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From this page you can create your own league Leagues that fit in with your own forums requirements

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Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Sport Level Modify
All-Europe Football - Send PM Garfield (None) Soccer Modify
Any One Given Sunday - Send PM Eric (None) NFL Modify
Country Roads - Send PM Garfield (None) Other Sports Modify
Cycling Invitational - Send PM Garfield (None) Other Sports Modify
Dynasty MLB Elite - DME - Send PM joeshmoe (None) MLB Modify
Extra Point - Send PM CRS245 (None) NFL Modify
Final Cut - Send PM Leatherhelmets (None) NFL Modify
MLB Invitational - Send PM Orange Country (None) NHL Modify
MLB Quick Pitch - Send PM Flash (None) MLB Modify
MLS Challenge - Send PM ldsjayhawk (None) Soccer Modify
Mountain To Glory - Send PM Billy (None) MLB and 3 more sports Modify
NBA Front Office - Send PM Garfield (None) NBA Modify
NCAA Invitationals - Send PM Geoff (None) NCAA Modify
NFL~NCAAF Devy League - Send PM Leatherhelmets (None) NFL and NCAA Modify
Old School - Send PM LaneMyer (None) MLB Modify
Prospectus Maximus - Send PM Teton (None) MLB Modify
Prospectus Maximus NFL - Send PM Teton (None) NFL Modify
Rebel NHL - Send PM hockeyfreak47 (None) NHL Modify
Royal Union of Fantasy Footballers - Send PM Drew (None) NFL and NASCAR Modify
Soccer Invitational - Send PM CRS245 (None) Soccer Modify
Super Bowl Shuffle - Send PM CRS245 (None) NFL Modify
The Gridiron - Send PM CRS245 (None) NFL Modify
The Rainbow Cup - Send PM Garfield (None) Other Sports Modify
UCI WorldTour - Send PM Garfield (None) Other Sports Modify
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