at 06:54:07 PM
  • Forbz23: Back pergs
    Today at 06:54:48 PM
  • Forbz23: Let me know if it sent, some reason my pms dont always send here
    Today at 06:55:19 PM
  • scottnva: All urs pat
    Today at 06:55:20 PM
  • Pergs24: i didnt get it forbz
    Today at 06:58:00 PM
  • kylerap: more picks in 20 mins than we've had all day!
    Today at 07:05:31 PM
  • Pergs24: forbz and papps back
    Today at 07:06:14 PM
  • Pergs24: sand back
    Today at 07:08:49 PM
  • Forbz23: Back pergs think we got it
    Today at 07:10:13 PM
  • Pergs24: countered. we r close.
    Today at 07:13:43 PM
  • Pergs24: forbz we are sooo close. read my pm and ull know the issue with the deal.
    Today at 07:17:17 PM
  • Pergs24: forbz i sent a counter. there is a very slight change in it
    Today at 07:24:55 PM
  • Forbz23: Looking now pergs, an unkown secondary team has come in with a late offer so jist checking in before i do your deal
    Today at 07:28:31 PM
  • Pergs24: forbz. i just sent pm.
    Today at 07:29:34 PM
  • Pergs24: i BooYah! ed up. i have 2.26. i can do ur original offer. can i post?
    Today at 07:30:08 PM
  • Forbz23: Yea
    Today at 07:31:23 PM
  • Pergs24: just send pm with a decision bc id actually still be over the cap. id need to trade nova in this deal
    Today at 07:31:24 PM
  • Pergs24: here. lemme send a pm to clear everything up. this is gettin confusing
    Today at 07:32:02 PM
  • Pergs24: just sent the pm with the offer to clear up the confusion
    Today at 07:33:35 PM
  • patjossom: :STL: OTC in FLG
    Today at 07:47:13 PM
  • Pergs24: forbz posted
    Today at 07:48:36 PM
  • Forbz23: [link]
    Today at 07:57:58 PM
  • Pergs24: What a monster.
    Today at 07:58:26 PM
  • Forbz23: Haha that it is
    Today at 07:59:53 PM
  • Pergs24: Weve been tryin to make a deal of that magnitude for awhile
    Today at 08:00:29 PM
  • indiansnation: Wow nice trade in btl
    Today at 08:02:56 PM
  • Forbz23: We made a few big deals now
    Today at 08:03:09 PM
  • Pergs24: Ik. The choo one and now the cutch one
    Today at 08:03:40 PM
  • redbeard82: Reid - Replied
    Today at 08:11:09 PM
  • redbeard82: Forbz - PM
    Today at 08:11:12 PM
  • indiansnation: Looking in offers for pedroia and tomas
    Today at 08:36:56 PM
  • indiansnation: In btl
    Today at 08:37:07 PM
  • indiansnation: Looking to move jj hardy in blb
    Today at 08:38:55 PM
  • Calvin: looking to move Dom Brown, Jason Werth, Carlos Gomez in Mendoza
    Today at 08:39:18 PM