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  • indiansnation: Armchair
    January 18, 2018, 11:47:12 PM
  • indiansnation: Franchise gm I believe
    January 18, 2018, 11:47:36 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: What's available in FGM?
    Yesterday at 09:04:31 AM
  • jojowalkwalk: Good morning guys
    Yesterday at 10:24:16 AM
  • Daddy: Good morning
    Yesterday at 10:34:08 AM
  • jojowalkwalk: pm yeagg
    Yesterday at 10:37:52 AM
  • Daddy: Alot of trades processed in Bush, check your fantrax gentleman. :toast:
    Yesterday at 10:46:31 AM
  • Yeagg: Jojo you're killing me
    Yesterday at 10:52:51 AM
  • Daddy: You get used to it Yeagg
    Yesterday at 11:10:49 AM
  • jojowalkwalk: Morning Daddy
    Yesterday at 11:42:25 AM
  • Yeagg: Daddy if you're on. Check my latest trade review. I can help get it sorted out
    Yesterday at 01:26:52 PM
  • nottathedaddy: Yeagg do you have 4.2 m in IFA money that you have bid?
    Yesterday at 02:10:21 PM
  • Yeagg: Yea, as of right now I have $7.8m. Ryan traded me $10m the other day
    Yesterday at 02:33:36 PM
  • Yeagg: The money I'm giving the Yankees is after the Robinson bid
    Yesterday at 02:33:57 PM
  • janesvilleaces: Afternoon all
    Yesterday at 02:57:52 PM
  • Daddy: @Yeagg im off and on until about 7-8 est
    Yesterday at 03:00:55 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: Janes you don't heavily to get Otani, why trading him?
    Yesterday at 03:01:50 PM
  • Daddy: If there are errors we will find them and let you know
    Yesterday at 03:02:05 PM
  • janesvilleaces: Not saying I will..but always tasking offers....if u get 3-4 solid producers that ismire than 1
    Yesterday at 03:06:35 PM
  • janesvilleaces: Everyone has a price tag
    Yesterday at 03:06:56 PM
  • janesvilleaces: Nothing I like...I keep him
    Yesterday at 03:08:24 PM
  • Yeagg: I know. Y'all always find them. I was just offering to help out since it's kinda my fault that it was so confusing
    Yesterday at 03:11:31 PM
  • nottathedaddy: Ok Yeagg, sorry Missed one of the trades. for 5m. Sorry
    Yesterday at 03:24:38 PM
  • Yeagg: Not daddy. What are you referring too?
    Yesterday at 03:27:39 PM
  • nottathedaddy: IFA money I ask about earlier
    Yesterday at 03:29:28 PM
  • janesvilleaces: Grichuk dealt to blue yayts
    Yesterday at 05:40:53 PM
  • Vik: Bad deal for Jays, Leon is more valuable than Grichuk IMO
    Yesterday at 05:55:08 PM
  • Jonathan: based on last year...... but not sustainable imo.
    Yesterday at 06:04:04 PM
  • jpmanchester: That Tebow bid brought a smile to my face
    Yesterday at 07:03:06 PM
  • Vik: That's what I was going for haha
    Yesterday at 07:22:07 PM
  • Daddy: @Vik that wasnt a targeted response, it was a general response that may educate a few others in the league.
    Yesterday at 07:48:25 PM
  • Daddy: Weve got some new people and i give long winded responses with detailed answers for the masses when i can.
    Yesterday at 07:49:35 PM
  • Daddy: I also see why your addition was missed. Look at the link you provided, somethings missing.
    Yesterday at 07:50:51 PM
  • indiansnation: Evening guys
    Yesterday at 07:52:45 PM
  • chrisetc21: Sup last place
    Yesterday at 07:55:15 PM
  • chrisetc21: :o
    Yesterday at 07:55:20 PM
  • Daddy: Posted a new note on that thread for ya Vik :)
    Yesterday at 07:56:59 PM
  • indiansnation: Big trade coming in wcb2
    Yesterday at 07:58:54 PM
  • indiansnation: Short term trade is awesome for me. Long term we will see.
    Yesterday at 07:59:55 PM
  • Daddy: And one final note @Vik
    Yesterday at 08:06:22 PM
  • Daddy: There is no way you can know that, which is why i explain.
    Yesterday at 08:13:34 PM
  • Vik: No worries Daddy! Good to know, I'll keep both accurate :toast:
    Yesterday at 08:21:59 PM
  • Daddy: My man :toast:
    Yesterday at 08:25:52 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Indians that twice now you’ve told me you’re not moving someone and then moved them
    Yesterday at 10:23:14 PM
  • indiansnation: Umm yea he offered me a crap load your not only one I turned away so don't get pissed at me. I wasn't planning on moving that pitcher u wanted I turned
    Yesterday at 10:47:55 PM
  • indiansnation: Down a lot of offers for him
    Yesterday at 10:53:03 PM
  • indiansnation: I got one hell of a trade that came from no where.
    Yesterday at 10:54:23 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: what league Brian?
    Yesterday at 11:05:56 PM
  • indiansnation: Wcb2
    Yesterday at 11:36:57 PM
  • Daddy: @themarksman13 you have 4 moves to make for FA adds, and a trade to confirm. All with 48hr clocks running.
    Yesterday at 11:38:37 PM