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  • jblum: Aufan03 PM
    Today at 01:22:18 AM
  • AdamBombs: Nice pick kylerap
    Today at 01:25:49 AM
  • indiansnation: OK I'll do it. How do I get rid of Indiansnation
    Today at 01:26:36 AM
  • Jonathan: That was the obvious pick
    Today at 01:26:41 AM
  • Jonathan: Better than all 3 of the WR taken right before.
    Today at 01:27:55 AM
  • Jonathan: :GB: OTC in BoB
    Today at 01:28:48 AM
  • Orange Country: lol PM Corey for a username change
    Today at 01:28:56 AM
  • jblum: Can I pick in NFLC?
    Today at 01:28:59 AM
  • Orange Country: change it to bravesnation
    Today at 01:29:05 AM
  • Corey: not allowed Brian.
    Today at 01:29:35 AM
  • Corey: Has to be an extreme circumstance.
    Today at 01:29:43 AM
  • Jonathan: no sellouts lol
    Today at 01:29:49 AM
  • Corey: It throws off all your posts and league ID's
    Today at 01:29:54 AM
  • Orange Country: eh
    Today at 01:29:56 AM
  • AdamBombs: I think the Vikings are OTC in AOGS
    Today at 01:29:58 AM
  • BAMF: Yeah Im trying to get the pick ;)
    Today at 01:30:30 AM
  • Orange Country: not sure blummer
    Today at 01:30:47 AM
  • Vollmernator: Yeah thinking if I'm gonna trade it what will you giuys offer me
    Today at 01:31:09 AM
  • AdamBombs: Okay ill be ready to pick shortly after
    Today at 01:31:12 AM
  • Orange Country: u can PM geordie bear ur pick
    Today at 01:31:20 AM
  • BAMF: lets finish voll
    Today at 01:32:02 AM
  • jblum: Corey 1 more PM coming in
    Today at 01:32:51 AM
  • Orange Country: up to 20 owners in 1st and Goal
    Today at 01:34:15 AM
  • Orange Country: Mitch u oughta join, just $20
    Today at 01:34:22 AM
  • Vollmernator: But wouldn't I need a 2nd with peterson to get a deal done want to package with ap
    Today at 01:34:26 AM
  • AdamBombs: Ypure the vikings Voll?
    Today at 01:34:33 AM
  • Orange Country: and your favorite team still available
    Today at 01:34:49 AM
  • Vollmernator: Yup
    Today at 01:35:07 AM
  • redbeard82: looking to put together a package for a good young MLB OF in 108 if anybody has one to move...
    Today at 01:35:32 AM
  • Vollmernator: Any offers for ap,white and 2nd pick in 2015 pick 5
    Today at 01:36:09 AM
  • Orange Country: man Dave, just took a look at my 108 minors
    Today at 01:37:02 AM
  • Vollmernator: Bamf pm
    Today at 01:37:55 AM
  • Orange Country: peraza, wall, mcmahon, jomar reyes, shaffer, nottingham, blair, beede, toussiant, penecost, aquino, starling heredia, jenkins, freeland, fried, ross
    Today at 01:38:21 AM
  • AdamBombs: What could you possibly be trying to get fkr those 3 together  voll?
    Today at 01:39:38 AM
  • Orange Country: bet I have some others I'm missing
    Today at 01:39:50 AM
  • redbeard82: not too shabby reid
    Today at 01:41:15 AM
  • redbeard82: shoulda seen mine before i started buying major leaguers lol
    Today at 01:41:30 AM
  • Orange Country: that's what I'm going for bud
    Today at 01:44:18 AM
  • redbeard82: it was a thing of beauty, but also time to start cashing it in
    Today at 01:44:27 AM
  • Orange Country: yea I saw your BLB minors before you started turning into the trade machine
    Today at 01:44:45 AM
  • redbeard82: speaking of 108...need some TC votes on a couple of deals there
    Today at 01:45:01 AM
  • indiansnation: Come on can I even change it to Indians truly suck Corey I'll bribe u with steak and lobster lol
    Today at 01:45:16 AM
  • Orange Country: I'd vote there and BLB if I was on :TC:
    Today at 01:45:19 AM
  • Orange Country: :rofl:
    Today at 01:45:29 AM
  • indiansnation: Can I bribe you Corey lol
    Today at 01:47:52 AM
  • fantasyboi: Giants tied for 1st for the next 5 minutes
    Today at 01:48:25 AM
  • indiansnation: Ok serious matters I'm up for tradeing
    Today at 01:50:11 AM
  • indiansnation: I want to make a trade before I go outside and burn my Indians jersey
    Today at 01:50:56 AM
  • fantasyboi: what league?
    Today at 01:51:52 AM
  • jblum: The Cleveland love
    Today at 01:52:02 AM