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Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Sport Level Modify
All-City Rec Association - Send PM Daz Gervin (None) NBA Modify
All-Europe Football - Send PM Garfield (None) Soccer Modify
Alumni Showdown - Send PM CRS245 (None) NFL Modify
American Baseball Legion - Send PM chrisetc21 (None) MLB Modify
Awards - Send PM CRS245 (None) Other Sports Modify
Ball So Harden - Send PM mike0542 (None) NBA Modify
Baseball Tonight - Send PM Corey (None) MLB Modify
Basketball Casino - Send PM Billy (None) NBA Modify
Beyond the Arc - Send PM bravesfan (None) NBA Modify
Black Ice Elimination - Send PM PsychoticPondGoons (None) NHL Modify
CHL - Send PM PigsRule (None) NHL Modify
Committed Fantasy - Send PM Teton (None) MLB Modify
DRAFT'N'GO MLB - Send PM CRS245 (None) MLB Modify
Dynasty MLB Elite - DME - Send PM Jon (None) MLB Modify
ELITE Basketball - Send PM andyscott23 (None) NCAA Modify
ELITE Football - Send PM andyscott23 (None) NCAA Modify
Extra Point - Send PM CRS245 (None) NFL Modify
Fantasy Basketball Association - Send PM FBACommish (None) NBA Modify
Field of Dreams - Send PM bravesfan (None) MLB Modify
First and Goal - Send PM Drew (None) NFL Modify
Franchise NBA - Send PM Billy (None) NBA Modify
Frozen Mullet - Send PM Philly Girl (None) NHL Modify
Full Count Baseball - Send PM Corey (None) MLB Modify
GM's Office - Send PM ajm5551 (None) NBA Modify
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Refresh History
  • Gilly: just got to find the deal lol
    Today at 01:15:54 AM
  • Gilly: wow its a big boy
    Today at 01:15:59 AM
  • Orange Country: time to drink now that I've sold my soul
    Today at 01:18:18 AM
  • Orange Country: :beer:
    Today at 01:18:35 AM
  • Gilly: [link]  NFLC blockbuster baby, this will take away from Oudans horrible Davis deal ahahahahahaha j
    Today at 01:20:07 AM
  • Gilly: jk Sooner
    Today at 01:20:14 AM
  • Scalious: Holy crap...
    Today at 01:20:46 AM
  • OUDAN: Charles may have the best contract in the league lol
    Today at 01:21:11 AM
  • Gilly: really cant go wrong with JC, Cruz and Megatron, just sayin
    Today at 01:21:15 AM
  • Gilly: That is a beauty contract for sure
    Today at 01:21:30 AM
  • OUDAN: Everyone welcome Todd Gurley to :KC-NFL: lol
    Today at 01:21:43 AM
  • chrisetc21: Six draft picks and a player?  Uh...
    Today at 01:22:23 AM
  • Gilly: OC its posted obviously
    Today at 01:22:32 AM
  • andyscott23: agree dan
    Today at 01:23:00 AM
  • Scalious: Its... cerntantly interesting.. Personally would have tried to get kline too though. But that's a personal preference
    Today at 01:23:56 AM
  • OUDAN: Yeah need Knile too
    Today at 01:24:19 AM
  • OUDAN: Just as the handcuff
    Today at 01:24:37 AM
  • JMAC: ya id say the picks warrant knile in.the deal as jamaal.has.been beat up a bit and is not a 22 yr old anymore. Alot to give all.things considered id say
    Today at 01:26:20 AM
  • JMAC: jamaal has a nice deal.though, second to.only leveon bell id say for best in.league
    Today at 01:27:01 AM
  • Orange Country: confirmed Gills
    Today at 01:28:17 AM
  • kylerap: I'd say best contract in the league is the #1 scorer overall at $2.9m for 2 years.. my QB :)
    Today at 01:28:18 AM
  • Orange Country: tough to move him, but the 4 1st's are gonna be real nice
    Today at 01:28:29 AM
  • Orange Country: With that deal done, I'm gonna put up Alex Smith for sale officially
    Today at 01:30:10 AM
  • Orange Country: Knile Davis is staying tho :)
    Today at 01:30:20 AM
  • Orange Country: Kyle, I repled
    Today at 01:30:46 AM
  • Orange Country: replied*
    Today at 01:30:49 AM
  • scottnva: reminds me of the herschal walker back in the day
    Today at 01:31:23 AM
  • scottnva: trade
    Today at 01:31:44 AM
  • kylerap: just got back to you
    Today at 01:31:48 AM
  • OUDAN: I'd keep him too OC lol and pray for Charles Acl lol
    Today at 01:31:50 AM
  • Scalious: ^^^thinking the same thing
    Today at 01:31:53 AM
  • OUDAN: That exactly what it is Scott
    Today at 01:32:05 AM
  • Scalious: Walker trade that is
    Today at 01:32:08 AM
  • Orange Country: gonna look at a couple of things and than I'll get back to u
    Today at 01:32:16 AM
  • andyscott23: our Ditka trading for Ricky Williams
    Today at 01:32:20 AM
  • OUDAN: :DAL: not shopping a safety either young rookie or a guy at like 14 ppg for a LB
    Today at 01:32:40 AM
  • Orange Country: this team was not gonna compete this year as long as it's in the same division as :DEN: and Peyton
    Today at 01:32:44 AM
  • Jonathan: Easy decision for KC
    Today at 01:32:58 AM
  • OUDAN: Now*
    Today at 01:33:02 AM
  • Orange Country: blow it up and get some picks
    Today at 01:34:03 AM
  • OUDAN: OC need a S for a LB?
    Today at 01:37:54 AM
  • Orange Country: who u shopping sooner
    Today at 01:38:34 AM
  • OUDAN: Gipson or Wilcox
    Today at 01:40:02 AM
  • Orange Country: I think I made Gills 1 happy camper
    Today at 01:40:12 AM
  • Orange Country: no sign of him in 5 mins
    Today at 01:40:44 AM
  • Orange Country: back kyle
    Today at 01:43:25 AM
  • Orange Country: sooner I'll pass
    Today at 01:43:31 AM
  • Brent: Graham is more than likely off the block now.
    Today at 01:44:21 AM
  • OUDAN: Lol
    Today at 01:44:23 AM
  • OUDAN: Ok bud
    Today at 01:44:28 AM

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